Queen of Pentacles


The Queen of Pentacles is depicted most commonly as a woman seated on a throat that is surrounded and decorated with beautiful, bountiful fruit trees, full plants and blooming flowers as well as angels and symbols of success and pleasure. In her hands she holds a gold coin and her head is bowed as she looks on the coin with a nurturing and loving gaze. There are also rabbits present in the picture and these are meant to depict fertility and a life that is in alignment with its divine purpose; however, the rabbits also stand as a subtle warning to be cautious and look before we leap after success.

Queen of Pentacles

Every tarot card can be read one of two ways depending on its orientation and how familiar you are with the practice of tarot card reading: upright or reversed. A reversed card is a card that, after shuffling, is dealt upside down. The Queen of Pentacles meaning is always taken in context with the rest of the cards dealt during the reading as well as the question asked

So, what does the Queen of Pentacles mean?

An upright Queen of Pentacles signifies a working parent or someone who is nurturing, practical and providing financial support, sometimes representing a mother figure that meets all these criteria. Most often when this card is drawn it is meant to signify you rather than someone else; it expresses that you are meeting what is considered the archetype of a working parent. You’re not just focused on your career but you’re also making sure to meet the needs of your family at home. You’ve found a balance between your work life and your home life. She is a reminder to find time for yourself, to make sure that you prioritize yourself on occasion so that you stay stable and able to meet all your many commitments. Prosperity is obviously a big part of this card and with this comes security and a reminder to give to those less fortunate than yourself. Invest in your family and your community as well as in your own personal wealth.


When the Queen of Pentacles is dealt in reverse it usually signifies that financial independence, need for self-care or a work-home conflict. Reversed, this card shows that you are taking the time and energy to care for yourself rather than others. This isn’t a negative thing, in fact it is a very important part of taking care of yourself. Whether on a personal or business level this card shows that your focus is on the self and not so much others; it is a reassurance that you can do this right now and that both work and your family will survive for a short time without your attention. When reversed she can also signify a life that is out of balance; either too much time at work or too much time at home. The Queen of Pentacles reversed is a reminder to find that balance; go out and take time to meditate and work on your priorities. Consider looking for help either delegating at work, make a new agreement with your boss, hire a nanny or maybe find a house cleaner.


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