Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs


Have you ever wondered what type of trouble the dark side of your zodiac sign could get you into? Every one of the zodiac signs has a dark side, one that can get them in all sorts of trouble; some are more prone to being serial killers, others to drug crimes, while others may excel at fraud and ponzi schemes. The FBI listed Cancer as the most dangerous zodiac sign but some take issue with that – they are certainly the most capable of horrific crimes, but the most dangerous? More dangerous than the sign that birthed the majority of serial killers – Capricorn? You’ll have to be the judge as you read the list of the most dangerous zodiac signs ranked.

Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs

1. Cancer
Cause: Mental Instability
We’ve given Cancer the number one spot because of the influence of the FBI. Cancer’s are certainly known for violent crimes of passion. These folks can simply lose their minds, kill you, and then will leave a distinguishing mark on your body just to let everyone know they were the killer. Plus, they’re the most likely to be repeat offenders.

2. Leo
Cause: Psychosis
That drive to be the center of attention can push a Leo to do crazy things. Driven by passion and need, when they fall into the dark side they’ll commit brutal crimes in order to get fame and attention. They are the second most common sign for serial killers to be born beneath.

3. Scorpio
Cause: Sadistic Jealousy and Rage
While they are more likely to turn their sadism towards manipulation and they aren’t often the ones committing the crimes, they can be very dangerous when the circumstances call for it. Otherwise you’ll likely find them in the background leading a criminal empire.

4. Capricorn
Cause: Talented in All Crimes
No matter what crime they turn their hand to, a Capricorn is likely to succeed. There are more serial killers born as Capricorns than any other sign, but they have found success in everything else. Thankfully when they turn to the dark Capricorns are notoriously lazy and that makes them easy to catch.

5. Sagittarius
Cause: Very Harsh
While they’re not as likely to be killers as Leo, Scorpio or Capricorn, a Sagittarius is still a threat. Smart, tricky and able to get out of difficult situations; even if they get caught they may simply escape and head back out to commit more crimes again.

6. Taurus
Cause: Temperamental
A Taurus is usually steady and calm, but when they fall to the dark they can be leaders of destruction with a frightening instability in their personality. One minute they can be calm and collected and the next they’re determined to destroy everyone in their way.

7. Gemini
Cause: Inconsistency
If a Gemini loses their balance and ends up stuck in a dark place for too long they will likely commit crimes like theft or fraud. They tend to not engage in violent crimes, instead they prefer crimes where one minute they are charming someone and the next slipping their wallet out of their pocket.

8. Virgo
Cause: Perfectionism
When perfectionism goes too far and a Virgo gets a taste for crime they’ll become the masters of disguise and excel at things like burglary, espionage and technological crimes like hacking. These crimes speak to the perfectionism of the Virgo while keeping them out of the ‘dirty’ crimes that would make a mess.

9. Aquarius
Cause: Vengeance
Usually a live and let live sign, when Aquarius is pushed over the edge you want to be sure you weren’t the cause. They are highly charismatic and great leaders, able to convince others to tell them what they need to know to exact a painful revenge that you can be sure you’ll regret.

10. Libra
Cause: Drugs and Money
Maybe it’s cliché but drugs and money are the downfall of the Libra. Though it’s rarer for a Libra to engage in crime due to their inherent love of justice, when they do fall to the criminal elements they are likely to work in an organization with others.

11. Pisces
Cause: Drugs
They are hot-tempered and when a Pisces loses their cool they can be dangerous not only to themselves but to those around them. Worse, they can get a taste for risky behaviors such as drug use and will push their bodies to the limit until they just can’t keep going.

12. Aries
Cause: Domination
Aries hates nothing more than someone trying to control them. If someone tries to dominate an Aries they can be sure that the Aries will hit back harder. When they choose a life of crime they choose the freelance life – hired gunman or assassin – the ‘be your own boss’ illegal career.


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