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Vladimir Putin Numerology Report

Vladimir Putin needs no introduction. A Russian nationalist, former KGB agent, president of Russia and currently the world’s most powerful political person. A man who has been epitomized as the power center of the world. Putin is both an enigma and a paradox in the world of politics. This is not attributed to his political credentials but his deeper personality. Let us try to examine through numerology perspective; What kind of man is Vladimir Putin?

Born on 7th October 1952, Putin is a 7 born with  life path 7 in numerology. With life path number same as birth number he is on a driving seat to accomplish his life’s goal and his soul purpose. The greatest advantage of having both birth number and life path same is that there is no conflict in inner and outer personality. Their actions and decisions are mere reflection of their own self. Moreover, its almost a wonder to come across a successful politician whose life path and birth number are same. Diplomacy – A quality very much needed for the game of politics is an art that will always be difficult to master for 7 borns.  Confrontation and direct assertiveness are trademark qualities of 7 borns. Add straightforwardness and honesty to it, this makes a person more of a patriot than a politician. This is why Putin’s political manual will be greatly different to mainstream politicians.

Vladimir Putin comes number 46 in numerology. With first name Vladimir as 22 and Putin as 24. We have discussed the brilliance of number 46 and its notoriety for political success. In fact, number 46 can be termed as the favorite child of the government. In any political party or government agency, person with name number 46 will be heavy favorite to lead the party. The aura of number 46 will self assert itself into power. Their bond between state  and governance is like that of an umbilical cord of mother and child. It is not hunger for power that will drive them to their exalted position but their very own belief that emanates from their deepest soul; that they alone can effectively lead. A similar example is Joseph Stalin, who also a name number 46 person.

Putin’s ascend as the Russian President and as a  Top World leader is no surprise. He started as a KGB agent working for Russian government. He moved up into the ladder in a quick span of time. Whether as KGB agent or a political member, Putin’s rapid growth is a testimony to his numerology number 24 for “Putin”. Number 24 is  characterized by the rise of personnel, especially in the field of defense and administration. Putin as name number 24 with a Master number 22 (Vladimir) drives him to this position. With first name as number 22, rapid growth would have come with many suppression,direct conflicts and systematic elimination of his political rivals.

What is Putin’s Objective? 

A question pondered by world leaders, Russian people and Russia’s allies. Putin is tough and direct. His objectives are not like political manifesto that is easily available  but its very credibility is still under question. His objectives are deep rooted in his firm belief. They are the projection of his soul and his innate desires. Such objectives are difficult to undermine due to their sheer force and intensity. Putin’s nationalism and passion for his motherland is evident through his strong 7 presence. But more than nationalism, putin’s conviction that he alone can handle present state of Russia is a result of his belief in his own self and acceptance. It would not be an overstatement to describe Putin as a spiritual man. His energy and stamina to drive a country like Russia single-handedly for last 15 years is a testament to his number 7 spiritual energy. To understand Putin, one has to discover his very soul.


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