Name change for 8, 17 and 26 born


We previously saw about nature and characteristics of numerology number 8, and i have mentioned that 8,17,26 born and life path number 8 should have their name is 5 according to numerology. Its a must one to avoid the ill effects of Saturn planet. Now lets see about the four special numbers which belongs to the family of number 5 in numerology. I have already discussed about one number in my previous posts, so i will be discussing the benefits of name change about the other three numbers.  As i said, a 8 born person’s name should be in 5. For e.g. Tennis legend Roger Federer born on August 8th 1981 (8 and 8) but his name counts to 5 ! lets calculate now

ROGER FEDERER (2+7+3+5+2+8+5+4+5+2+5+2 = 50 = 5)

Even Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh is 26th born September and his name too counts to 5! I have given this example in my post Politics in Numerology.

No person 8 born person in this world with name as 5 has ever suffered in life, they have only attained great success and fame. Now lets see the numbers.

Number 23 – I have already discussed about the greatness of this number, you can find it here.

Number 14

This number is a favorable number for business, Person with their name value as 14 will be always surrounded by mass and popularity, they will be extremely popular among masses. This number is special for many types of business, and provides a business where frequent interaction with people is necessary. WWE superstar Rock ‘s name is 14 ! He was very popular all over the world, 14 is not as great as 23 or 32 or 41 but its a good number for business people.

Number 32

Number 32 in numerology can bring together people of different personalities, as i said before like all number 5’s even 32 has a distinct quality of attracting masses towards them. Person with name 32 will propagate innovative ideas to the world, This number is a very powerful number and can easily propel even an ordinary person to a great heights. Person with name as 32 should go by what their heart says, if not then they would taste failure. Number 32 in numerology is considered to the zenith of knowledge, these people are considered to geniuses in their field and will possess great wisdom. Their youth and charm can defy the age.

Number 41

Another most powerful number in family of 5! One can witness world s most influential persons  in this number, like Fidel Castro, MG Ramachandran, George Bush, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie all are having their name as 41 in numerology. People will obey and follow the orders of the person with number 41 as their name. These people will enjoy enormous amount of fame and success, They will achieve things easily and will do anything for that. Male’s with this number may have more than one wife or usually have secret lovers. Apart from this number, there are other great numbers like 50 and 59 which belongs to number 5 in numerology, 8 born persons can keep any of this number as their name value. You can visit our Chaldean Numerology Calculator for values of the letters.


  1. Hello again , I hope you can help me. my son´s life path is 8 and birhtdate 25 oct,1980. what name number is best for him. And as for me I am an 8 born person I am changing my name into 59 name numbers. Kindly reply me asap.
    warm wishes
    from your avid reader

    • Hi rowena,

      As a 8 born, your name number as 59 is very good and its the ideal too. Your son with 7 born and lifepath 8 is a powerful number, but for your son to have a good marriage life and peaceful relationship with wife and children its must to keep his name in 5. name in 5 will make him balanced and happy.

      • hi i was born oct 29 1961 im a 2 life path so my name was jeffrey passalino thats a 62 what would be best name for me? i read 52 is best for life path 2 is that correct? please help

  2. Hi i was born on 26 02 1987 (8 and 8 combination) time of birth 12:05 and born in chennai my name was S Sreevatsan i myself have changed my name to A S Sreevartsan which comes to 37(Main part)+ 4(initial)-37+4 =41 .Is the name effective one. And do the main part of the name have an effect or as a whole name it has an effect. I mean to say that whether my main part name 37 will have any effect or the name 41 will have an effect or will both will have an effect. One more thing is that i want to become an actor will it happen and how my life will be. Thanks in advance.

    • Both will come into effect and as a whole it will give the benefits of 41. For eg, a person with name as 41 ie. 12+29 = 41, like WV PANNATH, will become a successful man due to name in 41, but he will be successful due to some illegal means due to 29, and he would have had a bad time in his childhood due to 12. But over all he will be rich and successful due to 41. In your case 37 is a good number, which has no negative like 29. You can definitely become a great actor with your name, as 37 is a number for acting, and also 41 is very well known for actors.

  3. Hi, My name is Pavan Deshpande Born on 08-08-1981 in Maharashtra my fathers name is Pramod .

    I need to change my name for success in carrier.

    Thanks in advance.

    Pavan Deshpande

    • Hi Pavan.
      Your name has to be changed, and right now i am feeling to difficult to change it as its a tricky name, your name as to be in 5 i.e. 23,32,41,50 or 68. Use my name calculator in my site and change accordingly, or give me names you have chosen, i ll see if its compatible for you.

  4. Hi Astronlogia,

    Can u please delete the post about my name A S Sreevartsan(above) and even this too.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi there,

    I want to ask you said in one of the Articles that 8's have supernatural powers, how so?

    Taianna Camarado

    • Yes 8 borns have supernatural powers, they need to discover it themselves, powers like telepathy, Extra sensory perception, premonition, prophecy, healing powers, intuition are some of the super natural powers

  6. How does one start out trying to find out there powers?

    I was able to tell my father had died and then my unty rang me 10 minutes later telling me he had died.

      • Hi there,

        Another bizarre thing that happened to me was a dream that i had a while ago. I dreamt that i was in a house made of glass all. There were people on the outside that were yelling and were furious. I thought to myself what have i done to have people so angry with me. I went outside and in big black smoke was my brothers name. My soul was alarmed and went to immediately protect him. I put him in a wooden cofen and nailed it. The people outside were trying to smash the glass to get him……

        Anyway back to the point…Next day i spoke to my brother and told him about this dream.He went silent. He freaked out and told him that last night while he was sleeping someone smashed his window quite a large one with a rock. He did not hear a thing in his sleep. He said he woke up with class all over him and a rock beside his head and was unharmed.

        Now i know this is something. Is this a type of gist of an 8? If so what type of super natural power is this?

        • Taianna,

          when i saw your horoscope, one thing was clear to me, you were a healer in your past life. Thats why you inherited some healing techniques in this life too. You can save many lives with the help of this power. But your power is very crystallized now, its has not fully evolved. You need to practice meditation to discover your healing power. Every 8 born has some supernatural power, for me i have intuition where i can say about the fate of ones and some extent foresee events, but mine too is not fully evolved. One need to meditate for long hours to feel ones power. Moreover, when i saw your eyes in the picture, i came to know that moment itself that you have a great medium to travel between two worlds. But i didn’t say as i thought u ll get offended.

  7. A wonderful article…. In my life, I have never seen a man be so selfless in helping others around him to get along and get working. I feel good that there are people like you too. Thanks for this great weblog of yours. Its surely going to get me to go to higher places!

  8. My date of birth is 17/05/1976 and my name is B. suresh Bhupathii. i want to work in reputed companies and in future i want to become a manager. currently im doing MBA executive. my current job is self employed doing graphic designer. wheather tell what profession is best for me and im interested in software also. so kindly request for me.
    it wil b great favour for me. im in confuse so help me
    ur reagards

  9. hi,
    i am born on 26 feb, 1981 and my name is Mohammed zahid siddiqui and expression number comes to 5. everybody says that i am going to make forture..7 out 10 people in my lfe said this and they are very optimistic about my future.
    but the fact is i didnt make any success untill now..

  10. hi,
    my daughter's birthdate is 26th dec 2007. her first name "Saanvi" comes to 17= 8. her full name is 17+ 15+ 19= 51. i cant change 19 (surname) but i can drop the middlename (15) and change first name to Sanhvi (23). this change will make her name number be 6(23+19).
    my question is – is 6 a good number to have for her? since she is so heavily influenced by 8..
    thanks a ton

    • Surabhi,

      Your daughters birth date is 26th, where presence of saturn is very high. Her lifepath is 2. Now making her name as 42 has pros and cons. The best name would be undoubtedly 5 like 32,23,41,50. Name as 42 will make her excel in creative field and make her mind fertile and full of energy, but she must sign as Sanhvi only. When she signs her full name, she may face problems in love relationships which may cause trouble emotionally

  11. 12.08.1968 is my birth but i have the name value is 21 until now i have acheived nothing can i change my name as 41 thanks for kind sevice

    • Marilyn,

      Your lifepath and birth date number are 8, you are a 8&8 person. This is an extremely fortunate combination provided your name number is in 5. Roger Federer is best example for this as he too is 8 and 8 born with name as 5. Your current name comes 36 in numerology, By adding a letter ‘n’ it comes to 41 (5). Thats

      L Marilynn Sandra.

      But you must use your full name everywhere.

  12. Hi Saravana,
    You said when you looked into my eyes you saw i had great medium to travel between two worlds, what does this mean? That doesnt offend me by the way(: What do you mean by this. I have had many dreams where my spirit eaves my body and travels to places. Is rthis what you mean?

    • Yes, exactly thats what i mean. You soul or Consciousness can leave your body and travel to astral worlds. This may happen without your knowledge and can look like dream, but its actually happening. This kind of experience cannot be experienced by every one, only people with psychic powers can experience.

  13. Thank you Astronlogia. your reply has been very helpful. i am thinking of changing my daughter’s name to Sanhvi or Saanuvi. if you feel one is better than the other please let me know.

    Once again thanks a lot 🙂

  14. hello sir, first of all i would like to thank u for doing a great job n helping others.
    evn i wnt donate something shortly im sending money to ur address. my question is that my i hav changed my name to suressh bhupathi that comes to 59 for 8 borns. im signing as suresb b that comes to 23 is it ok. everyone calls me suressh n some others call bhupathi n somtimes both. which one is d best to call me. my soul number comes to 1 n personality number comes to 4 wht does it mean waiting for ur reply soon.
    with regards

    • Bhupathi is more fortunate than suressh for your birth date. You can sign as Suresb b which comes to 23, its a very favorable one. Reg soul number, i have already said in detail in posts, explaining it in comment section will look lengthy

    • Bhupathi is more fortunate than suressh for your birth date. You can sign as Suresb b which comes to 23, its a very favorable one. Reg soul number, i have already said in detail in posts, explaining it in comment section will look lengthy

  15. hello sir, can u tell me wht kind of job is suitable for me. im interested in software also. currently im working as a graphic designer that is entirely different from my qualification. can i settle in abraod n like to work in abroad . can i make a payment through credit card . waitin for ur reply
    with regards

  16. hello sir, my date of birth is 17 may 1976 , 9 as a life path, my present name is suresh bhupathii b that comes to 59. somebody suggested me to go for suressh bhupathi. that comes 59. which one is d best for me to keep.

    In the past i had face lot of probelms in my personal life. i was good at work and earning too. coz that time my name was b bhoopathy that comes 42. i dont hav stable mind . i wil b in confuse always . after seeing ur blog i changed my name to suresh bhupathii sign comes to 23 which is favourable one u already told me.
    im getting married next month. so i want to know how wil b my career and future.
    ur the one who can help me out for my better career prospects. i wil never forget in my life. i pray all the blessing for ur life n future. really ur a gem of a person for everyone.
    with regards

  17. thank u so much for ur kind advise. sir i need to talk to u once and tell u lots of lots of thanks for advise. my email id is [email protected]. im sending check on ur name to ur address. may god always bless u for a future.

  18. hello sir my names comes to 5 and her name is lakshmmi which comes to 23 means 5.
    so we both hav 5 in names. i want to know wheather it is good r wht sir. hving both names same it makes delay in having baby. pls tel me sir

  19. i hav sister her name his pushpalatha E , and her date of birth is 17 11 1982. whn she wil get married , we r seeing many proposals til now no one has matched for her . how is future n career..

  20. by education i did my comp engg. im doing mba executive as a correspondence
    i want to become manager in future pls tell me wheather i can do r not, also tell me that job is good for me or should I do some business ??? im in interested in software also,
    i hav advised many frnds n people who r 8 born to change name in 5 and told to refer ur website. in future i want to help poor people n giv some donations to asharams. now also im helping . so pls tel me for ur kind advise. waiting for ur reply

  21. my daughters name is archanajoseph,her DOB is 03/12/1992, is there any significance for the date because of this 3,3,and 3. do wehave to change her name.

  22. hello sir, h r u i hope ur doing good n fine. as per ur advise im signing my name as suresb.B. im writing intial seperately with dot symbol is it fine sir, can i put underline below my name with two dots sir, im waiting for ur reply
    with regards

    • One must not underline or dot while signing the name, its not a good approach, the best way is to sign the name as it is and elevate the finishing letter to 45 degree angle. Sign as Suresbb, dont put dont and separate the initial

  23. Sir,
    My Name is Arvind Bhardwaj and DOB is 17th July 1962. Time 21:50 Chandigarh.
    Could you give me advise on my name change and what kind of name would be suitable for my Business Company.

  24. hello sir, thanks for ur advise sir.. evn i can sign as surresb that also comes to 23. for signing as suresbb im finding diffcult . so i hav decided to go for surresb
    ur saying that i hav to sign in 45 degree angle.

  25. Sir,
    My name is Arvind Bhardwaj and my DOB is 17th JUuy 1962. Time 21:50 pm Chandigarh India. I want to know if I should spell my name in another way according to numerology. Anything else you can tell me based on my details , I shall be grateful

  26. Sir ,
    My name is Preeti Bhardwaj DOB 7th July 1962. Time 4:20 am New Delhi.
    I would like to know if my name is correct according to numerology. I am in the fitness business and wanted to keep my fitness Studio’s name as CORE FITNESS STUDIO’ but a friend suggested me to spell it as ‘ KORE FFITNESS STUDIO’. I need your help to know if this is correct or how else should I spell it. My opening is a few days away and I shall really appreciate an early response from you.

  27. Sir ,
    My name wife’s name is Preeti Bhardwaj DOB 7th July 1962. Time 4:20 am New Delhi.
    I would like to know if her name is correct according to numerology. She in the fitness business and wanted to keep the fitness Studio’s name as CORE FITNESS STUDIO’ but a friend suggested me to spell it as ‘ KORE FFITNESS STUDIO’. I need your help to know if this is correct or how else should I spell it. She is opening in a few days away and I shall really appreciate an early response from you.

    She sent you a query directly also but I think she made a mistake while submitting so I am sending it again.

  28. My name is D.Ramu. Every one calls me as RAM. My date of birth is 26/01/1976. Tell me my future. now i cant change my name. If i add my date of birth it is comming to 5.

  29. Sir ,
    Thank you so much for your comment on my name numerology and your view that I should not change the spelling. However I would like to know why nothing great has happened so far in my life.In fact last few years have been very bad financially and professionally. What could be the other factors not favouring my destiny and how may one resolve them ?

  30. hello sir, thanks for ur advise. u told me not to put dot or underline while signing a signature. sign it simple and clear way. but i hav seen a majority of people n celebreties signatures they sign it in style manner n not in clear way to understand the signature.
    for example roger federer name comes to 41. but if u see his signature that doesnt come to 41 he signs not in a clear way , it is very style manner n not able to understand. evn though he is very succesful person in his life. give me ur advise n u told sign is more important than name or both sir.
    now im signing as suresbb without any break . im finding bit diffcult in signing,
    can i sign surresb that also comes to 23, which one is d best to sign it sir.. waiting for ur reply soon

  31. Astronlogia sir, my name comes to 59 which means 5. i want to know the details of number 59, u hav already told that is also a awesome number, pls give me details about this number sir, everybody says it is also lucky number how far is it true , how is the future of this number ,

    ur faithfull
    suresh puneet r

  32. i hav sister her name his pushpalatha E , and her date of birth is 17 11 1982. whn she wil get married , we r seeing many proposals til now no one has matched for her . how is future n career..

  33. hello sir, h r u i hope ur doing good, i hav talked with u on fone, and u told me ur sending me a chart on my mail id. im expecting ur chart soon n i wanted to start new business with frnds , company name RAYTEXX comes to 23, wheather it is good or not for me. my birth date is 17 may 1976
    ur regards

    • Hi Bhupathii,

      23 is best choice at any time and day, i was not able to attend your calls, i cant attend calls for 14 days, as i am in meditation course which prohibits contacts with cell phone and high frequency devices.

  34. dear sir, my daughter born on 17th september 2009 and we r thinking 2 name her aaratrika saha is it good according 2 numerology and her birth time is 08:10 pm

  35. Hi,

    My dob – 17th March, 1982
    Birth time 16.20pm.
    This is my last year of studying, could you please let me know what field will be the most successfull for me at work? I have a problem to sattle down and find what i really want to do with my life.
    Do i need to change my name?

    Many thanks

  36. Hello Sir,
    Me again,
    As my DOB value is 26/Feb/1983 instead of using Sachin Kamthe can i use “Sachinn” as my name, its value is 23 = 5 !

    or other option is to get married to a 1st born right ?

    Please reply
    Warm Regards.

  37. Sir,

    Kindly give me your reply, because this is so important to me. After reading through your blogs and based on your advise in general and to others here, I have decided to change my name to Sumesh Madu (41 = 5) from Sumesh Madhusoodhanan (84~30 =3). Please tell me sir if you think it doesnt suit. My life path is 27 (9) and birth date is 17th October 1980.

    Kindly reply sir. Thank you.. I am currently in a phase of my carrier change and I really want to do well.


  38. My birth date is 17-11-1965, my name number is 4 and birth number is 8. Tell me what change should i make in my name to improve my professional and personal prospects?

  39. As per all my certificates my name is Manoj Taneja, while on somebody’s advice I have started writing my name as Manoj K Taneja. Please tell me is it right to use this.

  40. Hi Saravana,
    I have never come across such convincing and knowledgeable predictions …that too with solutions. You are doing a great job. Please continue your noble work.

    I have a query. My son was born on 26/11/2008 ( the day of Mumbai terror attack, perrenniel rains in Chennai and sharing date of birth with LTTE leader Prabhakaran). His birth time is 12.12 am and star is swati. Many say that it very inauspicious making us uncomfortable. We have named him Aryan Adithya. As per your posts, I though of making it M. Aryan Aadithya ( making it 5), but I have a suggestion from a friend who insists it to be M. Aryann Adithya ( making it 9). Dont know which to follow. Please help.

  41. Dear Sir,
    I have Posted you my query on 11.03.09, kindly suggest me what do? I am not getting full dues of my efforts till now. Please also suggest me if I can go in for buisiness in construction / related industries?

  42. sir my dob is 26/9/1983.time was 12.58 am. i m a dentist.should i change my name?but i m not getting your number system. plz advice me as i have to open my own dental clinic.

  43. pls suggest me to change my name for getting me fame as iam planning to go for films as well as iam ready to start for aq business my date of birth is 11-10-1976

  44. My name is Snehaa born on 08-04-1988(11pm)..Can you please tel me if my name suits to my birthdate and whether it would fetch me a great career(job).

  45. Thankyou very much for your prompt reply.At present i m searching for a job,but still i couldnget one,all my works are in pending.Pl suggest me abt how my career wil be etc.I have finished engineering IT.

  46. My name is kundan Kumar mane total 53 and dob is 26-6-1981 I was planing to change my name name 2 kuundan which makes 59 pls tel me is it ok or I should to change to some thing else…..

  47. My name is kundan Kumar mane total 53 and dob is 26-6-1981 I was planing to change my name name 2 kuundan which makes 59 pls tel me is it ok or I should to change to some thing else…..pls telme sir

  48. Hey!
    Í´m so glad to find this page!!!
    Dear Astronlogia,
    I need your hjelp to change my name! I tryed to count my self, but i got lost!
    I married in sweden (coming from Bulgarien) and changed my name, but now i´m devorce.I have a name issu. Like i cant find my name and i dont have piece in mu heart, becouse of that. My name nr. is “9”.
    I´m have a life path “8”. Born 1967 11 28, monday. Shall my name nr. “8” or “5”, or “1” ? I prefer to change by speling ex. adding some letter or extrahet. for ex. Axelina (h), Akselina, Axelinna..or Lina (my nicke name). Högnäs to Hewgnes(s), Hjugnes(s), Hagnes, H

  49. My name is kundan Kumar mane total 53 and dob is 26-6-1981 I was planing to change my name name 2 kuundan which makes 59 pls tel me is it ok or I should to change to some thing else…..pls telme sir pls sir

  50. Number 8 born person in this world with name as 5 has ever suffered in life, they have only attained great success and fame.
    I don’t think it works every time!! because


    I’m Narender Bahadur. Born March 17,1982.
    Now what you say?

  51. my date of birth is 13 jan 1974. im not yet married, tell me when i wil get marry coz im not interested in marriage also but everybody are forcing me im not in good position. how is time mine now and about future..
    thank u

  52. my name is SRRINIVAS PUNETH B and date of birth is 8 may 1976. and im married. i want to know my name comes to 24 + 33+2 = 59. one of the numerologist said that these number combination are very good and u have great future how far is it true, i want to know how is my combination number is it good or bad. only the total number is important and effective, for name analysis what is the important factor wheather it is name or signature for one’s life or both are important . how wil b my future im waiting for ur reply bye and thank u for great support ….may god bless all

  53. Hey again!
    (Pat 8, burth date 28)
    MANY THANKS that you respondet! I`ve been thinking about your advice to change my name to a Lina. But i counit wrong. Lina Hygnes =32, not 41. And according to a new system first name shouldnt endit as burth date in my case “1”, or 3 (as Axelina) och 9. IS THAT SO??
    So i´m tottaly confuse…I think i want to keep my first name, may be a different spelling. It will be easyer to change a last name. I need YOUR opinion about my choises: ACCELINA (6) JULLIE= 41….ACCELINA ANABELL=41….
    I hope you will anser beck! Then i just send a pappers for a namechanging.
    I wonder, can i pay you on some wey?
    Thanks that you offer of your time for me! …me nameles

  54. Dear Sir,
    Well I truly understand here the topic is all about number 8, just out of curiosity, I would be very glad if you suggest the name number for the people who were born on 12th with life path number as 31=4. Kindly suggest.
    Thanks Regards

  55. hey saravana will u pl help me …my dob is 26oct 1967 name is sarika srivastava which adds up to 38…shud i change it to sarika s.srivastava which will make it 41…will it be more suitable…also simply by writing it about 21 or 51 times for 2 to 3 months without changing it officially help me …please get back

  56. my date of birth is 17th jan 1981 afternoon 12 o’clock in india visakhapatnam,
    i want to know my career and settlement in life .
    now how is my state of naksharatas and graha’s ?


  57. Hi

    My birthdate is 17=8 and my name is Sonya. Is that a good or bad thing..should I change my name to = 5? Thanks so much!

  58. Hello sir. I’m a girl from Japan and I’d like to thank you for your very very interesting posts. Your insights often ring true. I tend to be doubtful about everything but after I read this post, I started to treat Numerology and your insights more seriously. The reason is: There’s this guy who shares the same life path no. (8) and the same birth date no. (9) as I have. (He’s 9 born and I’m 27 born) Probably coz of his 8, he is a very ambitious person, and is successful. He seems to be a very nice guy and it seems that his life goes very smoothly. As for me, life has been somehow hard. I am grateful that I am content about my abilities and such, but my life has been very emotionally stressful. I tend to be depressed, pessimistic and self-destructive. I have always felt too stressed out to make any efforts and I feel very frustrated that I haven’t accomplished much yet. I also experienced violence and many traumatizing things in my childhood. My full name no. is 67 so it’s not a 5 name. So I became curious about his name no. and checked, and found out that his full name no. is 50!
    So, I’m thinking of name change! I don’t want to bother you but can I ask a question? Which is better, to change the full name to a 5 name or to change just the first name to a 5 name? Thank youu.

  59. hi Astronlogia .. my birthdate is may 24th 1988… 5+2+4+1+9+8+8= lifepath 1 … & my name values up to 32.. amber hassan.. I really dont know what to do.. i have difficulties finding success in business !! why is that? should i change my name to aamber hassan which values up to a value of 6.. OR SHOULD i keep it to a 5?

  60. my life path values to a 1.. and my name amber hassan values up to a 5.. what is more beneficial for me.. 5 or should i change my name to aamber hassan to make it a 6

  61. Hello sir my name is vrishali patil and date of birth is 17th october 1986 and birth timing is afternoon. I have seen many ups downs in my life. I do not get things which I like and I have to struggle a lot for everything. Strugle is not the issue but even after so much struggle I do not get what I deserve. I am unable to take decisions of my life independently. I am realy worried about my future. Please advise me what can I do to be happy in life and to acheive what I deserve.

  62. Hi
    My DOB is 17-12-1983. My day number is 8 and Life path comes to 5. I need to change my name. Is it fine for me to change my name spelling as Amarah Ikbal? Amarah = 15 and Ikbal = 9.
    15 + 9 = 23 = 5
    Guide me.

  63. Hi
    My DOB is 17-12-1983. My day number is 8 and life path comes to 5. I need to change my name. Is it fine for me to change my name (spelling) as Amarah Ikbal?
    Amarah = 14 and Ikbal = 9
    14 + 9 = 23 = 5
    Guide me.

  64. Hello, I am Manoj Kumar my DOB is 2 sep 1968.i hv to struggle a lot in life…Though i m well qualified i hv a job but financially i m not strong enough.

  65. Hi there,

    I am curious. I have changed my name for over 6 months now. I want to know why some 8’s are lucky even without a lucky name? For instance there is a fooltballer who is an 8 born and his name come to a 2. He earns more than 20,000 a week and he is not evn 30 years old. Why does he have such good luck without a 5 in his name, and me still struggles financially with a lucky name?

  66. Dear Mr.Astronlogia,

    Is the firstname value =15 not good for 8,17 or 26 born or with a prominent 8 or 4? Does it work fortunate only for other birthdates?

    My daughter is 17 born and LP 4. Her full name is Sakshi Naidu =32.
    We were told 15 will not be fortunate for her as she is 8/4.

    Can you please clear our doubt? Appreciate if you could throw some light on this.

    Thank you.
    Vijaya R

  67. my full name is chanchal singh and i was born on 26 of march 1982,will sm1 help me out in this regard what the name should i many times i was insulted n still it’s going on……….my mail id [email protected]

  68. could u help me find the right name? d.o.b. 10/29/61 on a two life path so what number should be my name?

  69. Hello Sir,
    My date of birth is 26.10.1986.
    My name is Harsha Khandeparkar and am looking for a good name change. Could you pls help me.

    Thank you,

  70. Hello Sir,
    My date of birth is 30/01/1965. My name is John J Gardner I was hoping if you could tell me if my name is correct for me or not. I am also looking forward to knowing if this name is favorable for me.

    Please let me know at the earliest if there is a name change I should go for or should i just leave my name as it is.

    Thanking you,
    John J Gardner

  71. Hello Sir,
    My name is Akshay Anand but i changed it to Akshay Anandd as I was instructed by a professional numerologist to do so. I would be very grateful if you could let me know if this name is suitable for me and if I should change it then please do let me know what would be a favorable name as I am in the media and entertainment business.

    Thank you,
    Akshay Anandd

  72. Hello sir,
    My date of birth is 17-01-1987 = 7
    and my name is Harjit singh , i am very negative from inside , please suggest is mu name compatible with my DOB.

  73. What should no 4 people keep their name number as? Number 4 is also doomed. Please publish an article on this.
    Is there any way that we can know ur recent comments from the home page?

  74. My Name Is Vaibhav My DOB:27/11/1977 can u suggest change if any in my name i want to start my business in financial and stock market and my firm name i want to keep is Bull-Benz Finvest or BENZ Finvest pls help im suffering a lot in life

  75. Sir,
    I have been reading your blog and am very much impressed.
    This remedy of name change came as big relief to me
    I am born on 17 with lifepath 7. My present name number comes to 9
    I struggle a lot. sometimes I almost succeed and all efforts fail at the last moment
    I want to change to 23 first name and last name 27 totalling to 50?
    Is 27 compatible with rest of name? I was told that Mars is malefic in my chart
    My ascendant is gemini. please advise
    I am thinking of first name 1. Geetha or 2 kanchana
    with lastname Tirupati which is my birth place
    Please advise which is better ?

  76. Saravana,
    my birth date 17/01/1951. Been suffering a lot. is it too late to change name?
    Can you help change to suitable names in 5?

  77. Hello sir,

    If the person is 8 born and has a 7 life path and the current name is 12+41=53, would it be a good name change, if we change it to 19+41=60

    I read some things about addiction for 59 and also I heard somethings about 68 and these were the nearest possible 5 name numbers. I read about musical ability and success about number 60 so I was wondering if it is a good name change.

    Or do you suggest 77 would be better then 60)

    Please answer, thank you so much.

  78. Sir,

    For an 8 born male with a life path 7 and name 12+41=53 and in the field of music,

    which number do your suggest?



  79. I was born on 26:05:1999 .My name is BHUJITH MADAV. V.My name no is 46.
    I opted for 46 since my life path no is 41.Is my name right?

  80. sir are you available online for some discussion..?
    or plz reply the time when you are available
    i have some serious problems to discuss with u
    plz sir

  81. Hi there,
    Very nice article for 8 borns, can u please suggest something for 9 borns (9,18,27)…..following are my details
    Name: khushant jolly
    Date of birth-27/07/1991
    Time: 5:55pm

    • Natives who are born with influence of number 9 are highly energetic. They are ruled by Mars which is the planet of energy, force and fire. Therefore these people are highly commanding in nature. They want things to be exactly how they want. A person who is number 9 will be a good leader, he she is responsible and bold in taking decisions. They are daring and have a ability to take risks. They fear no one and that is why they want to a very successful in army, police services. Your lucky color is Yellow, Red and your lucky stone is Red Coral.

  82. Hi,
    My birth number is 8 and life number is 1 . I have a very bad marriage life. Can I fix it by changing my name ?

  83. Hi,
    My birth number is 8 and life number is 1 . I have a very bad marriage life. I married a number 7. Can I fix it by changing my name ?

    • A bad marriage can surely ruin lives. Therefore it is very important to match horoscopes before getting married to have a enjoyable marital life. You should do the following remedies. Put beautiful flower pictures and real flowers in your room and living area. Never wear old clothes. Put perfume and serve your partner Ginger and Honey tea , starting from the growing Moon for one moon cycle. It will make a tremendous difference in your relationship.


  84. Hi Sir my name is Sanjay lakkappa lalsangi born on 13 march 1981 can suggest me the number which is suitable to me

  85. Hi
    My name is shubham mane
    My DOB is 17-01-2000
    Shubham adds to 26 and shubham mane adds to 41

    Should i change my name to
    Anshul d Mane which adds to 42
    Or Shubh Manne which adds to 41

    Which will be best for money

    Please reply its extremely urgent

    • Actually your name “Shubham Mane” is a good name for getting success. Your name indicates you as a hard working person. You can be a little lazy when it comes to making decisions. Your full name adds to 41 , which add to number 5. Mercury is the planet related to finance. It is the planet related to communication, confidence and speech. It dictates commerce and business. Therefore your name is appropriate to give you finance and career gains.


  86. Hi
    I’m extreme delighted that you replied thank you. .

    I usually sign my fullname=41 or Shubhk=23

    You got it exactly right that i’m lazy at decisions i delay decisions to the last minute and m very confused..

    That’s why i thought maybe changing name/spelling may help me as i also saw ur post in which you had written that first name =26 is bad.
    26 meaning also predicts that i get bad advice etc

    My sister is born on 17 nov too.
    My father purchased two houses both 4 and 8.
    Currently m living in 4 house and my father in 8 house.

    Sorry for making it long but i just wanted to share it with you.

    Please tell me what should i do for improving my decision making
    if not name change then please tell me some other way
    For it.

    Thank you very much sir.

    • You are ruled by number 2 and the Moon, which will make you intelligent, energetic, trustworthy, sincere, honest. You will possess multiple talents and you will be very good in creative work. Therefore yes you should pursue your career in acting line as the chances of success are indicated. Remember that no success comes easily therefore be prepared to work hard towards your goals and surely you will achieve success.


  87. Hi sir Great job u doing,
    This is G.RAJKUMAR, DOB.8/9/1984, Time.1.25pm,

    both names given by numerologist,
    Which name is more lucky and fortunate.

  88. Hi astronlogia..helpin people selflessly is highly date of birth is 8-1-1980 Mayur Sharma..recently altered to Mayur Sharrma witb n extra ‘r’ but..still financialy struggling? Any sugesstions? Thanks in advance..

  89. Hello

    My D O B 17 nov 1957

    Name Praveen K Thakore

    Planning to change it to

    Praveen K Thaakore

    Making it to 59 number

    How it wii be for my future

    I am having financial difficulties from may 2007


    Praveen k Thaakore


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