Number 13 – A Mysterious Number in Numerology


Number 13 in Numerology is usually considered as an haunting or an ill fated number, But such perceptions are totally wrong ! I don’t know about the origin of folklore about Number 13, but the truth being number 13 as one of the mysterious and spiritual number is unquestionable. In fact, number 13 is one of few numbers in numerology 4 that is considered to be special in many ways. 13 is a unique number yet it is mysterious in its own ways.

Number 13 represents the leadership quality, a master or a Guru. Among number 4 born, 13 born person are very peculiar. They are hard to predict, difficult to analyze, and are a puzzle to solve. Number 13 is like a hidden treasure, the true quality of number 13 born people is difficult to explore. Many cult sects and secret societies have their leaders in number 13 born, when name numerology comes as 13 also this goes same for them.

Many findings have shown that number 13 is a cosmic mystery, In some of the scientific findings of NASA, the 13th zodiac sign that orbits the earth is still a mystery. Christ had 12 disciples, He was the 13th one! The life of Christ is still an unsolved mystery. The Great seal of USA has a prominent significance of number 13 which carries a esoteric meaning. People born on 13 or having name as 13 are mysterious, their chronology of life events is hard to capture. There is usually a great secret left to be uncovered which Numerologists around the world are still debating. It’s exciting to think that even with thousands of years of Astrology and Numerology, there are still secrets in the cosmos left to unlock and philosophize over! What do YOU think?


  1. my daughter is born on the 13th her birth force number is 13 and her name adds to 13,she is extremely talented singer and dancer ,I am just curious about having so many 13 numbers,she has also had good intuition about people even from a tiny baby.Can be lazy though

    • Michelle.. actually No 4 is replica of 1. But what is not there is luck. They will reach top after struggles but they are born leaders. One more thing 13 will contains capabilities of sun and jupiter but it represents bad planet rahu. So they need to fight and they will create new rules becoz they don’t like existing ones

  2. Hi, Dr_pavan444

    Dont give up: I am sure you are going to have use for your special talent: intuition as a doctor while you meet your patients. Certain things cant just be explained only with the help of science.

    I was also born 13th (of july) and I have always been using my intuition at my work as a specialist nurse (working with palliative/dying patients). I have also noticed that I am able get a connection with close friends and familymembers even in i long distance. Lately I have also got a “foresight” that I would meet a certain person in a certain place. And 24 hours later it has really happened. My intuition is also warning me for dangers according patients and it has been sometimes difficult to make my bosses or doctors to believe me – especially if we havent been working together before. More often they admit afterwards that my feeling was correct.

    And finally: about happiness: try to think positive and see the valuable little things in everyday life – its a capacity we can practice and become happier.       


  4. I was born on September 13th of 1974. And I have glad to read/approach the significance today and it is something extra ordinary explanation for 13

  5. why is this 13 always around me ??? don”t know what it is trying to indicate or tell me !!!
    i am sure of one thing this is not a ordinary co-incidence ??? let me know if anyone knows why is this happening ..but 13 is always around me since my childhood..

  6. Born Apr, 13th, 1970, when the words “Houston, we have had a problem.” we’re uttered (almost exactly, I checked the Apollo 13 mission logs). And yes, I’m living a total “13” life.

  7. Hey, my DOB is 13 October 1996. Yes not saying this with pride but being born on thirteenth had many secrets. I am extremely good at keeping secrets, judging people by simply meeting then once it shaking hands with them. I also can guess birthday months. Either first out if three or second is always bang on. I have really good oratory skills and leadership skills. But I don’t know why but I have been a lonely guy all these seventeen years. Have made only two best friends. But whatever. I always and all the time know this in my heart that I am a legendary person and some day I am going to get to the height very soon.

  8. ? READ
    “The number “13” is not an evil number as the devil has gotten us to believe. But rather, it is a number of great promise and blessing. The number “13” is a number of great blessings given by God.
    Recapping the story of Abraham, we all know how God came to Abraham and said that he would make him the “father of many nations” as well as becoming the “father of our faith.” God promised Abraham that he was to have a child, and from that child’s linage would come kings and rulers of “many nations” as well as the Messiah—“the Seed to come.” (See Geneses 16-17.)
    Abraham and his wife Sarah were childless and in old age at the time God gave them the Promise. Through their many years of frustration of being childless, they tried to help things along by having a child through Sarah’s slave girl, Hagar. Through this act, their son Ishmael was born.
    Years later God came again to Abraham and made the same Promise of Blessing. God iterated that the promised son to be born would be from his own wife. Nine months later, Isaac was born.
    Here is the key: Understanding what went on in the relationship between Abraham and God gives us the insight into the number “13.” How and when God gave Abraham the Promise, Abraham’s and Sarah’s struggle, the time involved in receiving the manifestation of the Promise. These are all wrapped-up in the number “13”. Therefore keep the entire Scripture story in mind as we proceed.
    In Genesis 16:15-17 it reveals that when “Hagar bore Ishmael, Abraham was 86 years old.” Then “when Abraham was 99 years old the Lord appeared to him” and iterated the Promise again—that He will give Abraham a son by his wife. I will bless her, and she will produce nations; kings of peoples will come from her. (See Genesis 17:1-22.)
    * At 99 years old, God’s Promise came.
    * At -86 years old, Abraham tried to bring about Gods Promise.
    13 years between the Promise given and the Promise manifested.
    Therefore, 99 minus 86 equals 13.
    This is “The Number 13 Promise”.
    The Number 13 Promise is a “two-fold” promise. It always involves man and it always involves God. It always has seasons, times and circumstances in which God and man participate.
    The number “13” does not mean “evil,” but rather it is a most powerful God-given promise that will change the world for ever.”

  9. Hi my name is Ishmael dob 13 May 1984 yeah I don’t know what is happening but I say something who am i can anyone expert tells because still struggling

    • You are influenced by number 4 and the planet Uranus, you are energetic, methodical, systematic and possess an attractive personality. You are highly social and helpful, but you need to check your tendency to behave jealous and self centered at times. Coming year you can look forward to major changes in your professional career. 2018 is likely to bring additional responsibilities and monetary gains. Home front will not be that pleasant as frequent arguments and confrontations will always bring discomfort and dismay. Your motto for happiness will be simple living high thinking.


  10. Hi My daughter Anyka Rana was born on 13 December 2015 at 8:01 am in Los Angeles, united States. She will be only 2 years old by this December but i m really for her actions, her stubbornness and anger. She is always bossy and gets angry very easily.

    • Actually your daughter is passing through a period of Shani Sade satti. This is generally not a good period. Her Rashi is Dhunu or Sagittarius and Saturn is transiting through Sagittarius. You should do the following remedies.

      As she is very young she cannot do many remedies. But you should make her wear Silver chain and preferably with a Moonstone. Also you should donate something from her hands every Saturdays.


      Navneet Khanna
      Vedic Astrologer


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