Intuition – The Sixth Sense


Many people describe intuition as the sixth sense. It’s our ability to see what isn’t there, to just know when something isn’t right. Some describe it as an inner voice or a gut feeling that let’s them know when something is about to happen. They can’t put their finger on anything obvious that clued them in but they just ‘know’. It’s different than instinct. Instinct is something that we natural do; a behavior that most other people will do too, especially if they’re raised in a similar way. Intuition, on the other hand, is somewhere between our instinct and our rational mind. It’s not something we do automatically which means it’s not instinct, but it’s also not something that we can see evidence of making it not rational.

Intuition in Everyday Lives

Most people don’t realize just how much of a roll our intuition plays in our everyday lives. It can affect everything from how we choose to dress to what we eat for dinner. We may go to the grocery store with the intention of buying chicken and yet something tells us instead to buy a steak. We don’t have a rational reason for it. The chicken looks good, a whole meal is planned for the evening, but instead steak is purchased and when you get home you find that it was, actually, a better meal choice than chicken because your partner or child has something to celebrate.

Learning to Develop your Ability

Developing your ability to listen to your intuition is important. By having a well-developed intuition and improving your ability to listen to it, you can stop worrying about intuitive choices and help to move yourself onto a path of higher mental ability and spiritual awareness. The first step is keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings. This helps your unconscious mind open because it feels as though it has an outlet, plus you can track your intuitive thoughts and see just how often they led you in the ‘right’ direction. Secondly, learn to ignore your ‘rational’ mind when it tells you that an intuitive thought or feeling just can’t possibly be right. Far too often we ignore something that feels ‘right’ because our logical mind tells us we’re crazy. If you have a strong feeling, a gut feeling, a heart feeling that tells you something is right or wrong, then trust it. Your mind will see the wisdom when everything comes to fruition. Lastly, spend time in meditation working to reconcile your heart and your mind, they physical and the spiritual. Work on creation emotional connections with things like art or music that you can turn to that help to ‘switch off’ the rational mind and simply allow your intuition to move freely.

Developing your intuition will help you make better decisions and ultimately lead to a better heart and mind relationship. It is something that everyone should spend time working on and developing because when our heart and mind are in harmony with one another we are happier and healthier. A body in balance is a body in health.


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