Palmistry Lines


Palmistry lines are used in palm reading to help provide insight or a fortune. There are seven major lines on the palm of the hand: the life line, the head line, the heart line, the girdle of Venus, the sun line, the Mercury line, and the fate line. Almost all hands have the heart, head and life lines. Palmistry is also known as chiromancy while the study of the palm is called chirology. The most important lines to start with and learn about are the heart, head and life lines.  Read more about Palmistry here:

The Three Most Important Palmistry Lines

Life Line:
The life line curves along the outside of the thumb and indicates your quality of life as well as your vitality, strength and energy.
Close to the Thumb: These people have a lack of passion for life.
Curved: These people have much passion for life and a desire to live life to the fullest.
Less visible than the Head Line: These folks are more mentally active than they are physically.
Chained: These people have delicate health.
Swinging Outwards: This indicates a heart for travel.

Heart Line:
The heart line runs perpendicular to the fingers, curving along beneath them. It is found at the top of the palm, just beneath the fingers. It represents the state of the human heart.
Curved – These folks are more romantic and more aggressive with love, coming up with lots of ways to demonstrate how much they love people.
Straight – These folks are more passive, content to receive love from others. They rarely show their heart on their sleeve.
Steeply Curved – This heart line ends between the middle and index fingers and indicates strong sexual desire.
Under the Index Finger – These people are very choosy about their partners.
Under the Middle Finger – This is a more uncommon sort of heart line, and those who have this sort of heart line are usually desperate to be loved.
Straight and Short – These people rarely feel love and simply have high sexual drive.
Straight and Long – Those with this sort of line have a heart for helping those in need.
Branches – Any branches in the heart line indicate different emotional moments in your life.

Head Line
This line begins at the edge of the palm under the index finger and then moves towards the opposite edge of the palm. This shows the mental state of the person, showing how they think not how smart they are.
Short: This is found on people who have simple thinking and are direct.
Long: These people give a lot of thought before they act.
Straight: This is found in people who have strong values and like to solve things practically.
Curved: This sort of line is found on people who love to be creative.
Chained: A chained head line indicates people who are very high strung emotionally but also very intellectual.
Forked: This shows that the person has an ability to see a problem from more than one point of view.
Floating: These folks are carefree and do whatever they like without caring what others think of them.


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