Blue Orb Meaning


It’s not water, it’s not your finger, there’s not glare from the sun, and you don’t remember there being a lot of bugs around. Yet you can see the orb as plain as day in that picture you took out by the lake, or on a hike, or even around your home. Orbs are a somewhat common phenomenon in photos and there are a number of reasons why they might appear. If you’re sure you’ve eliminated all the normal reasons for the orbs in your photos then you may be looking at what is commonly known as a Ghost Orb. Orbs can come in a number of different colors but one of the most common orb colors to see in photos is blue.

Blue Orb Meaning

Examining The Blue Orb Meaning

So what do blue orbs in pictures mean? When you look through your photos and see the blue orbs what feelings do you have? Is there a sense of calm? Maybe you look at them and feel as though if you keep looking you’ll suddenly see the answers to the universe. The color blue, when it comes to the metaphysical, is known as a color of guidance, energy and truth. If you take photos in this area often and see the blue orbs in most of your photos then you may have found an energy hot spot, or a location where a spirit guide likes to rest.

There are a number of messages that a blue orb could be trying to tell you. It may be a simple message expressing peace. It might be a reminder for you to calm your thoughts or a sign that your 5th or throat Chakra is blocked. Because blue is the color of the divine, of psychic energy, you may need to meditate on the pictures or even return to the place where you took the pictures and spend some time in quiet there communing with the spiritual energies that are trying to reach you.

It is possible that the orbs aren’t a message or a spirit guardian but instead they are a ghost; perhaps a benevolent visit from a loved one or a pure spirit such as a child. Does the color of the orb change in intensity? Do the orbs look like they are a medium blue or a dark blue? Dark blue orbs are fairly uncommon and this may signify a spirit that has endured great turmoil and hardships yet survived because of the purity of their spirit and there may be great lessons to learn from communicating with them.

Whether you feel that the orb is a ball of psychic energy expressing the love of the universe, a spirit guide seeking to help encourage you along your path, or a ghost that is simply enjoying their time in the afterlife and happened to be in the area when you took the picture, the meaning of a blue orb is entirely up to you and what you feel it is trying to tell you.


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