Top 10 Profession for Number 8 born Persons


Top 10 business for Saturn ruled persons

In today’s economy, 99% of the richest people in the world are business owners or entrepreneurs. Unlike the old times, more people are open and optimistic in starting their own business. The rise of small business owners are increasing very rapidly. Its no longer a routine day job that is lucrative, instead empowerment and personal freedom weighs more.  Number 8 in Numerology falls under this category.

Top 10 Profession for Number 8 born Persons

When it comes to starting a business, the major question which arises is “which business suits me?” The first of this series will feature the ideal business one can get into based on their birth date and life path number. The series will start with number 8 born in numerology and the top 10 business for them.

Number 8 born in numerology includes 8,17, 26 born and also life path which comes to total 8. Hence, all these categories comes under 8 born’s. Before knowing about the top 10 business, one must know about the background of planet saturn which rules number 8 in numerology.

Saturn is the most decisive planet, yet it is dark, underground and shadow like.  Saturn rules many profession’s with some of them deemed as saintly and rest as sinly !

In this post, we will see the top 10 money spinning businesses for number 8 borns in numerology. Without discrimination, this post will feature both the good and dark professions, as truthfully as I am able.

Top Professions For Number 8 In Numerology

  1. Agriculture: The top profession for saturn ruled number 8 born persons is Agriculture! In this modern-era, agriculture is like a forgotten word, But it is the number one profession for number 8 borns in numerology. Saturn is the lord of agriculture, Agricultural Lands, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Farming are the fields ruled by saturn. Not only agriculture, but its by products like sericulture, poultry, animal breeding are all comes under the influence of saturn. Number 8 born people can innovate in agricultural fields and expect great success.
  2. Politics is the second most important field ruled by Saturn. 99% of politicians will have a strong Saturn presence in their chart, numbers, or name. Politics, though challenging, is a sure hit for number 8 born. Number 8 borns with a numerology number 5 as their name value can become a successful politician. In field of politics, saturn has many categories such as ministers, king makers, and activists.
  3. Iron and Steel Business is the metal owned business of saturn. In the metals category, Saturn is the lord of crude iron and steel. Business related to iron and steel industries are lucrative for number 8 borns. Number 8 borns with numerology number 1 in their name will emerge successful Iron tycoon
  4. Judges: Judiciary system is one of key areas aspected by saturn. Here, Judges not lawyers come under the lordship of saturn. Many saturn ruled 8 born people are sitting as judges in courts. The Final Judgment itself is Saturn’s ultimate power.
  5. Astrology/Psychic Masters: Astrology, Psychic’s are synonymous to Saturn. Saturn and Jupiter are responsible for blessing one with intuitive astrology gifts. The psychic powers are solely granted by saturn. Almost all 8 borns in the world will have one or more psychic powers, which they might be unaware of. Astrology is one of the best field for them, if they can learn it with interest.
  6. Gambling: Though Gambling is not a profession, it can be considered as a business though its illegal in some countries. Gambling is illegal and that’s why its ruled by Saturn. Gambling lords are 8 born,  Saturn favors illegal activities only to seriously reprimand in terms of karmic cycle.
  7. The Underground: Underground signifies illegal, criminal business activities like drug trafficking, child trafficking, weapons, terrorist organization, extremist movements, black money and money laundering are all part of famous dark circle of Saturn. Number 8 born should refrain from involving in any of these, as they might bring heavy success and financial might, but a tragic end at last. Number 8 borns with numerology name number 8 can turn into extreme ways.
  8. Saints, Masters, Enlightened beings are the supreme and purest beings among 8 borns. Most of these people comes under the business category of yoga, meditation and spiritual institution.
  9. Film Directors: Powerful saturn ruled 8 borns are born creatives, who can become legendary movie makers. Their high level of thought process makes them a unique creators of world cinema.
  10. Entrepreneurs: Number 8s are typically very creative and will think of a way to make money however they can when there aren’t any options left.


  1. Dear sir, Thank you very much for service. I understand that you
    planning to post on “How to express gratitute”, How to use OM word,
    the way to activiate Sahasrara chrakra. I am eagerly waiting for
    the useful post

  2. Dear Bhaiya ,

    please tell best business and profession for me .my dob-08-08-1977 time of birth-2:52 am place-jabalpur

    thanks and regards

  3. Hi Saravana,

    Great post. Two questions:

    1. Is there a way to find out your psychic power if you are an 8 born and you don’t know what it is?

    2. What are your thoughts on using psychic powers or astrology readings for money? Is there a right way of approaching using those for money so as to avoid bad karma or get good karma?

    Thanks for the post.

  4. I am not sure all born in number 8 has pychic powers. I am born in 8-8-1953.
    I am not in business or in any money making profession. wage earing worker. I agree I am a bit spritiual, but do not know how to pray or know any mantras. So can someone help me. Pls. reply to my mail
    Thanks with regards

  5. hi, saravana and every one,  my name is subas ahmad chohan my date of birth is 28/01/1977 please tell me my lucky number, day, colur, stone.  the work i can do for living
    best regards

  6. The areas of where number 8 can shine are so well stated here. Number 8 is the lovable people. Thanks for the suggestions. This truly helps people with number 8 to choose their careers.


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