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“Acting is the expression of a neurotic impulse. It’s a bum’s life. Quitting acting, that’s the sign of maturity” – Marlon Brando

What makes people get into the profession of acting? Is it the drive? An impulse? Destiny? or just pure chance? Different actors say different reasons. However, ones profession is not chosen by chance or luck, it is a substantial part of ones purpose that needs to fulfilled in this life. Profession is not mere way of earning ones bread, it is the very action that consumes a considerable part of our life. Thus constantly keeping us in the karmic loop!

One of the visible clue to find our karmic path (profession) is our life path and name number. The life path suggests the field of profession we are best meant for. In case of profession in arts and entertainment, number 6 as name number is vital to materialize such desires. For example, consider a profession in fine arts; when life path is 2, it denotes that ones predominant actions (karma) will be of creative, emotional and of qualitative nature; a more dynamic oriented; ever changing. For such a life path, name number in 6 makes them to manifest their creative energies in the appropriate profession such as acting, or music or any fine arts for that matter. More precisely, life path 2 with name number 42 makes one get into the art profession.

Similarly, name number 29 for life path 6 is favorable for taking up profession in arts and entertainment. However, name number 29 unlike 42 can cause one become rebellious and notorious in their profession.


  1. hello..
    what about birthdate 12 and destiny 33 (12/3/1989)
    3 and 6 combination with name number 42 works for arts profession ??
    it forms double 3 (month pieces and birthdate 3) and double 6 combination(destiny and name number 42)
    does it work??
    if not which name number is suitable??


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