The Six Types Of Spirit Healing Explained


Spirit healing is the simplest and oldest of all forms of healing. It involves helping to improve your spiritual energies. Spirit healing is healing from, through and to the spirit and once the spirit is healed, you will see related changes in your physical body as well. There are six main types of spirit healing: magnetic, absent, distant, near to body, contact and trance.  Learn more about psychics and spirit healing here:

The Different Types of Spiritual Healing Explained

1) Magnetic Healing
Magnetic healing involves the transference of energy from the healer to the sick person and requires them to create a link. The healer must be careful, however, as if this link is not properly severed it can lead to a depletion of their energy make them sick.

2) Absent Healing
This is most commonly known as prayer. The healer asks for Divine intervention on the part of the sick person and many times this sort of spirit healing is performed in churches with the entire congregation asking for intervention on the part of a missing and ill member.

3) Distant Healing
Though it seems similar to Absent Healing it is not the same. Where with absent healing the healer or healers may not be in the same location as the sick person, with distant healing they are present but they are not in physical contact with the person who is sick.

4) Near to the Body Healing
Near to body healing involves the healer holding their hands a few centimeters above the body of the person that is ill. It is considered by many spirit healers to be an ideal form of spirit healing, and many patients prefer it as well as it means that they don’t have to be touched by someone that they don’t know.

5) Contact Healing
This is the method most used by churches in which the act of touching the patient occurs and the passage of energies moves from the healer directly into the patient via that physical connection. Both the healer and the patient remain calm and meditative to help encourage the energy to flow between them.

6) Trance Healing
This is very similar to contact healing, but the healer enters a trance state and then engages in the healing. There should always be a chaperon in attendance to make sure that everything remains appropriate.

Innate Or Learned Spirit Healing

Many people have spiritual healing talents and will sense their abilities even from a young age. They may experience precognitive dreams, and be hyper sensitive to the world around them. Many are intuitive and able to read other people easily and in response tend to be frequently depressed. Because of their intuition they are easily overwhelmed in large crowds and tend to have problems with anxiety and panic. Additionally, they will try to exercise their spirit healing by being peacemakers and helping others handle problems that crop up in their life.

Spirit healers are often known as “damaged” healers, because they heal others by as they heal themselves, allowing the flow of energy most often by being closer to their patient or in actual contact with them. The exchange of energy helps to revitalize them and bring their patient a new lease on life.


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