Passionate and Stubborn: Scorpio the Scorpion


Sign: Scorpio the Scorpion
Dates: October 23 through November 21st


  • Ruling Planet: Pluto
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Element: Water
  • Root Power: Remain emotional
  • Positive Traits: Passionate, resourceful, observant, dynamic, ambitious, determined, assertive, leader, imaginative
  • Negative Traits: Suspicious, unyielding, vengeful, malicious, stubborn, distrusting, vindictive
  • Likes: Truth, being right, longtime friends, air of danger, one of a kind objects
  • Dislikes: Simple minded people, insincere flattery, personal questions, failure
  • Good Day: Magnetic, passionate, loyal, protective, trendsetting, brave, trustworthy
  • Bad Day: Feels emotional and sad, obsessive, possessive, jealous, secretive, manipulative, conniving
  • Turn offs: People who lie or spread secrets
  • Seduction approach: Do me now
  • Lucky Color: Scarlet
  • Lucky Number: 8, 11, 18, 22
  • Lucky Day: Tuesday
  • Flower: Chrysanthemum
  • Stone: Topaz, Opal
  • Season: Fall
  • Basic Trait: “I desire”/”I transform”
  • Quirk: Dark side is like fifty shades
  • Advice: Be careful of lashing out at others with intense feelings, but also of keeping too much inside
  • Life Pursuit: To survive against all opposition
  • Secret Wish: To have complete and total control
  • Known for: Emotional stinging force



This sign is ruled by the all powerful and seductive Scorpion. This is a sign of life, death, and resurrection. Always ready for anything, this zodiac sign’s history causes all to pause. There are several versions of the myth surrounding the Scorpio sign. The first deals with Orion wanting to kill a bull (Taurus). Gaia prevented Orion from doing so by sending a scorpion to sting and kill him. The second myth centers again around Orion; this time he told Artemis and her mother Leto that he will kill all the animals on earth. In response, they send a scorpion to sting and kill Orion. Zeus then places both Orion and the scorpion in the sky in order to remind everyone there are consequences.

Passionate and Stubborn: Scorpio the Scorpion

No matter which myth you believe, the moral is still the same. Excessive pride or jealousy can result in consequences. Those who discredit the small should beware; they can be just as mighty and deadly.

Day to Day

Scorpio are the old souls of the Zodiac signs. Scorpio’s are full of intense emotions; their highs are very high, but in response, their lows are extremely low. Luckily for this zodiac sign, they can bounce back rather quickly from these depths. This is one of the most intense and focused signs, as well as one of the most misunderstood. The scorpions are mysterious and secretive by nature. They bring others to the shadowy, hidden places that we normally would not have the courage to visit.

Scorpio traits include being naturally charismatic. This is aided by their natural intuitiveness when it comes to the human mind. They present a cool, detached, and at times unemotional air but inside have tremendous power. This superbly intelligent zodiac sign can exhibit effortless charm. They are intelligent, perceptive, and cautious.

The Scorpio sign’s energy embraces the cycles of life. They continually transform and reinvent themselves to reach success. In fact, many say there are 4 incarnations of a Scorpio. The first is the venomous, possessive one that so many of us fear. The second is the slippery, charming yet deadly version. The third is the soaring eagle whose gaze sees all. The fourth and final incarnation is the Phoenix; it is ever burning and all seeing.

Scorpio’s focus on one subject to the extreme. They will not give up and can accomplish anything they try. This sign is zealous and driven by their own ambition. Their powers of observation are excellent, as are their memories. This scorpion can recall facts easily. This regularly comes in handy when they are trying to win arguments. They will research until they find the truth and have an inherent aptitude to do so. With their excellent memory, Scorpio’s will either hold a grudge or repay favors. They have the ability to look through people and understand what lies at the core of even the most complicated personalities.

This sign will live life to the fullest and never remains idle. Their steely exterior hides their deep fear of possible failure. That being said, do not expect this sign to ever tattle on themselves. This is not a sign that will show its own weaknesses. They keep up a thick front in order to hide their inner emotions.They are also fiercely independent. This is not a social butterfly sign; rather this sign is perfectly suited to be on their own. Scorpio’s want to be in control. They want to know why, where, who- all details. They have a very scientific, thorough approach to all things.

Impact of Element, Quality, and Planet

Scorpio’s are fixed water. This means they connect emotions. This inspires regular deep dives into the fundamentals of emotions so relationships can be successful. The impact of water allows this sign to excel in exploring the darker, unexamined sides of life. They feel their way through life instead of thinking. This also means the scorpion must use care to stay grounded. They are excellent at researching and sleuthing; the look at life as a game of chess. They are always working to be steps ahead of others, though not necessarily in a negative way. The fixed quality helps create a trustworthy foundation.

Pluto is Scorpio’s planet. This allows them to easily rebuild the best version of themselves every day. They are constantly pushed to evolve and are always passionate about the truth. They want to define life’s deepest corners.


This sign will form bonds that are meant to last. They are always concerned about their family’s happiness. They also make great friends because they are honest and fair. They need company that is witty and fun loving. As a very emotional sign, Scorpio’s need others to help them. This passionate sign can form one half of a power couple of formidable alliance. Their focused attention can become addictive. They need someone who will be frank and speak their mind. They do not involve themselves with anyone who is fake.

They are secretive, yet passionate and always intense. As powerful people they have to chose between the love of power or the power of love and many find coming to terms with the broadness and depth of their emotions a challenge. Plus, Scorpios tend to be very sensitive and they will seek out relationships in their lives that allows them to constantly experience emotional intensity both positive and negative.

That being said, they are slow to build these bonds. The scorpion will not start a conversation unless they feel it out first. Once they open up, they will be an amazing, powerful, and interesting friend. They will carry your secrets to the grave, that is unless they are provoked.

Scorpio’s have a malicious sting. If they are betrayed, not only will they not forgive or forget, but they will respond. As this sign has the ability to learn everyone’s secrets, they will divulge them the instant they are double crossed. Scorpio sign’s are full of surprises, which can work to someone’s advantage or disadvantage.


Scorpio men are a very unique challenge and are not easy to attract. This intense, confident, and competitive scorpion will need an honest companion. To get their attention, you will need to keep an air of mystery and play hard to get. At the same time, make sure to be affectionate; this guy will need both emotional and physical attraction in order to play. He wants a sexual experience that goes well beyond normal physical limitations. He also wants control.

Scorpio the ScorpionScorpio women are complex and fascinating. This secretive and calm scorpion will give all, once they actually fall in love. This will take time, however, so you will need to be patient, kind, and a good listener. Whatever you do, do not get into arguments with this one. She will not forgive or forget easily. Scorpio women have a wild side but that will not make her easy. She will not have sex on the first date and she will always be curious about everything.


This is a very sensual sign. They want intelligent, honest partners and need time to build trust and respect for their person. They demand a deep and powerful connection with their love interest, intimacy is immensely important to them. The scorpion’s partner needs to be intuitive and probing as well in order to learn who a Scorpio really is.

This sign will not give up their trust easily, but once they do, they will stick by their partner through thick and thin. Scorpio’s fear true intimacy; once their partner receives it they should guard it as a privilege. Superficiality is an immediate turn off to this sign. They like to explore the mysterious side of their partner. This sign can be possessive and jealous, but also loyal. They are highly compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. The Scorpio zodiac sign is extremely passionate.

Those interested in beginning a relationship with a Scorpio, and Scorpios themselves must be prepared to handle their passion and intensity. Few signs will work as hard at making sure their relationship works like the Scorpio will, but once you break their heart they will never forgive you.

If you can manage to hold on to your relationship with a Scorpio then they will repay you handsomely in loyalty and inspiration. Scorpio the Scorpion, when pushed, shows an amazing ability to transform and become whatever they need to be when the situation calls for it. They will transform not only their own lives in these circumstances but all those whose lives touch theirs. Nothing will ever be boring with Scorpio in your life.

There is no sign more associated with sex than Scorpio. As a water sign, they have a spellbinding magnetism that they couple with sophisticated seduction techniques and insatiable appetite for desire. They have a reputation for being passionate, lustful, and highly sexual. You actually require drama and excitement in your sex life. You indulge in scenarios involving power and control. You struggle with your own desires because of your strong sex drive and emotions.Rumors for this zodiac sign are true- they are extremely sexual beings. This sensuality is a combination of fiery passion with soulful intensity that involves the mind, body, and spirit. Since Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, they love power plays and are aroused by explorations of dominance and submission. The fearless should experiment with kinkier sex, including bondage (as long as there is excited consent and established boundaries).

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