Number 5 and Number 9 in Numerology


Number 5 and number 9 in numerology share a great importance, this two numbers are like iron and magnet to each other. Number 5 and Number 9 can even be called as the inseparable lovers in the books of numerology, So far i have not shared the planets corresponding to each number, and i will give a detailed information on how every number originated from planets of our solar system.

Number 5 and Number 9 in Numerology

Now coming back to our topic, why am I stressing so much on the compatibility of this two numbers? its because a person born on 5,14,23 of any month or having life path number has 5, when has his name value equal to 9 (except value 18) like 27,36 or 45 can attain world fame and success. not only that, he/she will rise to become a powerful cult figure in the society. The same can also be said to people born on 9,18,27 or having life path as 9 and having their name as 5, 14, 23, 41, 32, 50 or 59. But the most ideal situation will be the 1st case! i have analyzed the name and date of birth of powerful and successful people who are a cult figure among their country and have found to share this magical combination.

In the future, if any of your children are 5, 14, or 23 born then i would strongly suggest to keep their name as 27 (Numerological value 27). Which will make them successful in their career and all their endeavors. Many people have asked me how to calculate their name, and i have dedicated a separate page to find the value of your name.


  1. Hi sir,
    Manish here, actually I want request you to help me in numerology name and success number.
    My name : budhani manish ramchand
    DOB : 05 june 1987
    birth time : 09:50pm

    I humbly request you to suggest me the name and success number, actually currently i m persuing as a student in dentistry, but still in second year.

    craving badly for success, please please help me out.

    And in future i want to become a actor but i m not getting the right path.

    waiting for your positive reply,

    • manish, your current name itself is very good, but how you sign, Are you signing your full name mentioned above, or your using short forms?

  2. Hi,

    I was born on 14-04-1985,Time 4:45 am can u pls suggest a name. And even I want to know about my career.
    My name: M.Murali

  3. Hi,

    Is there any specific way to do a signature. I generally sign using my first name “nagaraj” as my signature. Is this is right ?
    Please let me know 🙂

    Nagaraj S Reddy

  4. Hello Sir , first of all i would like to appriciate ur wonderful works n efforts for ur website. Really im very happy to read ur blogs u hav mentioned, birthday number is 8 and life path is 9 and name comes to 5. i have changed my name from 6 to 5 after reading ur number 8 blogs. sir my question is that my U HAVE TOLD THAT LIFE PATH NUMBER 9 AND NAME NUMBER 5 SHARES LOT OF MAGICAL COMBINATION HOW FAR IS IT TRUE SIR. COZ I HAV SEEN MANY NUMEROGIST SAYING THAT NUMBER 5 AND NUMBER 9 ARE NOT COMPATIBLE IS IT TRUE OR WHAT PLS HELP ME IM IN CONFUSE STATE OF MIND .


    • From my personal experience, i see number 5 and 9 are like iron and magnets. They can be dearest friends or dearest enemies. Both needs great attraction, they can never be neutral

    • Taianna,

      18 is the most important number in 9 series. I will write a post about it. It symbolizes the destructive force of life/nature. The malevolent extreme of nature like hate, violence, struggle, pain, war, death

    • Number 54 is compatible to life path 5, but since the birth date is 8, name has to be in 5 for a better married life. Also, with life path as 5, name in 5 would be very powerful and auspicious

  5. Sir, Please advice me for name change .
    My DOB is 13.04.1979
    Place: Dhanbad
    Time:8:30 am

    I am very mush confused what should be my name.

  6. Namasthe Sir,

    I really need help to change my name

    My full name is Sumana Narayana
    DOB-Oct 14,1971

    I want to change it to Suman Shreya or Suman Geet.

    Kindly guide me which is suitable.In Suman SHreya ,the fullname comes to 36 and last name comes to 17.Are these suitable for my DOB?.Here I mostly be called by my last name like Dr.Shreya.

    Please help me

    Thank you in advance

  7. Please advise name number for birth number 5 , life number 8 . Present name number is 28 & 18 = 46 .
    What do you feel about 23 & 18 = 41 ? Or will a 9 number be better for first name .
    I am always surrounded by controversy created by family members and it keeps me from achieving any success in life .
    Thank you ,
    Troubled Soul .

  8. Hello Sir,
    This is Sumana Narayana again.My DOB is Oct 14,1971 and TOB-10.30 pm(India time)

    With the day number as 5 and lifepath number as 6,will name number of 36 suit me?

    I like the name Suman Shreya which gives me a 36.Is 36 which is 9 a good number for my DOB and also for the medical profession?

    Please please let me know

    Thank you


  9. my name is swati bhardwaj
    DOB is 5th november 1987
    is my name value 37 good for me? coz my sun is weak in natal chart!
    i have many enemies of number 9 number and even some very good friends of this number! why is this so?

  10. Hello Sir,
    Sir my name is Anupama M.S, DOB: 18/03/1984 my fiancées Name A. Pramod, his DOB: 23/09/1982. We are planning to get married in end of this year or january 2011. Please suggest suitable dates for us Sir.

    • Anupama, If its a general name change then i can give as i can spend the time required for it, but choosing a marriage date is a time consuming process, it takes hours to finalize a date. When it comes to marriage, its not the date but the time of marriage is very important factor which takes hours to finalize, i am afraid i cant do this one as a free service as it needs considerable man hour. If you wish i can do this for a paid service which will be satisfying for both you and me.

  11. Hi, My name is Anand my DOB is 18.10.1988 and as a professional i am a Graphic Designer i know little bit about all nine planets and their nature and
    i just wanted to know that is that my real name spelling is correct for my future in this field. or i have i have to write like Aananda which came again 9 so tell me which one is better 4 me in my professional life Aananda or Anand

    or suggest me your spelling but i can’t change my name but yes i can change my spelling. 9268742314 is my mobile number.

  12. I’m a four born, 5 lifepath. On another page you said that the best
    name numbers for people like me are 5s and 1s. So is a name number
    of 9 also good? Which is the best?

  13. hai my name is actually madhu but as per numerology i have changed
    my name d.o.b. is plese check it is correct
    or not?

  14. i was born on D.O.B=5th september 1981 and life path number is
    6…. can u plz suggest me .. i want to change my name..plz help
    me…what should be the total number of my name..presently it is 88

  15. Accordinh to me

    Numerology is the science whose origin can be traced back in the 6th century BC from great Mathematician and Philosophers. People often wonder if the day they were born considered blessed or cursed. Whether the numbers in their date of birth lead them to success or make them lack behind in the race of life? The answer to all these questions comes from the study of numerology. The suggestions that come across by this study prove to enlighten a person’s overall personality.

  16. hello sir,
    iam senthil from bangalore.iam BE(ECE) working on contract basis.when will i get permanent job and when is the chance for me to go to foreign and which country is suitable for me to go for job?

  17. I am 22nd born with life path number 5 and my name number is 23. Is it fine?What is your comment if I change my name number to 27 or 41 or 50 or 54? Which one would be the best amongst them? Thank you.

  18. Hi,

    My Name is Vinay, My son born on 5-AUG-2010, 4:11PM. please suguest me the name. We are planing to give name VIKAS. Let me know this name is Suitable?


  19. Hello sir
    M Born on
    My name is Karan bhan
    Is it Gud ?
    Or I have to change it as I m really having a tough time …

  20. Sir,
    thank you so much for a wonderful post. I m born on 8/7/1979 which comes to life path number as 5 and my name regularly called is Manoj which comes to name number 9 but total of 18. So what should i do sir how to make it 27, 36 or 45. i will be waiting for your reply

  21. Hi sir,i need help.
    My full name is charles alozie mesaraony in my birth certificate. Some of my friends call me Princecharles.
    I am 14th september born with a life path 5…Is my name ok or managerable? please sir am looking forward to hearing from you…Thanks!

    • You are ruled by number 5 and the Mercury. you are practical, trustworthy, accommodating and possess a strong intuition. You are a no-nonsense, hardworking individual to whom discipline and honesty is of immense importance. But you need to control your tendency to behave spendthrift and nervous at times.


    • Ruled by number 5 and Mercury, you are friendly, practical, accommodating and possess a strong intuition. You are an action-oriented person to whom hard work and discipline takes high priority. But you need to control your tendency to behave jealous and dominating at times. The year 2018 bring you many good opportunities. There will be new associations and people will respect you for your work. You will scale new heights through your intelligence, hard work and commitment.


  22. Hello sir,
    My Name is Abhilash Balasaheb Walte adding to 63-9, born on 27/02/1992 with 9 as birth number and 5 as life path number. Should I go for name correction. currently I am writing my name as Abhilash Waalte 41-5, So should I use Abhilash Balasaheb Walte or Abhilash Waalte

    • As your date of birth is 27 which adds to number 9, and the name Abhilash Balasaheb Walte also adds to number 9. This name should be used as it is lucky for you.


      Navneet Khanna

  23. Hello Sir,
    I am Daiji Brahma born on 9/10/1993, my life path number 5.I am planing to get engage by end of 2018 with Dipjyoti Roy born on 5/03/1992 life path number 2..Before engagement i want to know if we are compatible for each other..Sir .i want your guidance

    • Yours is a unique relationship that despite differences you can certainly work with understanding and harmony. One thing to note is that you both will have strong viewpoints which could lead you towards arguments and conflicts. If you are able to handle those challenges and give each other love and respect. You can look towards a long-lasting and happy love and marital life.


  24. Hello sir my name is Namratha jayaram Shenoy born on 10/04/1993 I’m married to Akshay g Pai born on 27/04/1990 married on 30/08/2018 it has been more than a year we haven’t had an intercourse yet I’m trying from my part but he seems to be least bothered about it ,ours is an arrange marriage but he was the one who liked me and agreed to marry me, I feel helpless, will this relationship last longer when will these problems go away ,what should I do to make this relationship work well ,even I have left my job as he desired my career is also on a downfall I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do please help sir

  25. Hello sir,
    My name is Namratha jayaram Shenoy born on 10/04/1993
    My husband’s name is Akshay g Pai born on 27/04/1990 sir currently I’m facing two major problems
    1. I have joined for B.Ed do I have future in doing B.Ed? I’m a Msc math graduate and worked as lecturer for 2 years but left my job after my marriage because he said to do so now should I continue B.Ed or should I change my career ? if yes then which career suits me well ?which job should I do ?
    2. Mine is a arrange marriage , married a year ago but still didn’t have intercourse yet ,I have tried a lot from my side but we haven’t been successful what should I do so that we become compatible mentally as well as physically
    Please help sir I feel very helpless

  26. Hello sir,
    If birth number is 8 and life path nuber is 4 then what should be the name number my son’s dob is 8/1/2020 i want to keep his name
    There r some options in my mind like vihaan sharma, vivan sharma.
    Which name number is suitable acc to dob and which chart should be followed.


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