Methods of Divination: Crystal Gazing


Crystal gazing is often viewed as a way to tell the future. The phrase crystal gazing conjures images of a hunch backed gypsy woman peering into a large crystal ball as she makes dire predictions about what is to come in the life of some poor, unsuspecting fool. However, crystal gazing isn’t about seeing the future, but more about connecting with the the self and opening the door to guidance from the subconscious and the spirit. The reader will use the crystal ball as a focal point while they allow themselves to enter a trance-like state that allows images and visions to be seen in the crystal in front of them.

What is Crystal Gazing/Crystal Balls?

Most crystal balls are made of glass, lead crystal or quartz, but they can also be made of amethyst and other colored stones. Some people prefer the crystal to be completely free of cracks and occlusions, while others feel that these imperfections in the stone help to hold the psychic images more firmly than a pure and clear orb that may allow the visions to pass too quickly. The size of the crystal is important as well; it’s recommended that you not try crystal gazing with anything smaller than three inches. Four or five inch diameter crystal balls is the ideal size.  Read some in-depth articles about crystal gazing by clicking here.

Choosing a Crystal Ball

As with most objects and tools used by psychics and clairvoyants, your crystal ball is unique to you and you should not let anyone else touch it once you have gotten it in tune with your energy. When you first receive your ball you will want to wash it with mild soap and water, then cleanse it with smudging or leave it in the light of a full moon. You should always smudge or douse in moonlight after each use just to make sure that any negative energy has been purged. Do not let others play with, touch or use your crystal. This sort of energy contamination will cause it to lose touch with you and affect what you see. When not in use, a crystal gazing ball should be covered with a dark cloth and kept in a light-proof box where others cannot touch it. It is important to remember that crystal balls should never be left in direct sunlight as this can affect it’s ability to draw and hold visions.

When you have chosen a crystal ball and intend to begin crystal gazing you will want to consider different methods of connecting. There are many different ways of crystal gazing, but beginners should generally start with a meditative style of connection.

Chose a quiet room and create a nice, relaxed atmosphere with soft music, incense and candles, or whatever helps you feel relaxed. Avoid bright lights as these can make it difficult to see images in the crystal. Place the ball on a dark surface, preferably something that can double as a holder for the ball such as a pillow made of dark fabric. Some beginner methods recommend taking the time to perform cleansing and protection rituals before you being.

When you are ready, allow your mind and body to settle into a relaxed, meditative state with your hands on the ball. This allows you to energize the ball and connect with it psychically. When you are ready, ask your question out loud while visualizing it in your mind. Gently rotate the crystal as you look into it. Keep your mind clear, open and receptive. In time you will see the crystal fill with mist and eventually it will fill with images. Focus on each image or vision that you see, spend time with it taking in everything you can. You can even quickly jot down important notes. Move through each image until no further images appear. Once again the ball will fill with mist. That is the sign that the ball is through and your time crystal gazing has come to an end. Thank the ball for its messages and cleanse it before returning it to it’s box out of sunlight.


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