Using Numerology For Your Success in Business


Business Numerology is a way to look at the name and idea of your business from a numerological perspective. Does your businesses numerology number show that you will have success or will there be great hardships ahead?. Apart from my regular numerology prediction on health, career, and love this one is very different and premier. Business people who wants to start their own business can give their chosen names and i shall give the best and most fortunate name for their business. Also i will reveal them the auspicious dates to sign any deal or start a business or procure raw materials to their business. If anybody is having dilemma to start which business, i shall also provide them the best business to start by analyzing their birth chart. This section is also for Web Entrepreneurs, i shall also choose them and give the best domain name according to their birth charts and numerology which will propel their E-business.

“How does a Business Numerology Reading brings success to a business venture?”

Lets know some of the cosmic factors which determines the fate of business. A Successful, ever growing, sustaining business is determined by factors such as…

  • Business Numerology Name: The Business Numerology Name is the first step in determining the success of a business venture. The business name should be compatible and fortunate to the business owner. The nature of business and the value of business name according to numerology should satisfy, and this name number should also be compatible to business owners birth date. Only when these criterion’s are followed, a business can grow, become successful and also sustain its success at all times. Even domain names of the business is also included in Business Name.
  • Date of Registration of Business: Next to business numerology name, the registration date of the business name, domain registration date are the important factors for a business success. Most highly invested business ventures have bombed mainly due to registration of business in an inauspicious date. Such mistakes should never be committed while starting a business. The date of registration should be favorable to business owner, only then the business will flourish without any obstacles and hardships. Prime importance should be given while choosing the date, as it determines the longevity of a business. For skeptics who question about the importance of dates, Did you know that US President Barack Obama consults a team of astro-numerologist before deciding about the dates for foreign and personal events.
  • Time of Registration of Business: Once the date is finalized, its imperative to choose the most ideal or auspicious time of the day to proceed the registration process. There are seven planetary hours in a day which rotates in a cycle, hence care should be taken to choose the best hour of the day.

What benefits do i get from a Business Numerology Reading?

The list of benefits one gets from a Business Numerology Reading are

  1. I will help you in choosing or giving the best and most fortunate name for your company or business which is numerologically compatible to your personal birth chart and your name.
  2. I will help you in choosing or giving the successful and popular domain name for your business/company.
  3. I will give you the most auspicious and precious date and time for registering your domain name, Business, PR, Media and other major launch events.

Business Numerology Reading is not only for new ventures, but also for existing ones which needs advice to make it as a successful and profitable venture. You  can visit this page to learn more about numerology before making a decision.


  1. Sir, can i use the following names for my business ( selling life style products online)
    1. Bhuvi online
    2. Bhuvi Life style
    3. Mysore Store
    4. The Mysore Store

  2. Namaste Sir,
    My Name is Raj kumar, my DOB is 08/03/1977. Could you please suggest some business names for my business. good time for registration.

  3. I want a suitable business name consultation .. ask for your email address.
    now I have a fried chicken restaurant business the name is “holchick factory”
    what name is suitable for me ..

    my name is yudin Date of birth 05 October 1977, hours of birth 06.15 pm
    I want to open a seafood restaurant with the name is “ayam singapore”, what name it suits for me
    can you send me your email addres for consultation

    thank you

  4. Never before I came across such an astrology site so rich in information & in such details. Totally great work & thank you so much for it.
    Sir, If its possible to spare a moment, I would be blessed to get some guidance from you.

    My name is Ishan Das which adds up to (23). My D.O.B is 27 – 02 – 1992 which adds up to (32). Birth Time – 8pm. Location – Tezpur (Assam)

    I have this heart burning desire to do something in the world, to create a business that shall change things & lives of people, to talk and inspire millions of others who are afraid to walk this path.

    I am striving for my dream with all my heart & soul but something keeps stopping me.

    I would be blessed if you can tell me something about me as I came across one article of your saying 23, 27 & 32 are good numbers.
    Thank you so much for your time.

    • Looking at your chart we see that you have Ketu in the 10th house and also Mercury your 10th lord is in the 6th house and combust as it is close to the Sun. This is not good. You are passing through a period of Shani Sade satti, unknown challenges will be there, therefore it is best not to put your money at the moment till your Sade satti gets over. You can look at job now and think of business after January 2023.

      Doing the remedies of Saturn will be helpful.


      Navneet Khanna

  5. Thank you sir
    I understand this but my desire is too intense to be broken by challenges. I have faced too many of them and still right on path. I can be no where else but in this path because I have to change the life of millions and I cannot give an excuse that I have Sani and Ketu.

    I have but only one life and I have to do everything in this life itself.

    I respect Astrology but sir there is something called as WILL POWER and the strength of our thoughts and FAITH and that I feel is the strongest power of all.

    I will go places, do everything I dream , be world famous, create a internationally acclaimed business and change the life of millions.

    I hope you give me your blessings because I will no matter what.

    Thank you for giving me strength sir.

  6. Hello Sir, I am a big fan and believer in numerology. I want to know how will be the year 2018 for me, because I had really stressful time in 2017.
    Full name: Sumeet Sureshchandra Kakani
    DoB: 23/12/1990 (But on all documents and records, it is 20/12/1990)
    Time of berth: 2PM
    Place of birth: Parbhani, Maharashtra, India.

    • In your horoscope we see that you are passing through the period of Saturn and Ketu. The Saturn and Ketu period is always challenging. Where Saturn will bring delays and Ketu will bring obstacles. You should do the remedies given below.

      1. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily
      2. Give food to the Dog
      3. Visit Shani Temple every Saturdays.



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