Leo and Virgo Compatibility


Leo and Virgo compatibility can be very challenging. These are not two signs that normally get along in a romantic fashion and can even struggle to get along as friends. But, with the right focus, this is a couple that can be successful whether as friends or lovers.

Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Respect is the key to making a Leo and Virgo relationship work. Virgo has to remember that Leo is very sensitive and just wants to think that their loved one thinks they are the best thing in the world. Both Zodiac signs have a strong work ethic, and both are very creative though Leo can drive Virgo crazy with their lack of care for the messes that creativity can make. Virgo can help Leo be less impulsive, but they must be careful that the Leo partner doesn’t feel as though they are being criticized. A Leo that feels as though they are being criticized will first lash out and then withdraw. When being complimented a Leo must learn to recognize the sincerity of the compliment and understand that their Virgo partner is never going to give a grandiose and dramatic compliment. Instead, Leo should focus on understanding that Virgo’s do not give compliments lightly and take pride in the knowledge that they earned a compliment at all.

One of the biggest difficulties they face is that Virgo is a mutable sign, always looking for ways to grow, improve and change, while Leo is a fixed sign and confident that they are the best version of themselves in that moment. If Leo and Virgo can work through these personality issues they will find that when it comes to both work and home life that they are an unstoppable power couple. Leo’s have the charisma and drive to go out and build empires full of devoted followers, while Virgo is content to work behind the scenes making sure that everything remains organized. Be warned, however, Leos – everyone needs to be recognized for their hard work. You must take time out of the spotlight to recognize the hard work and unfailing support of your Virgo partner or they will burn out and move on.

Perhaps the greatest difficulties for Virgo and Leo Zodiac compatibility come in the bedroom. Leo’s tend to be adventurous and want partners that shower them with confidence building compliments. Virgo’s, on the other hand, tend to be quiet lovers that are both shy and cautious. Additionally, Leo needs a deep emotional connection with their partner and Virgo’s are often far too rational and conservative to allow a deep connection to be made in that way. This can leave Leo feeling frustrated and abandoned, as though they’ve been left out in the cold and are watching their lover through a window. It’s important to communicate and talk through these issues, work together to find solutions that work for both. If Virgo simply cannot bring themselves to open up the way the Leo needs, then it may be best for the partners to split or to reconcile themselves to a platonic relationship.


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