Number 29 – The Power of Body and Mind


Hypnotic Number 29 in Numerology

Do you know that there are numbers which have powers of hypnotism? Well, the number 29 (as a name number not birth number) is of profound hypnotic quality. Though the number 29 has destructive tendencies and tends to bring ill-luck in love affairs, one positive aspect of this number is its power of concentration. Number 29 in Chaldean numerology is known for conquering mind and body through sheer mind power. People with name number 29 have powerful eyes, their eyes are scrutinizing, very intense and penetrating. They are people who can defy ageism through sheer power of their mind.

Number 29 – The Power of Body and Mind

When the name number 29 comes along with birth number 7 or 9, then they become mystic masters. Who can perform unimaginable mystical feats like hypnotism, mesmerism, illusions, magnetic levitation and even death defying stunts !

People with such name numbers are ideal for professions like psychology, martial arts, yoga instructors, or anything that requires extensive sharpness of mind and body. When birth numbers are 5 or 6 along with name number 29, then they draw major source of strength through mind than body and become great poets or artists or actors. With numbers 1, 8 or 9 as birth numbers, the application of body becomes larger than mind.

But there is several drawbacks for this number, as one can have unsuccessful relationships or unhappy marital life. This number is definitely not for family oriented as discussed here.

Why number 29 is denoted as Power of Body and Mind?

The number 29 is the result of 20 + 9,  Now, there is a distinct difference between numbers 2,11, and 20. In number 20, there is ‘0’ (zero) which is called spirit or Shunya or the unknown divine. When a number is associated with zero, like 10,20,30,40.. etc, Then irrespective of the quality of number, there is some mystical power associated with it. In case of number 20, its the mystical power associated with sleep, number 2 being for intuition, liberation, creative mind , sleep and dreams associated with it and with 0 or spirit added to it, it be comes a powerful spiritual number which can make or break a society. Along with this adds a number 9, number 9 – a metaphysical number that has the power to control its humans senses, and also indulge in self suffering for others welfare. Thus the blend of these two numbers gives arise to number 29 – A number that can master the body and mind.


  1. Hello Sir

    I need your help

    Its been over 10 months and i am jobless. I haven’t got success in anything till now. My dad is retired and mother is a housewife. My parents are dependent on me and i m their only soon.. I am out of job from last 10 months..

    my details are :-

    Kamal Arya


    I am planning to change my name from KAMAL ARYA to KAMALL ARYA. Is my name good enough to bring success in my life in all the aspects. or do you suggest any name correction Sir????

    I am positive that you will help me.

    Your help is much appreciated.

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    Kamal Arya

  2. Dear sir,  
    I have moved in an apartment number 29.  I live with a flatmate, so we are two living in this apartment.  My life path number is 6, and my birthday number is 5.  I want to have a good relationship with my new flatmate.  My moon, saturn and mars are in cancer, however.  And in the 12th house all of them.  My first name comes to 20 and my flatmate´s first name comes to 29 (fonetically) or 28.  My full name comes 52 and his full name to 48 (fonetically) or 47. I also need to find a suitable job in this new place.  What do you think of the apartment number since I could eventually change it?  Many thanks and best regards.

  3. hello sir,
     my daughter’s date of birth is 3 and life path number 2. she is extremely senstive. which name number will be best for her?

    • You are ruled by number 2 and the Moon. The person ruled by this number is highly sensitive and emotional. You are a person who can make big plans and work towards them. You always sincere with your friends and family. However you are easily misunderstood as you keep changing your opinions often. You are smart, youthful, energetic and have large social circle. People admire you for your ability to help others. You do not shy away from challenges, but need to control your tendency to be spendthrift and over sensitive at times.



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