Number 3 in Numerology – The Heart of Humanity


If at all there is a number which is worth mentioning a million times, then it is number 3. Number 3 is the epitome of goodness. It symbolizes sacrifice, purest love, and eternal giver to humanity. This is the most loved and respected number of all in numerology. This is the number which connects all other number in numerology. This is the number which is the most significant of all, without the quality of number 3, the world would have ceased long back, As it is the quality of love which holds our earth firmly in this very moment.

If any one asks me,which is the best date for a person to be born? I would say it is number 3 ! It can be either 3 or 12 or 21 or 30 as all these numbers have their own greatness. If it were 3 born with lifepath 3, then that person is a gem who will live his life for the welfare of the humanity.

Jupiter – Numerology Number 3

Jupiter is the lord of number 3, Jupiter is the most beneficial planet to all, he is called the “Guru” or the Spiritual Master. Without the grace of Jupiter, no good deeds can happen to a person. Jupiter is responsible for Marriage,Child birth, Career, Spiritual Path, Finance, Liberation, etc… All great qualities are attributed to Jupiter. As Jupiter is the only planet who belongs to the Divine category.

Jupiter is always denoted for its expansion of good, it expands everything that is benevolent, like longevity, wealth, children, happiness , fame, beauty etc. Like Jupiter, the nature of number 3 is ever expanding, they possess a heart as vast as that of a ocean. They are extremely charitable people, who always live for the prime goal of helping and serving humanity. They are persons of truth and authenticity. They seldom hurt others, and spread their love like a graceful rain.

The nature of number 3 can be compared to that of life of Karna, Karna –  The Great Warrior in Mahabharata must have been a 3 born. Karna was the epitome of dharma.  He gave anything and everything that was asked for. He would never say no to any one who come to him.  Every man aspires to be Karna in their life, Karna was an example for the zenith of goodness. It was said that at the end of the war when karna was killed and lying down on the battlefield, There was a woman who was crying carrying the body of karna on her lap. Karna’s mother kunthi came to her and asked, “Oh Lady, Why are you crying? It is me who has lost a son, and why you are crying ? for that the woman who was carrying karna on her lap replied back ” You have five sons who are alive now (Kunthi had 5 sons and the eldest was Karna) but i had only one son and he is no more.” When kunthi asked the woman ” Who are you ? “,  She replied ” I am the Goddess of the Justice”.

Like Karna – The Great, number 3 born’s are greatest of all in serving humanity. Many people want to change their name to attain success, fame, money, power and love. But he who possess name on 3 will be remembered as the great samaritan of times. He will give everything and sacrifice everything for the love of humanity.

The Word “LOVE” itself comes 21 (3).


  1. Truly it is an great number.Many film stars like Govinda,Rani,Karina shares number 3.I like the exmaple of karna in mahabharat, NIce and informative post historical taste.

  2. sir my date of birth is 12/7/1982 Birth num – 3 destiny num also -3 but my name number is (26) , could i change the name as ?

  3. If he sacrifice everything then he can not reap the fruit. It’s sad in business or related, so number 21 must be changed in number 23.

  4. Sir, both my birth number and life path number are 3. But my name adds upto 60. is this good? My calling name at work and University however adds upto 28. Sir could you pls give me your opinion on this.

  5. Dear Saravana:

    So far, I really enjoyed reading your website.

    I found my numbers to be a 3 and a 4 based on the things and philosophy I value and love the most in my existence.

    Finding my own purpose is usually easy for me and I am still developing in soul, in spirit, in mind, and in emotion.

    I also know what tasks I need to do before I could reach my destination(s). Incidentally, it is the evil events (losses, injuries, damages, etc. and unexpected “wall blocks” created from strangers in my environment as I stated in my last comment on the evil eye section that forced me to not have an authentic existence in life.

    Despite I know who I am, what I am, the continuous path for soul searching, and the unique purpose of my birth, I still have not been able to go or fly home and being authentically free, whole, and content–meaning being in places where I am suppose and designed to be and doing things I was asked to do by my creator, nature, and my own soul.

    I do have many many experiences in life, but most of them contradicted to the essence of my true purpose and true desires and intent for myself, my fellow human beings, and for humanity as a whole. I just wish that someday soon, I will and could be at the right environment at right the time when my soul is longing for a home and freedom! Then, I could say to myself that my purpose has been fulfilled, my job has been done, and that I could depart from earth with no hesitation and be with My Creator and Loved Ones in Heaven!

    Do you deep down believe that I will and could have my real chances in life very soon!

    By the way, my Chinese name stands for “Beautiful Cloud from Heaven!”

  6. you overcome the fear of 8, that which represents eternity, and accept that you are a great gift to humanity forever!


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