The royal stars are four of the twenty-five brightest stars in the night sky. In ancient Persia they were believed to each rule over one quarter of the night sky. They were believed to hold both good and evil power and were looked to for scientific calculations such as the Persian calendar, lunar and solar cycles and predictions about future. The four stars are Aldebaran or Tascheter as it was known in ancient times, Regulus or Tenant, Antares or Satevis, and Fomalhaut or Haftorang. Aldebaron rules from the vernal equinox and is known as the Watcher of the East. Regulus rules from the summer solstice and is known as the Watcher of the South. Antares rules from the autumnal equinox and is the Watcher of the West, and Fomalhaut, Watcher of the North, rules from the winter solstice.

royal starsThree of the stars correlates to the fixed signs in The Zodiac. Aldebaron is the alpha star of Taurus, Regulus the alpha star of Leo, Antares is the alpha star of Scoprio, while Fomalhaut is the alpha of Pisces. It stands alone in Pisces, and there is no royal star in the fixed sign of Aquarius, though it does share the same celestial longitude as Aquarius’ alpha star Sadalmelik. If you’d like to know more about these alpha stars, refer to our section here:!

Each Royal Star In Detail

Fomalhaut is known as the ‘Solitary One’ because it holds a lonely position as the brightest star in its region. It’s name literally translates to ‘mouth of the fish’ and is often depicted in Pisces as the fish drinking up the waters of Aquarius pitcher.

Antares is the Watcher of the West and inhabits the heart of the constellation of Scorpio. It gets its name from the Greek meaning rival of Mars. As a red supergiant this is perhaps no great surprise. It was believed to be one of the four gateways to the other world and was believed to be a bringer of darkness as it heralded the winter months.

Aldebaron is the red eye of the constellation Taurus and is believed to be one of the more fortunate royal stars to have in your zodiac as it suggests riches and honor.

Known as the Watcher of the North, Regulus means ‘little king’, a name appropriate for the alpha star of Leo the Lion. He stands as the heart of the Lion and is brightest in mid April. In ancient Egypt Regulus held special importance as he heralded the rising of Sirius and the start of the new year. This start is said to give success, power and a test of resisting the desire for vengeance.

Royal Stars In Your Natal Chart

The four royal stars are still believed by many astrologists to have power in ones natal chart and influences over their fate as told through Numerology and so they will often track the location of the stars in conjunction with your date and time of birth. Any one of the four stars can be a sign of great things to come, but each of them also comes with a challenge that must be over come in order to receive the blessing of the star that rules your quarter of the sky.