Channeling For Communication


Channeling is the form of communication between the spirit world and the human world through a language of sensations rather than words. A channeler is someone who knows how to understand these rich sensations and translate them into words that anyone can understand. Channelers receive this raw information at a high sensory level and then turn that information into language we can all understand. Human language is considered awkward and clumsy to other entities which is why they communicate via sensations. Their messages are often deeper than human words can accurately describe.

Channeling Misconceptions

There are a number of misconceptions about channeling that simply are not true. The first of which is that the channeler must give up control of their body and enter a deep trance state. However, the entity with which the channeler is communicating doesn’t have to enter the body at all. They can be light years away or even in another dimension and yet communication can still occur. Many channelers today remain aware of themselves and what is going on around them while focusing their attention on the entity with which they are communicating and channeling. Few still leave their bodies or surrender their minds. Furthermore, it is not possible for a negative or dark and evil entity to enter the body without permission. The channeler always retains the choice of who or what they want to channel, however, which means their body cannot be taken over against their will. The more experienced a channeler is the more they are able to discern which entities are worth channeling and which are not.  If you’re interesting in reading more about channeling and abilities, click here.

Learn how to Channel

It is fairly easy to learn how to channel, though it will take some practice to successfully channel. Remember you can channel to communicate not just with the spirit world, but with your pets as well!

Begin by taking deep breaths and allowing yourself to relax. Picture your consciousness drifting into the earth and coming to rest somewhere where it feels particularly comfortable. Focus on something, perhaps a mineral or a gem, and watch it begin to glow brightly and intensely in a color that you like. Watch the light become a beam, moving up until it begins to enter your body through a food. Watch the foot, focus on how it feels and watch the light move up your leg. Once one entire side is fully lit and you can feel the light coursing through you, move the light to the other side and allow it to travel down through your body. Create a full circuit with the light moving back into the earth, pulsing up, through your body and back into the earth beneath you.

Clear the chakra’s by picturing another energy cord coming up through the earth and connecting with the first chakra at the base of the spine. As this chakra clears you will see the light move up through each one until the beam comes out the top of your head and all your chakra’s are cleared. Watch your consciousness rise with the beam until it comes to a place where it feels safe. This is your sanctuary. From here you can commune with spirits, asking them questions. Remember you do not have to communicate with anyone you do not feel is worth communicating with.


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