Love Compatibility Horoscope for Pisces the Fish


Pisces is a curious combination of all the other signs. It is found at the end of the astrological year and signals the beginning as much as it is the end. These people are often considered to be old souls, they have an other-worldly quality to them and many are dreamers in professions such as art, music and writing. They are constantly pulled between the material world and the spiritual world, struggling to maintain their own identity. Pisces will more often than not become what they feel others want them to be, adapting to their surroundings rather than standing strong on their own. These are naturally friendly, easy-going and good natured people, prone to guiding rather than leading with a deep appreciation for the inner qualities of others. A Pisces love horoscope will deal with all these attributes while discussing what signs are best suited to be in a relationship with them.

Dealing with Pisces in a Relationship: What The Horoscope Says

A good Pisces love horoscope will deal with the tendency of Pisces to view the world through rose-colored glasses. Pisces are very imaginative and love the world of make-believe, often preferring it to reality. In fact they often have problems separating the two. They will follow the path of least resistance, preferring to be comfortable rather than challenged. This is likely because they are so intuitive and tuned into the world around them and it can be exhausting. Many seek emotional direction through creative expression, a necessity to keep them grounded in the real world. It is important to give them this time or you may see the darker side of Pisces. When unbalanced and uncertain they will try to flee from the world, most often through drugs or alcohol. This is a sign that needs balance and is easily taken advantage of. They need people in their life that will protect them from advantageous strangers and the harsher realities of the world.

Is Pisces a Loner According To Their Love Horoscope?

Water and Earth are the best pairing for a Pisces, whereas Air will pose more challenges. They are a Mutable Water Sign. Pisces is known as the romantic dreamer of the zodiac. As such, they are not always good in love with rational minds of Air signs. Pisces really needs someone that can bring them some structure, but also gets their creative vision. earth signs bring this structure to Pisces an grounds them in a nourishing and compassionate way that Pisces loves. Fellow Water signs are great for Pisces who wants to be romantic all the time. Some signs get tired by this every day, but Scorpio and Cancer thrive on this pair bond with Pisces. Pisces doesn’t like to be bossed around or see their freedom threatened, but they will let some zodiac signs tie them down with a commitment if the offer is right.

In Pisces love horoscopes it is easy to see that this is a sign that is almost afraid of being alone. They are always in a relationship, even if it is a bad one, because they cannot stand to be by themselves. They love the creativity of romance and have a deep appreciation for the inner qualities of their lovers. Piscean women often seek out men who have trouble connecting emotionally, mothering them with compassion and care. But they will change themselves in order to fit the image their partner wants or they feel their partner needs. Conversely, men who are Pisces have trouble figuring out what type of woman they want. They will more often than not choose a woman who is distinctly wrong for them and they may frequently have affairs in their younger years because they are struggling to find the right woman.

Pisces Compatibility Breakdown

Pisces is most suitable for Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. These strong, steady earth and water signs help keep the Pisces grounded in the real world, provide them the emotional stability that they crave, and give them a home they can hide in.

Great: Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Favorable: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, Virgo

Challenging: Gemini



Overall: At first, they seem polar opposites when first feeling each other out. At the end of the day, Fire and Water make steam. Pisces love how grounded Aries can be as well as spontaneous. Aries on the other hand, will be fascinated by intuition and fantasy world of the dreamy water sign of Pisces. Both are impulsive which could land them in trouble. Road trips and hot dates will keep the steam going so that they do not want to walk away.

Positive: Pisces is mutable and a little more reclusive than other signs. By having the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries around, who takes charge all of the time and initiates absolutely everything, this will go over very well with Pisces. This is what Pisces likes and needs. They meet each other needs and satisfy wants. Aries and Pisces are very creative, which is an inspiring match. Aries exerts with energy while Pisces is artistic. Pisces fills containers (any and all), while Aries picks the container. They are giving and loving, almost destined to work.

Challenges: Aries has a big temper, while Pisces has a sensitive soul. This could cause quite the collision, but it can still happen. Pisces sensitive nature could really bug Aries. Pisces may not last through one of Aries temper bursts. Aries ego can have the tendency to evaporate Pisces vision. Aries need to check their ego. Pisces has to not take it personally.

Make it Work: They will have to consider their differences and commit to happiness. Pisces does not like drama and want to go with the flow. Pisces must go with the emotionally  too, they have to be flexible, and not take things personally. Aries can direct things but they have to pull back from jumping to conclusions. Both of these signs are independent and have to give each other the freedom to flourish. Aries has to let Pisces retreat to the cave every once in a while. Pisces has to realize Aries cannot read their mind when they are upset about something. As long as they celebrate their differences, this will be a steamy and successful pairing.


Overall: This pairing registers very high on the love compatibility scale. This is because it is an earth and water combination that feeds into each other naturally. The Fixed Earth Taurus and Mutable Pisces complement and balance each other wonderfully. Since Pisces is Mutable, it can take the shape of whatever experience they are in. Taurus gives a grounded nature to Pisces. This allows the relationship to be grounded with karmic and cosmic connection. They have a deep empathy for each other and do not want to lose. This is the foundation that will get them through.

Positive: Earthbound Taurus and Watery Pisces have an abundance of Love. They are so different but so similar. They offer what others want. They are rich with emotional foundation and connection because of the feminine energy. Taurus loves the dreamy and fantasy side of Pisces. Pisces feeds Taurus sensuality. Pisces likes down to earth, real, loyal Taurus. Taurus jealously feeds Pisces ego. Pisces is flattered by Taurus possessive nature.

Challenges: Fixed Earth and Mutable Water give great start. Pisces will move and shake many ares at once and may not want to settle as much as Taurus. Pisces also prefers big dreamy parties. Taurus wants to stay in armor. This will cause many fights with Pisces because they will find Taurus stubborn. Taurus’ jealously could eventually cause Pisces to cut and run. They must realize the weaknesses in themselves and each other to last a lifetime.

Make it Work: It may sound like this pairing has their work cut out for them, but that’s not the case. Pisces should use mutable abilities to be flexible for Taurus. Taurus needs to learn some flexibility. They need to give Pisces as much room as possible. Taurus must keep jealousy at bay. Taurus is known for their temper, while Pisces is known for their hurt feelings. If Taurus and Pisces can check themselves then this has the opportunity to last a long time.


Overall: This pair has many commonalities between the, as well as many differences. This will be an exciting match between the two because both are flexible as well as willing and open to understanding those differences. Gemini has flexible mind, Pisces has flexible emotions. This is a relationship where both love and communication are always flowing. Gemini needs to remember that Pisces wounds easily with critical words. Pisces on the other hand needs to have an open mind and not take so personally. If they can circumvent these differences, then they can experience a long and happy life together.

Positive: Both are mutable signs, which makes them flexible to life’s changes and experiences. They can flex with their partners as well as both have capacity to take shape and change with the situation that comes along. They won’t have many squabbles because both get over things easily. Pisces will like how Gemini keeps them thinking. Gemini will love how open and expressive Pisces is. The quick wit of Gemini makes Pisces laugh and enjoy a new way of looking at things. Dreamy Pisces will be well appreciated by Gemini.

Challenges: Gemini has a way with words but is not always the kindest. Pisces has a sensitive soul, harsh words or bitter sarcastic criticism could wound Pisces for some time to come. Gemini is always thinking, Pisces is always feeling. Sometimes conversations will feel like on different planets. Pisces doesn’t feel understood. Gemini will feel weighed down by Pisces neediness. Differences could percolate into problems and need to be sensitive to other’s needs.

Make it Work: Sensitivity and flexibility will be required from both sides of love compatibility match. The good thing is that because they are both Mutable, they have these traits in spades. They do not hold grudges for long, so though frequent battle of wit and will will occur, it will not last long. Pisces has to learn no to take seriously because they are so sensitive and take things personal. Gemini has a quick wit that should be spared so Pisces doesn’t take things wrong. They need to focus on their strengths. Gemini will learn to appreciate Pisces dreamy side, Pisces also loves to share. If they focus on the mutual things htey have in common, they can last for decades.


Overall: Those involved in this match will fee like a match made in heaven because two different water signs. They have a deeply spiritual and emotional connection. Cardinal Cancer and Mutable Pisces starts off with lot of common ground. They are sympathetic, loving, and feel their way through the world. Both are committed to growing from emotional bonds they share.

Positive: They are deeply emotional and devoted. They approach love the same, and the common ground they share will help get through any difficulties. They are balance, they have what others need. Its a rewarding journey and spiritual connection.

Challenges: Their waters run deep. This is deeply connected with turbulence on occasion. Their emotions guide the daily life and can land them in hot water. Cancer needs to be the boss in love and life. So Pisces could feel stifled by clinginess because they need freedom. Cancer doesn’t understand Pisces need for love in freedom.Cancer is good at starting but not at finishing and that will frustrate Pisces and cause wandering. Both will use emotions to manipulate, this means the disagreements could get ugly if both engage.

Make it Work: Both are emotional and curbing in heated moments will be key. Pisces is most flexible and will serve Cancer well by adapting to changes and flexes in life. Cancer on other hand will serve Pisces well by pulling back on bossiness and emotional manipulation when times get tough. Under all the differences, they share emotional connections and heightened intuitive sense. If they focus on strengths in this union will ensure match grows spiritually and emotionally.


Overall: The love match between Leo and Pisces is very fun. They have many common areas where there are opportunities for exciting love compatibility. This is a fixed fire of Leo with a Mutable Water Pisces. This match is dedicated to the long term and infused with creativity, passion, fantasy, and excitement. This high energy match is always doing and trying something different. Their areas of differences could cause wrinkles. They just need to remember their shared goals in order for the match to be an exciting one for some time.

Positive: They have two very different personalities that are more then happy to please each other to no end. The fixed fire sign Leo is inspired, creative, passionate, and always on the go. Pisces is Mutable Water so they are always overflowing with emotion and able to meet Leo’s energy on every level in love. Leo loves a good audience as well, as they have a great need for attention and flattery. Pisces finds this all very appealing and they are happy to give Leo all the attention they need. They will be very passionate and sexual in romance. Leo intrigued by fanatasy world Pisces enjoys. Pisces will adore how Leo flirts with them. Pisces will be very grateful for how excited Leo is to turn Pisces fantasies into realities.

Challenges: Leo and Pisces have two very different styles but share common goals. Their differences will result in the wrinkles. Leo is energetic and fast moving, always on the go. Pisces is known for retreating to the cave. Leo is fixed, so they are stubborn. Pisces doesn’t tolerate strong willed if don’t have enough room to breathe. Pisces is mutable, so they have a wandering eye, especially if Leo isn’t giving enough or the right attention. Leo doesn’t like Pisces using their emotions to manipulate. Also, Water Pisces can put the fire in Leo out.

Make it Work: There are a lot of opportunities to work because water and fire is steamy. They won’t ever complain about the sexual chemistry and that’s what they should focus on when the tough times hit. Teh flirting with others should be kept at bay by both if they want to stay in committed relationship with each other. Pisces need to keep their emotional manipulation at bay as well if they want to keep Leo. Leo has to not be so critical over Pisces. Overall, this will be an exciting and steamy connection with potentional to go the long haul if they put in the work to embrace both differences and common goals.


Overall: This is a beautiful pairing. They are markedly different but just what the other party needs. The Mutable Earth Virgo pairing with the Mutable watery Pisces nurture each other into abundance. These two signs are very different but that feeds into a long and lasting love. If they keep shadow sides at bay, they have the potential for a lifetime.

Positive: There are enough pros to keep this match going to marriage. The mutable earth sign Virgo paired with teh mutable water sign Pisces means flexibility. Two mutable coming together means the match can adapt to almost any situation that comes their way. neither one of these signs hold onto grudges. An “I’m sorry” and all is completely forgotten. Earth bound Virgo is grounded in real talk that Pisces really appreciates. At the same time, Virgo doesn’t have to wonder what page Pisces is on because Pisces wears their heart on their sleeve and are more than happy to share this with Virgo. Virgo will literally swoon. At the same time, Virgo will drop anything the moment Pisces beckons them to enjoy a fantasy or explore dreams. As both mutable, they appreciate the freedom the other needs, neither are too dingy with the other. Together at the end of the day, water nurtures Earth in a way nothing short of abundant, prosperous, and even a little sexy.

Challenges: There are only few problems to discuss. The match is deeply devoted to each other, they really do work on every little problem. Virgo is more grounded than Pisces however and may become frustrated with Pisces “head in the clouds” nature. Pisces on the other hand may wonder why Virgo takes everything so seriously all the time. Virgo also has the tendency to be a little overly critical, even if just joking around. Pisces is the ever wounded one and hurts easily as a water sign. Virgo and Pisces need to learn how to enjoy these trait of theirs, without hurting the other one in relationship in process. Virgo and Pisces need freedom and alone time in own ways. This could become too much, clinginess has no place in this relationship.

Make it Work: More great than not so great. The biggest hurdle this pair has is to overcome the area where criticism and hurt feelings come into play. Virgo needs to curb back on their sarcastic comments every now and then. At the same time, Pisces could stand to lighten up in the area. Both signs also need their own sense of freedom and mobility. Clingy partners don’t bode well in this relationship. Both Virgo and Pisces are able to feel secure in their relationship. Earth and Water match will nurture each other and be completely devoted to each other for decades to come.


Overall: This is a very balanced partnership. They both work hard to meet the others needs regularly. Cardinal Air Libra and Mutable Water Pisces compliment each other. Intellectual leadership joins forces with creative and emotional sign that is known for going with the flow. They are two very different sets of energy coming into play but energy that balances each other well. They are looking for love, and when they find each other, they have a full cup of love.

Positive: They dislike drama like the plague. Pisces will retreat to cave when wounded or at first sight of Libra. Libra will learn quickly and love Pisces emotional and harmonious side. Libra is ruled by Venus and loves beautiful things, or the finer side of life. Pisces does too, so this pair will enjoy many creative experiences of luxury. Theater, opera, art gallery, etc. They have a balance of energy in the elements. Libra’s cardinal energy is skilled at starting conversations and projects. Pisces as Mutable energy picks up where Libra leaves off and is skilled at going with the flow. This creates balances and harmony. It starts as wonderful friendship and transforms into harmonious love match with a lot of sexual chemistry.

Challenges: They handle emotional disturbances in different ways. This doesn’t bode well unless both committed to working through together. Pisces run and hides at the sign of emotional upset. Libra doesn’t tolerate and doesn’t wait for apology. Libra is destined to be committed partner and seeks marriage as ultimate goal in love. Mutable Pisces has bit of wandering eye. Getting to commit will be difficult at first. Both have way with words when comes to conflict. Pisces has tendency to use emotional manipulation to make work. Libra turns to biting criticism which would wound Pisces tender feelings. Libra intellectually turned off by someone that resorts to emotional manipulation.

Make it Work: At the end of he day, they stand a real chance because both adore each other to death. Challenges in how approach problems on different perspective. Couple will start off as friends however and then learn to understand each other’s perspectives. Libra will need to curb sharp criticism if want to keep Pisces tender heart in tact. Pisces will need to ply on flexible side and learn to let things go once in a while. Pisces will also benefit from not taking everything Libra says so personally. Libra will benefit from paying more attention to honor Pisces sensitive soul. Libra and Pisces find balance and this will be a very dreamy and creative and emotionally inspired romance that will stand the test of time.


Overall: This is one of the most cosmic connections. Their ranking is high on love compatibility is understatement of epic proportions. For many reasons, many karmic connections. One of the biggest reasons in play however is dual water sign nature of relationship. Deep and emotional connection that will forever mark their souls. Even if love doesn’t match will probably always be in each others lives. That’s how deep and intense the connection is.

Positive: Good things about this connection are numerous and intense. Mutable water Pisces and fixed water Scorpio pairing. There is lots of water which means love in universe, flowing between these two signs. Water signs as well are very intuitive, some to point of being psychic, so romance is one where both understand each other well. Almost too well, understand each other to point of being able to finish each other’s sentences, complete each others thoughts, even as early as first date in some cases. Pisces and Scorpio are good for each other when comes to meeting each others needs. Since Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, and Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, that means four planets running romance which can only meet good things. Very good sign there is a soul mate connection here as this is a bond that is almost unbreakable, at least in single lifetime. Many Pisces and Scorpio matches frequently report feeling like found soul mate or twin flame. Because that intuitive feeling happens early on is so intense, its impossible to ignore or pretend not happening.

Challenges: Karmic connection doesn’t mean perfect all time, in fact, its the opposite. More destined connection, greater chance to be tested. With this much emotional undercurrents in love, you know there will be tests. As much as have similarities, also have some fundamental differences that can break bonds. Scorpio is fixed, reads jealously and obsessive to many of Scorpio’s partners. Pisces is opposite, being Mutable sign is known to be a bit of a wanderer. Last thing Pisces wants is to commit, even to someone as amazing as Scorpio in front. In some cases Pisces would rather lose than commit. As beautiful as can be, there is not an easy road ahead.

Make it Work: Pisces likes to think that there is always one more chance to meet romance, bu there is not anyone better than Scorpio for Pisces. This holds powerful connection, no real advise needed to keep them together. The bond becomes unbreakable and even if part ways, almost always find way back to each other. Some things can do to ensure never have to suffer pain. Scorpio doesn’t need any reminders on how necessary it is to pull back on jealously, but freedom is what Pisces needs and what will keep them close. If Scorpio wants commitment, Pisces needs to give in.


Overall: There is a lot of common ground coming together in Sagittarius and Pisces love match. This is two mutable signs coming together in romance, and can’t get more flexible match than that. Mutable fire sign of Sagittarius shares creativity, inspiration, and passion with mutable water Pisces. Where they differ will not seem like a big deal to either most of time, since both are mutable and by nature easy going. Sagittarius and Pisces want this to last test of time, will need to have an honest conversation about that in beginning and then will be able to create as much steam as they want together as long as both live.

Positive: Lot of harmony and happy energy coming into play in the Sagittarius and Pisces love connection. With the mutable fire energy of Sagittarius we have an inspired and creative and passionate individual who seems to have all Pisces is looking for. Pisces is a dreamer and always conceptualizing about the high road world. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and always thinking and philosophizing out loud. Pisces on other hand is ruled by Neptune and thinks move about these things on internal level, but really appreciates expansive mindset that Sagittarius brings to the table. Pisces also really likes how open and friendly Sagittarius is; life with Sagittarius will always seem easy to Pisces which is what they want. Both are mutable, so though sometimes a case of opposites attract, both move on from drama and strife almost as quickly as it crops up. neither likes to dwell on anything and both Sagittarius and Pisces really appreciate that about each other.

Challenges: Sagittarius and Pisces is one match that has a lot of common ground and shared values. A lot of differences between Sagittarius and Pisces match could threaten relationship. This is a fire sign, Sagittarius has a lot of energy and is always moving and shaking from one place to the next. Pisces is opposite, more likely to find Pisces in cave on any given day, will find them bar hopping with Sagittarius. Pisces easily wounded and as forgiving as they are, Sagittarius will find draining. Slow pace of watery Pisces could put water on fire of Sagittarius spirit, which Sagittarius doesn’t appreciate. They are not known to be the most loyal and commitment worthy signs. Sagittarius and Pisces are in danger of having a partner with wandering eyes, unless set boundaries early on. Boundaries, often exact opposite of what a mutable sign wants.

Make it Work: One thing that Sagittarius and Pisces have going for them is both mutable and easygoing by nature. If decide to come together in love compatibility, likely have to be something major to break them up. Neither Sagittarius nor Pisces need to dominate, they are happy, harmonious, love balance form the beginning. Both have big dreams when comes to sexual intimacy as well, pair will never be short chemistry either. Best bet for success is when get on same page as early as possible with each other, no matter what page is and if can, certainly create some sexy steam together.


Overall: When first come together in love compatibility, will be situation where opposites seem to prevail. Only a surface glance, if both willing t give relationship a whirl, they will find a mutually satisfying and devoted experience that they don’t want to let go. Capricorn adores Pisces emotional and kind approach to life. Pisces loves how Capricorn can ground them with just a smile. Water and earth combination is one that will nurture each other through almost any test, so long as they can stay focused on the task at hand which is success in love.

Positive: Some say there is nothing in common, that doesn’t mean they won’t make it. Cardinal Earth Capricorn and Mutable Water Pisces. Water and Earth combine, love is good, nurture each other over time. Both want same things, but go about in different ways. Pisces love how real Capricorn is, how grounded they are. Never have to guess what page Capricorn is on. Capricorn is very attracted to dreamy and emotional side of Pisces, even if Capricorn isn’t that open to Pisces at first. Pisces has a kindness for humanity and instinctive knack for unconditional love. Capricorn can’t help but be able to help but fall in love with. Capricorn and Pisces want a love that lasts, both have all devotion for each other to ensure that it does.

Challenges: Fundamental personality differences between Capricorn and Pisces that could pose some problem in love. Capricorn is slow and methodical and thinks everything through. It is highly rational sign that doesn’t appreciate or even need overt displays of emotion. Pisces on other hand  is one that wears their heart on sleeve and wants to talk about emotions all the time. Pisces may become frustrated with Capricorns rational approach. Capricorn may become tired or overwhelmed with Pisces emotional approach. Pisces easily wounded emotionally. Capricorn has critical side that can be taken wrong way. A meeting of minds and compromise will be required on both parts for love to stand test of time.

Make it Work: For Capricorn and Pisces to make it work both have to be focused on just that. Difference between two will need to be overcome and both committed to compromise. Pisces will need to exercise mutable nature when Capricorn is too unyielding to new ideas. Same time, Capricorn could stand to exercise more adventure and be willing to explore fantasies with Pisces. Capricorn wants devoted partner, Pisces would have stop flirting so much complement each other.


Overall: Lot of love compatibility to pass around. At first glance, too many differences to count, but both have lot to offer each other. Paces are different and so too will their approaches be in love. But with harmony as focus, this is a match that will be able to overcome almost anything..

Positive: Quirky one indeed with very different approaches. Fixed air Aquarius paired with Mutable water Pisces. Both have grander vision of the world and are inspired by random acts of kindness and unconditional love. Pisces approach to a bit slower than Aquarius. Aquarius deeply attracted to Pisces kind touch. At the same time, Aquarius is committed to unconventional side of life, which Pisces will enjoy when they introduce all their fantastic fantasies. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and enjoys exploring a deeper and spiritual side to life. Aquarius is fascinated by this it will join Pisces on many of these explorations. This match will be slow to start but will begin with an exciting friendship that will lead to an even more exciting love.

Challenges: Different qualities coming to play in this union that could pose some problems for Aquarius and Pisces. In this match we have Aquarius who is very fixed on person they love with undying loyalty and devotion. Pisces appreciates that but as a mutable sign, Pisces is a wanderer. Strong will of Aquarius as well is not one that Pisces will favor as Pisces does not like to be pushed or coerced into anything. At the same time overly dramatic emotional displays that Pisces is known for will not fly with rational Aquarius. This will confuse Pisces who will want more emotion out of Aquarius and will have hard time yelling it. Pace here between the two is also very different. Aquarius is always moving and shaking, while Pisces is often retreating to cave.

Make it Work: Match can work if both parties willing to put in effort. Pisces needs emotional grounding in order to feel worthy in love. Aquarius will need to balance rational side and less than emotional side for Pisces. Pisces needs to curb back the emotional manipulation on occasion and cater to Aquarius thinking side when trouble arises. At the same time pair needs to compromise on energy levels. When Aquarius wants to go out for night, Pisces should join in on fun or at least this pair should take turns choosing events. At the same time, Pisces will need to show Aquarius devotion and loyalty if they want this match to last.


Overall: One match that has all other matches beat in game of romance that is the Pisces and Pisces connection. Mating of these two Mutable water signs, so all of the love and romance that anyone needs is tied up in one very emotional bow. Pisces match ranks very high on love compatibility. Emotional, intuitive, creative, and spiritual and thus know exactly what other needs and wants almost all the time. Air of kindness from both serves romance. Neither liked drama so will also be minimum. Many emotions in play, waters can get rough. They are able to get through.

Positive: Soul filled connection. Influenced by Jupiter and Neptune. Explore big wide world, entire universe together and enjoy every delicious second. One of those relationships where both will always be amazed at just how easy the relationship feels and how easily the other one gets each other. Each adores how kind other is and only too happy to show them gratitude. At same time, two mutable energies in play here. this means that both are flexible with one another. There will be a little drama here, both are so easy going they get along with each other splendidly, even when not.

Challenges: As easygoing as both will be, they can be a little too mutable. Two mutable means the romance could have problems lifting off the ground because both signs are wishy-washy.This is a potential problem because neither really thinks too far ahead. If one is in the relationship at different pace than other, could cause problems. Mutable Pisces has sense of wandering in love for this very reason. When conflict arises Pisces disappears and sometimes even when it isn’t. Pisces will need to be sure they are putting into relationship exactly what they want if they want to keep their Pisces by side.

Make it Work: Match is very laid back relationship and one that may be most easy going relationship in zodiac. Both generally nice people and don’t liek to rock boat too much in anything and this includes love. Little bit of drama with all this emotion from the dual water signs happening. However, it isn’t necessarily be enough to squash the romance. Where couple will likely have most problems in taking off. couple will be slow to start and even slower to commit, best that this conversation had early on. If can make it past this point at end of the day, there is enough love and romance flowing between easy going couple, that smoothing out any wrinkles will be relatively easy for them.


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