Leo and Aries Compatibility


Leo and Aries compatibility is some of the best in the zodiac. These two signs work well with one another and can have a very successful relationship as long as they are both committed to each other and working through their difficulties with compassion. The biggest struggle this couple will have is that both of them struggle to let the other take the lead. Leo’s have strong convictions and Aries can be highly possessive and jealous which rubs Leo the wrong way. Calm communication is the key to success with this pairing. Both sides should take a breath before starting an argument and guard against the urge to lash out with hateful words that they know will cut the other deeply.

Leo and Aries Compatibility

Bedroom Compatibility

When it comes to the bedroom this coupling is absolutely on fire. Aries and Leo are both passionate and caring partners. Leo likes to play in the bedroom and Aries is always interested in trying something new. Sparks will fly, but take care that both partners are gentle and reassuring when speaking in the bedroom. It is all too easy to pop the others’ ego and cause them to lose interest, lose libido and have their confidence completely destroyed. Part of the reason for this is that both signs are fiery and driven; they are very emotional and once injured they can struggle to trust anyone again. If you are the cause of the hurt, that trust may be broken forever!

Despite having shared values, Leo and Aries have very different activities that they enjoy. While for some pairings this might be a problem, it can benefit Aries and Leo compatibility by providing a much needed break, a chance to miss one another before they come back together. Aries likes to be active, focused on health and well-being. They can often be found at the gym and in whole foods stores. Leo, meanwhile, is more comfortable in any situation where they can be the center of attention. You’ll find them on the stage, or leading a group of people. They may be hanging out in a coffee shop rebuilding their energy as they read their latest poetry aloud. If these two signs can come to terms with this difference in preference they can use this time to help boost their relationship rather than letting it split them apart.

In Summary…

Working on communication is the key to making this pairing a success, especially if one of them struggles with confidence. They have to remember that they are good enough as they are and stop trying to prove to the other partner that they are the best and deserve their affection. Taking turns in the back-seat of the relationship will provide a pathway to success for them as well as give them a moment to reflect on what kind of partner they are being. All signs point to Leo and Aries compatibility as being very high as long as they bear in mind the personality issues their sign may have and remember to respond to their partners’ faults with love and compassion rather than judgment and disdain. If you want to learn more about each individual sign’s love horoscopes, be sure to read more from our Leo love horoscope and Aries love horoscope pages in order to get a more detailed reading of each sign!


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