Indigo Children


Indigo Children are believed to be a higher, more evolved version of humanity. They are the children born to help us grow closer to what we should be, helping us reconnect with our cosmic mission and our psychic abilities. Indigo children help us open the pathway to our feelings, allowing us to once again act on the truth of our intuition rather than the stagnated pressures of logic. We lost our connection to one another and with that discovered the loneliness of the self and the fear that came with it. Most indigo children were born during the 1980’s though not all children born during the ‘80’s are indigo children, and not all indigo children were born during the 80’s; some came before as scouts to see if we were ready for the reformation.

Indigo Children

Identify Indigo Children

The best and most reliable way to see if a child is an indigo child is to find someone who can see and study auras. An indigo child will have an indigo or dark blue colored auric field. If you don’t know where to find someone with a talent for seeing auras, you can also look for some of the signs of indigo children. In general these people tend to know they are special and that they belong in the world. This also comes with a surprising sense of confidence and an inherent understanding that some of the rules we follow are simply silly and shouldn’t be followed.

Troubling Signs

Indigos can be challenging for others to be around as many of their behaviors can be seen as selfish, bullying or anti-social. Understanding how important they are to our evolution as beings is important, however, parents of indigo children should also take care ‘manage’ indigo children in their early years so that they can be most effective as adults. Even indigo children need some level of structure so that they can develop social skills that will make them more effective in bringing about change in our world.

Strong-willed Child

Parents can easily pick out which of their children may be indigo children by looking for strong-willed, creative children. These kids may be very headstrong and prone to addictions or obsessions, they tend to be highly intuitive and define the phrase ‘old soul’. Because of their natural psychic connections with the world they tend to be isolated either through a fragility of spirit that causes introversion or because their behaviors are seen as aggressive acting out. Many have been diagnosed with disorders such as ADD and ADHD because of this. Working with an indigo child can be difficult and finding a way to foster their natural needs and abilities without making them feel out of place or ‘bad’ is important. An indigo child isn’t a bad child, they are an evolved child with only a short time in our world to enact a very needed change. If you knew you only had a few short years to change the course of mankind you wouldn’t waste time following arbitrary rules and neither do indigo children.


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