Love Numerology


Love and Numerology

Love is the most beautiful word in this universe and the most beautiful quality of human being, in fact the most highest virtue too. Love is present everywhere and in everybody, Everybody in this world loves to fall in love and be loved. Still many people are being denied the virtue of love.  Learn about the importance of love and numerology.

Love Numerology

Many broken hearts and lost love are more than the ones who have successfully passed the test of love. Love is definitely not about external beauty or personality, its an attraction of similar qualities or wavelength. Numerology beautiful explains this concept,  a man and woman falls in love when their date of birth or life path or name has similarity with the other. This is the thumb rule. That’s why we can find many beautiful woman fall in love with ordinary looking man and vice versa. Its not the looks but its the compatibility in heavens (planets). Now for 1 born persons in numerology, they usually get attracted to 4 born and 8 born. likewise, 1,4 and 8 born persons attracted to each other and fall in love. Their best friends and lovers can be found among their three numbers. 1 born includes 1,10,19,28 and 4 borns includes 4,13,22,31 and 8,17,26 for 8 borns.

2 born people get attracted to their own 2 borns , 2 ,11, 20,29 and mostly with 7 borns. 7,16,25. 2 and 7 are like iron magnet. 7 borns are the best match for 2 borns and vice-versa.

3 borns get attracted to all the numbers, 3 is the universal friend ,and gets along with all numbers, but 3,6, and 9 are circle of friends.

4 borns attracted to 1,and 8 borns which as discussed as above

5 born’s in numerology can instantly fall in love with a 9 born. 5,14,23 attracted to 9,18,27.

6 born’s in numerology get’s attracted to their own 6 borns like 6,15,24 and also to 3,6,9. 6 borns can also get along well with 8 borns

7 and 2 are iron and magents

8 born’s always attract to fellow 8 borns and 4 and 1 borns

9 and 5 are iron and magnets , and they mutually admire each other.


  1. It was mentioned above the born numbers of me and my, husband soon to be.. It say that we are compatible, so i guess this numerology is quite true.. i think so?nah.. 😉

  2. KUBENDHAR 25-05-1973 tob 16.38 pob srinagar jk & PRATIMA 22-10-1976 tob 19.30 pob ankleshwar gujrat is it worth geting married both of us?? will our life be sucessfull? will she be suportive in my carrier plan? can we hv twins 😉 ? now i am working in a hotel BAR with alcohol-which type of product bussiness sutabel for both of us in our future? plz suggest the BEST MUHURTHAM DATE for geting married in augest 2009 sept 2009 oct 2009 nov 2009 jan2010 feb 2010?

  3. mee and my girl friend broke up.I am 9 and she is 5.

    You said 5 and 9 are like iron and magnet,will i would be able to get back to her according to numerolgy.

  4. this really freaky thing happened.. i met this girl on the other side of the planet and since we met we’ve been having feelings for eachother.. but i know love can get to anyone so that’s pretty fine..

    the scary thing is that we both had the same dream one time and a psychic said to her that her love was across the world and that her palm reading says the same sort of thing! and she had this strange dream where her fortune gram thing iono what their called but their at restraunts said that she’d fall for a younger man.. im 2 years younger then her!

    and i know all of those have sorta greatish odds but someone figure out the odds of her love thing saying that the persons last name would start with H and end in G and mine saying T and ending in M.. and my last name starts with H ends in G and hers starts with T ends in M… if someone could tell me the odds on that ill be greatful xD

  5. Respected Madam
    Me and my husband are 9 and 5 .My husband ‘s date of birth is 9/3/63 and mine is 14/9/1964 but my husband is very short temper and he gets angry very soon i am afarid sometimes his name is Mahesh pls help in this regard.


  6. I really like a guy whom i knew thru via one of my ex colleague. His DOB is
    03/03/1980 and mine is 15/08/1983.
    Pls advise.

  7. I’am number 7,I was born on 7Th of September in 1973.7 and 2 are iron and magnets.People of Number 7 that are born on the 7Th,16Th,and 25Th of any month are compatible with People that are born number 2 of birthdate,People born on the 2Th,11Th,20Th,and 29Th of any month.I believe that people of number 7 borns are attracted and very highly compatible to the number 2 borns of people especially,between a Man and a Woman to make it together in marriage.I believe,people of number 2 and people of number 7 are truely soul mates,2’s and 7’s belong together.7 and 2 are iron and magnets,and they admire each other too.2’s and 7’s are very highly romantic with each other,the passion,and love making is very powerful too of 2’s and 7’s of couples together.

  8. hey Sara! I am an 8 born nd so is my boyfrnd. 🙂 We both are 8 borns. And yes we are attracted to each other! U r a genius. 🙂 love u


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