Balancing the Harmony: Libra the Scales


Sign: Libra the Scales
Dates: September 23rd through October 22nd
Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Life Pursuit: Libra seeks to live a consistent, easy and uncomplicated life.

Libra the Scales
Libra the Scales

Libra Personality:

Libra is a highly social sign, but they’re not always prepared for all that comes with that. This sign wants everything to be easy and go easily, though they will fight for what they believe in, they will do everything they can to avoid a conflict. They look for the beauty in life, understandable for a sign ruled by Venus, and will flee from the ugly things in life. They are highly idealistic and this is what makes it difficult for them to deal with conflict and confrontation.

Libra’s, designated by the scales, however, are incredibly fair and reasonable. They are excellent arbitrators and can evaluate both sides of an argument, especially when they’re not involved in it, and help everyone come to a mutually acceptable or at least fair outcome. This comes straight from their desire for life to be easy and uncomplicated. The sooner and more fairly a conflict is resolved, the sooner the Libra can enjoy the harmony of a calm and uncomplicated life; at least until the next conflict or argument comes their way.

Their dislike of confrontation doesn’t prevent them from being competitive and they do this in their own way, especially as they mature. Where they could certainly use help is being more assertive. Though they will happily compete, especially with other Libra’s, they need help standing up to some of the other twelve Zodiac signs and making their own likes, dislikes and other preferences known.

This sign is highly creative, preferring to live in muted colors that bely the dramatic flair with which a Libra can add to everything they do. They love to entertain and love to be appreciated.


Libra’s love to be around others, and will never avoid a party but they are most comfortable at home in a one on one relationship and this is true for both friends and lovers. They also love to see their friends and family happily paired off and are unrepentant match-makers. This is often successful because they have an innate understanding of the importance of networking and often have a large group of connections to draw from.

Libra the Scales people are the peacemakers in their family and among their friends. After all, a conflict between people that the Libra cares about doesn’t help them achieve their life pursuit of easy and uncomplicated living.

This sign tends to be a bit flirtatious, and others should be wary of thinking more of Libra’s flirtations than is intended. Thankfully, if there is a misunderstanding you can always expect that the Libra will handle it with maturity, honor and integrity. They are willing to admit when they are at fault and even will work at fixing problems that they have so that they are a better partner either with you, or in the future with someone else.

Libra are best suited to relationships with Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, Libra and Scorpio. Their even-keeled response balances the wildness and emotionality of the other signs, giving them a safe, comfortable home to live in.


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