My Experiences with Number 80


Almost after 5 months of hiatus, I return to blogging with an interesting article piece. In fact, it is a well deserved break from blogging i would say! In the last three years, i have experimented with my own name. I have thoroughly incorporated number 80 in my life. The effects, I will describe below.

A recap of my stats:

As you may be aware of, the author himself is 8 born with name number 41. And from the day i moved to France, I have started using expanded version of my name; which comes to 80. Though i am aware of the effect of numerology name number 80, I have observed the first hand experience myself in the last three years. One reason I was interested to incorporate number 80 is to check, if Saturn actually is benefic or malefic for Saturn ruled ascendant. Also, I am running Saturn transit of my life, so if not now, then when is the best time to test?

The Result:

The effects of number 80 are very strong and highly karmic. The intellectual superiority of number 41 is overshadowed by insight on life – an outcome of confluence of karmic events in your life. One thing I must say, with number 80, life is intense and not laid back like 5 based numbers. It is also during this phase, my strongest past life karmas materialized. Unlike number 41 or 23, there was no clue or insight possible to bypass karmic events. Instead, one is put in complete helpless state as the karmic events wait to unfold. The contribution of number 80 is it offers tremendous insight on Life, post karmic events. A great learning experience that makes one, an inch closer to be fully free from all mental constructs. In a nutshell, a naive sophisticated lifestyle of number 41 is replaced by intense, meditative yet gut hitting existential experience. As expected, number 80 is anti-relationship.

number 80

It is difficult to maintain synthetic relationships with number 80 as name. As nature of relationships are mostly synthetic, gain oriented, ego-centric, shallow and favor based; number 80 creates a void and filters relationships that does not  contribute to ones own self realization. To the contrary, I was also gifted to find new relationship with persons who tremendously contributed to my life learning, and with whom i could feel a connection of many life times. In short, very few relationships amidst of aloneness, but definitely authentic and soul satiating. The factor of luck or fortune is absent here, because your life is solely determined by grand causal design, So the best is to embrace every moment of life with grace. I have tried to change some outcomes of my life (successfully before when i had 41 based number) but failed miserably, I understood that with number 8 as name; one cannot get protection from outer source and only through self enquiry of ones mind, one can reach peace and freedom through choiceless awarenes – the dawn of perfect meditation! 


  1. Do you think you’ll stick with the 80 name, or go back to the 41 (or experiment with other numbers)?

    Sorry if that’s too personal. It’s just refreshing to see someone break the mold and choose a number that isn’t standardly seen as lucky. I’m a 65 myself and while it shouldn’t be a lucky number for me (8-born with a 4 life path), I’ve had more positive experiences & spiritual fulfillment as a 65 than when I shortened my name to get 41.

    8 in particular seems to get maligned more than any other number. In an older post you called out 17, 80, 89 & 107 as lucky 8s; I hope someday you write another article like this one about the good things some 8 names have to offer.

    Thanks for the good info!


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