What is an Archangel?


Angels are all around us and are here to help protect and guide us, giving us messages and affecting positive change in our lives and the lives we touch. An Archangel is different from a Guardian angel. Guardian angels are assigned to us on an individual basis. Everyone has a Guardian angel. They are here to protect you, just you, from harm and to be your spiritual eyes and ears. You are the only reason they are here, but the level of help they can provide depends on you and how open you are to their love and assistance. An Archangel, however, serves a much bigger purpose than watching over a single person. These are the angels charged with leading all the others; some can help manifest positive change in your life, some may never be involved with things here on earth.

What is an Archangel?

The Seven Primary Archangels

The seven primary archangels are those whose names are found in religious texts, you may even recognize these archangel names:

Michael – Archangel of Justice, Humility, Faith, and Charity
Gabriel – Archangel of Faith, Kindness and Diligence
Raphael – Archangel of Temperance, Justice and Humility
Uriel – Archangel of Wisdom, Retribution, and Chastity
Jophiel – Archangel of Patience, Beauty, Hope and Wisdom
Camael – Archangel of Fortitude, Love and Charity
Zadkiel – Archangel of Loyalty and Righteousness

These are the archangels that are charged with leading the other angels, discussing issues that affect the heavens and earth, and making decisions about how different situations should be handled. However, there are other archangels that are more focused on simply helping humans rather than trying to deal with the order of the universe like the seven highest archangels. You’ll often hear of these archangels being appealed to for assistance.

Raziel: Archangel of Wisdom
When you are in need of guidance and wisdom this is the Archangel that will send you messages to help you make the right choice. If you are suddenly hit by a series of ‘coincidences’ stop and look at them again. They could actually be a sign from Raziel of the true direction you should be taking your life.

Haniel: Archangel of Intuition
You may feel her presence most when you look up at the moon; Haniel is here to bring us joy and to reconnect us with that still, small voice – our intuition. She encourages us to meditate and calm our spirits so that we can once more hear our inner voice.

Chamuel: Archangel of Peace
When you’re struggling with conflicts it is Chamuel who helps to provide a pathway to peace. He helps others overcome their arguments and conflicts and come back to a place of love and compassion.

Jeremiel: Archangel of Forgiveness
Jeremiel helps us have mercy and forgiveness towards both ourselves and towards those who have wronged us. He helps us let go of our negative energy, to honestly assess our feelings, our beliefs and our actions and to let go of the desires to judge.


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