Numbers of Struggle and Social Reform


Struggle, Separation and social reform are synonymous to majority of women in this world. A woman experiences any of these factors in some point of time in her life. But there are women, whose entire lives are fought in struggle and fight for some sort of freedom. Mostly, they are fight for integrity, fight for love, or fight for individuality. Its a rarity to witness a woman who breaks all dogmas of society, and stereotyped male chauvinism to steer her community and people for a true freedom.

Numbers of Struggle and Social Reform

Numerology gives insights to numbers that makes these rare breed of gems,  who sacrifice their personal lives for a lifetime goal. There are two ways to interpret the title of post ” Numbers of Struggle and Separation”, the most common way to interpret is to brand these numerology numbers that signifies these traits as dangerous, avoidable, and unlucky. The other way can be perceived only by few, in which these numbers signifies higher sacrifice, truth, universal compassion, etc…

There are numbers which are revolutionary in nature, such numbers when used as name numbers can create constructive growth for the society or destructive behavior for thyself. That’s the underlying danger of numerology numbers! When given in wrong hands, it can turn the tide against them. Most of these revolutionary numbers are generally not advocated by numerologist due to this sole reason.

Struggle of Number 43

Number 43 is one such number. It signifies great losses and separation (separation from kith and kin) , devoid of physical pleasures, celibacy, imprisonment, and even exile! All these factors may be considered as destructive for a worldly person whereas the same cant be termed for a spiritual leader,  social reformist or person who lives for greater service to humanity. Whether its Hellen Keller or Aung San Suu Kyi, both are symbolism of transformation of human will into a greater power for welfare of humanity. With number 43, comes the great losses thus triggering the immense strength of human psyche.

Number 25 needs no introduction when it comes to the sacrificial tendency of the number. The number is regarded as  one of the holiest in books of numerology. Both in birth date as well as name number, it signifies a great sacrifice for greater good of world. Its reverse, number 52 is also a number of social reform and human upliftment.

Most number in 8’s are classified in struggle and social reform category. In fact, numerology 8 numbers gives long lasting fame and success to people who opposes worldly pleasures and propagate world peace and well being. It is a perfect anti-material number in numerology. Exemplary social reformers can be seen in name number 8.  Every number in 8 has something to do with a reform in one way or another, the person will make a reform at least within their surrounding if not the whole community.


    • I want to be a business owner, and have better luck inbthe relationship department just seems like i have alot of ups and downs in life i was wondering if the name number is bad in the other numerology does that have any effect at all not sure thank you for any advice


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