Birthstones and Gemstones – How to Choose The Right One?


Choosing the right Birthstones and Gemstones

Gemstones are natural carriers of planetary vibrations. Almost all elements or objects in earth receives and relays electromagnetic waves from cosmos. Among that are the gemstones which carries the properties of planetary vibrations  (electromagnetic waves) of planets that’s confines to our solar system. There are innumerable gemstones in earth which has vibrations of planets beyond our galaxy, but as lives in earth comes under direct influence of sun solar system, we will consider gemstones that has properties of planets in our solar system.

One must know, that its not only gemstones, but plants, animals, trees, rocks, insects, and all living an non living beings act as a carrier of certain planetary vibrations. Usually most of the human beings  are mixed of all planetary vibrations, but there are people who are carriers of certain planetary energies. This happens when ones ascendant is exalted and devoid of any malefic aspects. Such people are called messengers of planets exalted in their chart.

As of now, gemstones will be discussed, we will see planetary vibrations in plants and trees in a separate post.

Westerners wear birthstones and gemstones based on their sun sign and eastern philosophy advocates based on moon sign. In addition to this, some people wear gemstones based on dasha or planetary period they are running and some wear based on their ascendant lord. Now, so many choices are there and which one to follow will be the question of gem lovers. First, one should understand what sign they identify with and know which aspect of Astrology they will be following based on the information here:

There are many rules to consider before wearing gemstones. Gemstones are not to be considered lightly, they are highly powerful and potent carriers of planetary vibrations more than plants, trees and other forms. That’s why sages advocated gemstones to ward off  planetary ill-effects.

There are two ways one can wear a gemstone.

1) Wear it for life long

2) Wear it temporarily for warding off ill effects or bring in auspiciousness.

If you are planning to wear it life long, which is eventually good for you as it will strengthen “YOU” in particular, then best choice is to go for gemstone ruled by your moon sign and not sun sign.

The 12 zodiac moon signs and their gemstones are given below.

Aries – Amethyst, Diamond

Taurus – Emerald

Gemini – Aquamarine/Agate

Cancer – Ruby

Leo – Ruby/Diamond, Sardonix

Virgo – Sapphire

Libra – Opal/Diamond

Scorpio – Topaz

Sagittarius – Turquoise

Capricorn – Garnet

Aquarius – Sapphire/Amethyst

Pisces – Aquamarine.

Now, one should not jump right away and wear Birthstones and Gemstones, before wearing gemstones based on your moon sign, one has to see the lord of the constellation in which moon is positioned and its placement. This is an important criteria for wearing gemstone/birthstone based on moon sign. If the lord of the constellation in which moon is positioned is a malefic to the person or is significator of 6th, 8th or 12th house, then gemstone based on moon sign should be avoided.

If they are favorable, then its lucky to wear gemstone based on moon sign as it will protect and favor one for life time.

Gemstone based on ascendant

The second way of wearing a gemstone on permanent basis is by analyzing the ascendant lord of a person, and wearing gemstone ruled by that lord. Ones ascendant is the soul significator of ones life, and ascendant is a natural benefic and well-wisher of a person. When one wears a gemstone ruled by ascendant lord, then such stone will strengthen the ascendant lord and will improve the prospects underlined by ascendant.If the ascendant is Aquarius, then one can wear sapphire or amethyst.

Here again, the ascendant lord should not be the significator of 6th, 8th or 12th house. This is a rule to be followed while wearing gemstone based on ascendant.Usually, when ones ascendant lord  is strongly placed with good dispositions, then its Ideal to wear the gemstone of that ascendant.

Gemstone for temporary occasions

Gemstones can also used for temporary periods or favorable dasha periods or to counter ill effects of some planets. For this, one must know the gemstone ruled by the 9 planets.

Sun – Ruby

Moon – Pearl

Mercury – Emerald

Jupiter – Topaz

Venus – Diamond

Saturn – Sapphire

Rahu and Ketu – Agate or Turquoise

If a person is running a favorable dasha, which is not a significator of 6,8 and 12 th house, then the person can wear gemstone of that planet running the dasha. Again, if a person wants to strengthen a benefic planet which is a good significator but happens to be debilitated, then gemstone of such planet will do good to the person and will strengthen his auspiciousness.


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    My name is GOWRI SANKARI P(42) born on Nov-07-1980 09:30 AM. My husband’s name is SARAVANAN V(31) born on Mar-24-1978 15:03 PM. Kindly suggest us the gemstones to wear as pendant or a ring(Gold or silver). Also please suggest us the compatible gemstones for both of us. Also please tell us which is the right place to buy the original gemstones.

  2. Thanks,For good information about different zodiac game stones.This one is best information of zodiac stones.This is used for some effect against planet.

  3. hai my name is harish (called name and documented name) but my birth name is tejpal but i dont know my corrrect d.o.b pls tell me which stone i should wearing


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