The Seven Chakra Colors


Chakra colors are the first thing you notice when you first begin to learn about the chakras. Each chakra has a different color, and many people with even a basic knowledge of the chakras are able to identify which chakra is which by color and where they are located. But none of this explains why the chakras have colors! Before you can understand why the chakras have colors, you have to understand that the chakras are really energy centers. They gather and control the energy for each area of the body over which they have authority. Understanding how to heal, open and renew them gives you the ability to manifest and balance your energy.

What Do the Seven Chakra Colors Represent?

Each of the chakra colors corresponds to the type of energy that the chakra has authority of. This means that when you need to work on a certain chakra you can include the color of the chakra in your meditation and creativity to help center that energy.

Having your chakras balanced is critical to your health and well-being. When you do something that causes one chakra to lose most of its energy, the other chakras will share their energy to help you until you are through. But because of this, it means that those chakras will not necessarily have the energy you need from them when you run into difficulties that they would be involved in. This can quickly cause your chakras to become unbalanced, and it is why taking the time to recharge a chakra after a period of extended use is so important! By renewing an exhausted energy supply you allow the flow of energy to move back into the other chakras so that they, too, have been renewed.

When you look at a map of the chakras, you first notice the bright colors and then their locations. The energy of the chakras radiates out from those centers and overlaps with the other energies around them. This is why that balance is so important. It is just as important to keep a chakra from being over-powered as it is to keep it from being exhausted. When your Chakra is exhausted it takes a toll on your overall well-being and detracts from the entire purpose of living this lifestyle we promote throughout our blog.

But why color? Why do the different chakras respond to the colors? Because color is just light, and light is made up of energy! Each of the chakras, because they deal with different types of energy, vibrate at different speeds. Each of those different speeds is compatible with, enhanced and renewed by the complimentary energy of the related color.

The seven colors of the chakras are:

Red – Root Chakra at the base of the spine
Orange – Sacral Chakra below the naval
Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra is found at the diaphragm
Green – Heart Chakra found at the heart
Blue – Throat Chakra found in the throat
Indigo – Third Eye Chakra is located between the eyebrows
Violet – Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head

When you want to focus on a particular chakra then you can use the list to determine what colors you should surround yourself with and focus on. This will help bring your energy in-line and help to balance yourself.


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