Numerology and Diabetes


Diabetes is one of the serious disease which has been largely underestimated. Diabetes is prevalent all across the globe, especially in India.  Diabetes can be avoided by using numerology in certain cases.  Not everyone is at risk of diabetes, only people born in certain numbers have highest risk of becoming diabetic. Hence, such person should take ample care in their health to avoid becoming diabetic victims. The disease or illness a person suffers is mainly improper flow of prana which consists of waves of planets and elements of earth. Our whole body is made up of five elements of earth and every tissues in our body is nurtured by the prana we inhale which composes of energies of nine planets.

Numerology and Diabetes

Out of all the numbers, People born on 2,11,20, 29 and 7,16,25 are highly vulnerable to diabetes. The electromagnetic waves that’s emitted by Moon (Number 2) and Ketu (Number 7) contains high presence of element water. Thus people born in these numbers are at high risk of getting diabetes in their life, that too during Venus and Mars maha dasha of their life and must keep an eye on their health when considering Numerology as an answer.

Kids who come under these birth numbers and for whom Venus or Mars maha dasa is running should be very careful, Diabetes is even prevalent in kids, hence parents should take extra precaution in their child’s health. Apart from diabetes, 2 born and 7 born people can also get water related disease. This is applicable to people born in number 2, 7  or having life path 2 or 7.

Practice of Yoga and Pranyama is the best solution to keep diabetes at bay, The practice of Yoga, Pranayama results in cleansing of ones karma, which ultimately subsidies the disease. While Numerology can be a great help in curing your Diabetes, you should always contact a medical professional to get proper treatment as well.


  1. Sir,
    Wanted to clarify another thing. What happens when a planet say Mercury sets down in one’s horoscope under the influence of Sun? What if the same planet is in the house of fortune and marital happiness? Do we have any remedies in this case OR do we need to strengthen Mercury?

  2. My son and nephew are an 11 and we have a history in our family of diabetes, I will be watching, thanks for the advice.


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