Dream Dictionary


Dreams have long been a way for our subconscious to communicate with us, a way for the universe to communicate with us, for our spirit guides and guardians to show us hidden messages and even for deities and divines to grace us with their own mysterious messages. Holy books from most of the major religions talk about prophets and kings receiving visions and messages in dreams that could only be interpreted by divine influence. Sadly, nowadays we have a severe lack of divinely ordained prophets that can wander from country to country and home to home interpreting our dreams. Instead we have dream dictionaries to help us interpret the hidden meanings in our dreams.

Dream Dictionary

When you have a dream that you remember there are going to be certain elements that stand out. It’s these elements that you will want to look up in a dream dictionary. While a professional dreamer may be able to remember even the small and minute details, and get a more detailed definition of their dream, those who are new to the idea of interpreting their dreams will struggle to remember more than a few big things.

Using a dream dictionary or dream mood dictionary is fairly simple but you’ll need a few tools before you begin. The first is a quality dream dictionary and the second is a small journal. On one page of your journal you’ll want to write out everything you can remember of your dream in as much detail as you can remember. The more detail the better! This will help give you a fuller picture of what the message of your dream is because you’ll have more context. Think of dream interpretation as a ‘full immersion’ version of learning a foreign language. You don’t know any of the words of this dream ‘language’, but the more context you have the closer to the actual meaning you’ll get! Over time you may find that you have a dream many times and each time you notice something different. Keeping a journal will help you pull together all these different notes and help you build a full picture of what’s happening that you can then use your dream journal to interpret.

When you use a dream dictionary for dream interpretation start with at the beginning of your dream and on the page across in your journal write down the definition of what each thing means in order. Don’t skip around as that can make the process of putting it all together very difficult. If your dream was particularly long make sure to write it out on separate pages so that you can always have the translation page next to it for comparison.

Interpreting dreams is as much about the definitions you found in the dictionary as it is about your own intuition. If a definition just doesn’t feel right then it’s possible it isn’t. Work through the whole dream and then spend some time meditating over the information as you piece together the message from the universe or divine influence.


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