Page of Wands


The Page of Wands stands on barren land, representing the element of fire. The land isn’t dead, it is just barren representing the potential for great fortune. His shirt is salamander patterned, a symbol of the transition from bad to good. He holds a stick which he uses to advocate for others spreading ideas that lift others out of the mire and onto solid ground. The Page represents adventure and excitement. He is full of new ideas, cheerful and energetic. He feels no fear. When dealt in reverse, however, he can take these characteristics and use them hastily, without planning and fall into boredom and laziness. He is too easily distracted by grand ideas and lacks the focus of a more mature person.

Page of Wands

In relationships, the Page of Wands tarot card is a sign that the world is full of possibilities and you just need to head out and meet people. Don’t be afraid to try new locations, and consider possibilities for romance that you’ve never considered before. He is a warning that either you or your partner is likely to be making this decision hastily and is just as likely to fall out of love as they were to fall into it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate the relationship for what it is, however, and enjoy what you can get out of it.

Your career is in a good place and the Page is a sign that something new is coming your way- perhaps a promotion or new project. Success is on its way but be careful you don’t tackle the problem without taking the time to think about things and prepare for the project. Moving too hastily will cause problems. Financially you may be coming into some money. Don’t spend it. A moment is coming where you’ll be thankful for the savings.

Page of Wands Reversed Meanings

When reversed, the Page of Wands reversed tarot card is a warning that a romantic partner is not suited to partnership and you should be careful with them. They are struggling to find their purpose and could hurt you as they wander aimlessly trying to ‘find themselves’. Bear in mind this can also be a warning that you are the Page and you must take care to ensure that you don’t harm others with mindless actions.

Your career is not where you want it to be and you are unsure of how to get to your goals from where you are. However you must figure out the steps and further you must reach into yourself and find the motivation to pursue your goals. Stagnation, like any phase, will pass but you can encourage it to pass more quickly if you fight through the apathy and work towards your goals. Likewise with your finances you allowed yourself to indulge in laziness or impulse and spent funds that you now need. Take the time to learn the lesson so that you do not find yourself in a similar situation again in the future.


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