Palm Reading: Money Line


Discovering signs of wealth through palm reading the money line is one of the oldest uses of palmistry around. Though people are more skeptical of palmistry than they are of other forms of divination, like astrology, however there are many people who swear by palmistry as an accurate way of learning what could be coming in the future.

Palm Reading: Money Line

The first step is to find your palm reading money line on your right hand. Hold up your right hand and look at the base of your small finger. There will be a series of small, short lines beneath the little finger. Are these lines straight? Are they crooked? Do they have breaks in them? If the lines are straight and deep into the skin then you are looking at possibly having a lot of wealth. If they are wavy then you may have wealth but it will not be stable. If the lines are broken or intermittent then you will have poor wealth and bad fortunes.

You can’t just look at the money lines to determine your wealth outcome, however, there are a number of other factors that can contribute. The next line to look at is your Sun Line. This is found directly under the ring finger. There will be a line that stretches straight down from the center of the finger. If you have a branch that leads off to the left towards the little finger it is a sign that you will be popular and you are commercially minded so you’ll get help from others in making money and may become very wealthy in the future. If this branch extends off to the left and joins a money line so that the Sun line and the Money line are connected by the branch you can expect to receive a large sum of money unexpectedly. However, if both the sun line and the money line have short lines across them with no branching line then you should be wary of people who will steal your wealth.

In Chinese palm reading money lines are also found if you look at the palm and see that the lines work together to create an M in the center of your palm. If this is the case then you may receive a large sum of money before you are 40. If this money never arrives then it is a sign that you must work harder or change directions so that this money can finally make its way to you. Chinese palm reading also looks at the color of your palm. A white palm indicates a wealthy marriage, a red palm means it will be difficult to earn money. A liver palm, one spotted red, means you are good at starting businesses and making them successful. Furthermore, Chinese palmistry believes that those with plump, soft hands and palms will likely see honor and wealth come their way. Conversely, those with hard and thin palms will rarely see wealth and can never marry a rich man.


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