Kamala Harris Astrology


Birthday: October 20, 1964
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Chinese Element: Earth

Kamala Harris is a former attorney general for the state of California, and currently a senator to the United States Senate for the state of California. She is also the Vice-Presidential running mate of Presidential candidate Joe Biden. Born towards the end of October, Kamala is a cusp-baby and sits on the Libra side of the Libra-Scorpio cusp. With a birth year of 1964 she is a Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac and has the element of the Earth, though her zodiac calls her a Wood Dragon.

Kamala Harris Astrology

Kamala the Libra-Scorpio: As a Libra, Kamala is attracted to balance and may struggle if she doesn’t find a way to keep all the areas of her life in balance with one another. As a leader, many people may look up to her and she has worked hard for all the privileges she’s earned. Libra’s are naturally excellent at careers involving justice, so it’s no surprise that she had a long career as an Attorney General and later Legislator at the national level. Libra women, in general, are committed, loyal and tactful but can become too focused and come across as controlling and inflexible to others who don’t see the same end goal.

The influence of the Scorpio makes her stubborn, resourceful and passionate; traits that are easy to identify when you look at her record. Both Scorpio and Libra will stop at nothing to discover the truth and once they have figured it out they will always do what they believe is right and just, rather than go with the crowd. A Scorpio, in addition, will keep their feelings tightly under wraps which makes them a difficult opponent to face in a legal situation where the ability to read the emotions of your opponent is critical in figuring out weaknesses that can help your client.

Kamala’s Work Relationships: Perhaps the most important business relationship that Kamala is working with at the moment is her relationship with Joe Biden. Biden is a cusp Scorpio-Sagittarius which means that though there are parts of their personalities that will get along very well there are other parts that will not get along at all. When Kamala is feeling more Libra and Biden more Scorpio the two will likely be completely incompatible and even volatile which can make a working relationship difficult. A Libra has to feel as though they can respect those they work with and as though both people are focused on the same goals. If they lose this they can lose respect for their work partners and become defiant and resistant. When both are feeling Scorpio, or Biden is feeling more Sagittarius to either Kamala’s Libra or Scorpio, they are a power-house working couple. During these phases they will accomplish a lot, both of them coming together to sway people to their arguments and able to find the best way to get others to do what it is they want.

Kamala’s Personal Relationships: As a Libra-Scorpio, Kamala is a committed and loyal partner who loves with her entire heart. Neither sign lends to being a ‘typical’ woman, and without a focused career pinning her down can be difficult. Frustrations can run high until she settles into a steady work relationship again.

Kamala’s Chinese Zodiac: Born in 1964, Kamala Harris is considered a Wood Dragon in Chinese astrology. This makes her devoted to work without reservation, focused and committed to her career and determined to do the absolute best in work, though her interpersonal relationships can suffer in response to this single-minded focus.


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