Numerology Forecast of New Year 2011


New Year 2011 Numerology Forecast

Happy New Year to All Being in this World!  This is my first post in 2011 and certainly it will be about new years prediction. This post will cover the general 2011 numerology forecast for whole world. The year 2011 is the year of  Uranus or number 4 in numerology. A lot can be expected from this year. Year 2011 will be year of great reformations and revolutions all over the place.

New Year and Planets

Year 2011 started with Uranus and jupiter in triple conjunction in pisces. Till march, Uranus will be in pisces, then it moves to aries. So the real party starts only in march. Last two years, the world was in a protectionist mode, with a dilemma to implement wide range reforms and take bold decisions in crucial matters like economic growth, climate control, counter terrorism, and political reforms. But with year 2011, one can expect sudden and constructive reforms after march.

Technology Forecast for 2011

This year, the world will witness astonishing advancements in science and technology, medicines for serious diseases and critical illness will be discovered. The year 2011 will be a gifted year for students, where large enrollments for research and Phd will happen all over world. Academics will boon in this year.

Last year the stock market was still recovering all over globe, but in year 2011 sudden inflation of stock market will be witnessed due to unforeseen radical changes in policies.  This year will also witness large number of sentencing of corruption, murder and other serious cases. Black Sheeps and corrupt politicians will be brought to justice. The Human Rights which was sleeping last year in all parts of the world will be active at its best this year with series of protests against human rights issues.

With Uranus ruing this year, there is a risk of clashes between religious societies and fundamentalist parties. The government will have tough time in handling fundamentalist threats to the society. In one hand, there will be a greater upliftment of society and people happening worldwide, at the same time individual idealists can turn against society and become destructive.

The year 2011 will be a year of change for every one in one way or another. People born under Aquarius, Virgo will enjoy maximum benefits this year, with Leos to be cautious and watchful. Year 2011 is good for astrologers, yoga instructors, psychics, healers, social workers, scientists, thinkers, reformists, engineers, inventors, explorers and other numerologist types as covered in this article.

Marriage and love may not be as pleasant as one expects. There will be failure in marital life and divorce cases will be high this year. Independence for mind, body and soul will be top most priority for people.

In world politics, there will be skirmishes around borders and small scale invasions of foreign land.


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