Master Numbers


Numerology has different types of numbers that are significant and important: Life Path, Birthday, Expression… but Master numbers are different than your numerology core number. Master numbers in numerology are the double digits 11, 22, and 33. You find master numbers as you are reducing the your name related numbers – not numbers that come from your birthday. Where you would normally reduce down to single digits, if you come across a Master Number as you are reducing the numbers that come from your name you’ll stop reducing and leave them.

Master Numbers

While it is possible to end up with other double numbers, only the numbers 11, 22, and 33 are considered master numbers; all other double numbers are power numbers. The master numbers are so named because they carry more potential than the other numbers but also because they form the corners of the Triangle of Enlightenment. Chances are you can feel it if there is a master number lurking inyour name; you’ll feel as though there is a cosmic destiny that you’re not sure you can live up to. Some people with Master Numbers compare it to being in a cosmic pressure cooker.

Master Number 11
Base number of 2
Traits of the Numerology Number 2: Intuitive, Unifying and Influential
The 11 walks the line between greatness and the great potential to completely self-destruct. As the psychic’s number and 11 calls on you to have faith over logic, to be intuitive and embrace spiritual truth. You have gained not only the strengths of a 2 but also charisma, leadership skills and an almost divine inspiration. Keep your attention focused on bringing unity without, when your attention is focused within you’ll become too fearful to move forward.

Master Number 22
Base Number of 4
Traits of the Numerology Number 4: Practical, Loyal, Service-oriented
Twenty-two is the number of the master builder; you are able to turn your dreams into realities. You have all the skills of a four but with an even greater instinct and finely tuned people skills. It’s not that you use magic, it’s that you are a confident, hard worker who is determined to make something that is valuable. Resist the energy and you’ll lose all direction and motivation.

Master Number 33
Base Number of 6
Traits of the Numerology Number 6: Supportive, Protective, Romantic
The embodiment of love and light, this number is known as the Master Teacher because it has been given the highest purpose of healing and teaching others. Entrusted with this task by the universe it calls you to be completely devoted. A 33 Master Number is very rare and it is a very difficult and challenging path to embark on.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have any master numbers in your numerology chart. Just because the numbers aren’t there it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same spiritual heights, and there are a great many who were gifted with numerology master numbers and never manage to live up to the expectations placed upon them.


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