Prashnavali Explained – What Is Sai Prashnavali?


Sai means most reverent and holy and Sai Baba means Holy Father or God. Sai Prashnavali is Prashnavali that is presided over by a revered seer or astrologer.

Prashnavali Explained – What Is Sai Prashnavali?

Prashnavali is a type of vedic astrology that is much like fortune telling. Using the Ramayana Prashnavali or Ramshakala from the Shri Ram Chari Manas, you are able to ask questions about things you want to do and predict the outcomes of these same endeavors. The Shri Ram Charit Manas were written by Saint Goswami Tulsidas and is more commonly known as Ramayana. It is a biography of the life and times of Lord Rama who was the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The Prashnavali is a grid 15 squares by 15 squares. In each square there is a single Akshar from nine Chopais or couplets of the Shri Ram Chari Manas or Ramayana. Someone seeking answers about their goals in life will be asked to close their eyes and place a single finger on the grid in a single box. The reader will then count every nine squares starting from the location of the finger and write the Akshar found in each ninth box. Once all the Akshars are written down they will form a Chopai and this Chopai will give the answer to the question that the seeker has asked.

Prashnavali Questions & Answers

Since the Prashnavali is based on a single piece of work it is possible to use a website Prashnavali to get answers to questions without having to go in to speak to a Vedic astrologer in person. The grid layout is the same and so the Chopai will be the same and still able to give you an answer to any question that you ask.

Whether you choose to seek answers from Prashnavali online or with a Vedic astrologer in person, there are steps that you should take in order to be most successful. The first step is to take a moment and pray to Sai Baba, or god, for guidance while you focus on the question you wish to have answers. Make sure that when you ask the question in your mind that you do so clearly and distinctly. Be honest and forthcoming about what it is you wish to learn. Only after you have done this should you click on the grid or place your finger on the grid. Don’t second guess yourself! Once you have made your selection, the information will be gathered and Chopai consulted.

Do not ask more than one question a day, and do not click or move your finger on the grid once you have made a selection. If you do these things it shows a lack of faith and that will harm your endeavors even more than a bad result in the Prashnavali. You must have faith that even with a bad Prashnavali result that god is watching out for you and will see that you do not suffer a terrible disaster. Faith is an important part of working with the Prashnavali.


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