10 Things You Must Know About Numerology


Numerology has only become very popular in last three decades, but the craze and popularity for the metaphysical science has surpassed many of its counter parts. People no longer live in dark age to brand higher realm of sciences as superstitions. The message is loud and clear, Metaphysical sciences such as astrology and numerology have profound significance and role in the evolution of mankind.  Here are the ten important numerology facts one must know about numerology before falling trap to fake numerologists.

  1. Numerology by itself is a science, its not a superstition or psychic medium. It is a study of numbers that influences all beings in universe.
  2. Numbers that comes under numerology are not mathematical numbers but astronomical numbers, do not confuse with maths and numerology. Numerological numbers are meanings of single or multiple planetary vibrations.
  3. Astrology and Numerology are different sciences but work on a common principle, i.e. Planets. Astrology and Numerology revolve around planets, in addition constellations play major part in astrology.
  4. Numerology can be termed as a short cut to analyze a person or an event or a phenomenon. whereas, astrology is the longer route to find the same.
  5. Numerology can be used to alter ones destiny or karma, but astrology cannot be used in this regard. It can only be used to view the balance sheet of ones karma or destiny.
  6. Numerology should be used  for greater purpose and understanding ones soul purpose rather than personal and selfish reasons
  7. Did you know that a proper numerology name can remove ill effects of a bad horoscope of a person.
  8. Inexperienced and wrong practice of numerology can backfire, in such cases its better to go by the will of your choice.
  9. There is only one way or concept for numerology which is definitive, rest are man made types of numerology.
  10. A Numerologist must compulsorily know astrological concepts,  numerology naming without analyzing horoscope of a person is wrong way of numerology practice, one should feel free to ask the numerologist the method and way he assigns name to a person in order to know his expertise.

I have given ten major points to remember for numerology consultation or to even learn numerology, remember these points for effective use of numerology in your life.


  1. As a person born on July 17, 1984…… with a Total Birth Name
    arriving at the sum of 116 which equals another “8”. This effect
    has been accessed by you as negative. Dose the total bithday number
    “37” reduced to “1”… make a difference , for the good or worse?
    or is it the DAY of BIRTH , combined with the full birth name ,
    both “8”s, that needs changed , or at least rather, the 8 birth
    name to a Healthy “5” as you stated, and why a “5”? not a “9” or
    and “6”… what is it and WHY is this 5 going to be the life saver
    of the “8” number in Birthday, If I changed my name to add up to a
    113 which equals a “5”, should this help? don’t forget, I wish to
    know why “5” is the only number to help 8. Thank you for your
    advise, Oh. and we are talking strickly Chaldean/Hebrew Numerology
    only right?

  2. Hello,
    Fantastic site, and lots of great pictures to go with the words. Congratulations and keep up the fantastic work.
    I had a question, if you may oblige.
    You spoke about the magnetism of 5 and 9.
    Does it still stand true with a person with birth name (including last name) as 5 and life path (date of birth calculation) as 18 (totals to 9)?
    Again, I rely on your website for several important decisions, which have worked out fine, Cheers, Pam.


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