Number 33 – Special Numbers in Numerology


Number 33 is a special number in numerology. Its a very constructive and unique in many ways. This is one number which can be used for spirituality as well as material possessions. The root energy of number 33 stems from spiritual significance. As many attributes are given for this number; some are number of riches, number of tantra and mantra, and the number of Kali – the goddess.

Number 33 – Special Numbers in Numerology

33, like number 66 is unique, the presence of Jupiterian number 30 and 3 combines to form a number of Venus. It’s a perfect energy flow from Yin to Yang. The significance of 33 is paramount. Its a number which was used for healing purposes, and still woman who cant conceive have used name number 33 for producing offspring effectively. As I once said in my post about Numerology and Childbirth, the energy of Jupiter denotes the fertility of sexual energy and energy of Venus denotes the quantity and rate of production of life force (sperm or ovum). The number 33 promises the greater fertility and pure energy of life force with accelerated rate to bestow tremendous spiritual energy in oneself.

That’s the reason this number was considered of spiritual importance as it does physiological wonder.


  1. Hello, Astronlogia…

    i’m your old fan, came here after a long time… 
    Your help needed for a Gems Stone…

    Name no- 37,
    Born- 3,
    Life No- 1 and Sagittarius! [30.11.1985] I wear a yellow sapphire/golden topaz(1 on my ring finger) u told me to wear in the ring finger.MY QUES IS- “Can I Wear a Ruby and which Finger” please reply pleaseee!!!I just Graduated recently and looking for a good job, your help needed!!!Thank you for lifetime… God Bless

  2. hi sravan,

    my dob is 17/11/76.
    time 4.15pm, palce shodhpur city kolkata
    could you tell me which number should i use for my buisness
    i have kept my name in 5

    first name adds to 23 and second is 36 makes 59
    My buisness name adds to you think 33 or 51 would be better?
    please let me know.thanks

  3. Hello Saravana.
    Its wierd that number 33 always bodes doom for me. I have a very tight association with the number 33. I see it often especially when something big is going to happen in my life, such as a baby, job change, travel, health etc.But strangely it foretells bad news.
    If i do not see the number, I breathe a sigh of relief because that means my work will get done. If I see that number around me, I know it is a sign of failure.
    Can you analyze this?

    • your wise to know that the 3’s predict outcomes of all types of things in your life, I base many disicions on the 3,33,& 333. the base of 3 is good, but ultimately it’s warning you of evil, some times when you see the 3’s you know to alter your path, but there is an ultimate purpose to the 3’s that is set in stone, 333. I don’t know anyone else that sees the 3’s, and I would like to talk to you about it, my email is [email protected]

  4. my whole life leads to 333, I was lost looking for lifes awnser out of 333, since I was 3 years old, only recentely did 333 come to light, 333 will come to be soon, and with it the rapture.


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