Barack Obama’s Numerology


Numerology Analysis for Barack Obama – The 44th President of the United States

Barack Obama –  The president elect of USA, and soon to become the most powerful man in the world ! Unlike other presidents of USA, Barack Obama numerology forecast is very strange and dangerous too. His extraordinary life is primarily due to the Saturn’s influence on his name.

Mr Obama was born on August 4th 1961 with number 4 as root number and life path as 2 ! Lets us see some important dates in Obama’s life to establish the influence of number 4 – rahu and number 8 – Saturn. He was the member of Illinois senate  from the 13th district. The date of joining of Obama as a member of senate was Jan 8th 1997, i.e. 8 and 8 combination in numerology. He lasted as the member of senate till Nov 4th 2004. He sworn in as US senator of Illinois on Jan 3rd 2005, which has life path of 2! Obama’s important event’s in his life will take place at 20,29,38,47,56, and 65, all numbers you can learn more about their influence in politics here.

Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama Numerology

Since Obama is 4 born he fell in love with a woman who has born on 17th (8), 4 born’s fall in love with 8,4, and 1 born persons. Michelle Obama is Jan 17th born, and at her 44th age she  is becoming first lady (note the age 44 which is significant to her birth number 8) Moreover, Obama’s lifepath is 2, and the day he is going to begin his presidential term is Jan 20th at the age of 47(4+7=11=2). Now all these things are very well understood from his birth date, but there are many unknown mysteries in his life and long kept secrets.

His name Barack Obama comes 26, which is not a good number in numerology in any day. But people may ask me, if that’s not a good number then how can a person become a senator and in turn become a president of a powerful nation. Well, numerology can brand a number as unlucky or avoidable for many reasons, in this case number 26 is unlucky because it creates disturbed youth, it inflicts great pain in ones childhood, it causes separation of child’s parents, it drives a child to bad habits like drugs,smoking,drinking, and even sexual misadventures, but this number doesn’t stop a person from becoming rich or powerful. In fact Obama had lots of problems when he was a teen, and he himself revealed that he was a cocaine addict to forget his psychological worries.

Number 26 ruled by Saturn gives you all the chance to go in a wrong path or practice or acquire illegal works. The person should be extremely cautious not to try or indulge in any ill activities which will seriously ruin the persons image and will crucify him very soon. There is no escape from Saturn if a person indulges in a bad activity. Also Saturn gives the highest power to hold and the most dangerous enemies along with it. This is where Obama has to be careful and cautious ! He will earn the most feared and dangerous enemies of his life. With 26 as his name, it is even quite possible for him to face many attacks on his life, his good karma or good deeds alone can save him from such Saturnian incidents. In short , Power is Dangerous for Obama, as the higher the power goes, more dangerous  the situation becomes. Let God Bless Everyone and Obama for a peaceful humanity.


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  2. I appreciate your blog very much,keep the good work.I would like to inform you that Obama is also the 44th President of the American Empire – that is a bad sign for everybody,not only him and his wife.Kennedy was 35th and it ended badly!Assasination,Vietnam war,riots…

  3. hi, Raj

    My date of birth 4 11 1973
    4 and 8 combination number
    name number 24 will work out for me?
    i am in creative field and kindly suggest good one.

  4. You blog is simple superb. Many useful information are spreading all over world through your site. For me, Can you just post a analysis of numerology name number 58.


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