Celebrity Spotlight – Jennifer Lawrence Numerology Report


Jennifer Lawrence Numerology Report – Numbers and Life Path

It takes a great pleasure for me to post something about celebrities. I see a glimpse of Meryl Streep whenever Jennifer Lawrence is on screen. Apart from her wonderful acting, I could not stop comparing both on how powerfully they were destined to accomplish grand things in their respective acting career. Let’s go into detail about Jennifer Lawrence numerology report, starting with their planetary alignment.

Both Jennifer and Meryl have very strong Venus domination in their life. However, Meryl Streep was life path 6,  birth number 22 and name number 42. With strong Rahu (22) and Venus name number (40+2) she reigned the Hollywood with her acting prowess. I have mentioned in previous posts, the combination of number 4 and 6, and birth of creative geniuses. Leonardo da vinci was also combination of number 4 and 6. In case of Jennifer Lawrence, she is born on 15th of august of 1990.Both birth numbers and life path is number 6, her name number totals to number 62. Its very interesting to compare Jennifer with Meryl, both of them have name numbers that are powerful synergy to their birth numbers. Number 6 is common benefactor to number 4 and number 8, and number 8 and 4 for number 6 borns. However, the downside of having name number 8 (62) is that it comes with a pinch of scandal and controversy in ones lifetime. Jennifer has already invited enough dose of controversy in her budding stardom! In less than 8 years of her career, she has already coveted all the major awards for an actress. I will come back to you with another Jennifer Lawrence numerology report after 3 years, let us wait what awaits for her glorious career.



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