Joe Biden Astrology


Birthday: November 20, 1942
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio-Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Chinese Element: Fire

Joe Biden as Scorpio-Sagittarius: Born on November 20th, Joe Biden is born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. As a Scorpio he is a stubborn and resourceful person that is determined to achieve their goals, a charismatic leader and always appears calm and cool under pressure. Scorpio is the embodiment of ‘still waters run deep’. They appear calm on the outside, but inside this is a sign that is ruled emotion. Paired with the Sagittarius side, you have a politician that is full of generous ideals and a charming sense of humor. It’s no wonder that he’s had nearly five successful decades as a politician in Washington D.C.

Joe Biden Astrology

Joe Biden with Family: Despite their desire for travel and freedom, a Sagittarius is a dedicated father, partner and friend; a Scorpio even moreso. They keep the family laughing and will support the endeavors of those they care about but be wary – a Scorpio does not stand betrayal even from family and they will quickly cut you off if you betray them.

Jill (Wife): Gemini wife Jill may struggle with the Scopio sides of Joe, but when he’s filled with Sagittarius handling her duality and changeability is a challenge he can enjoy. Obviously these two have figured out how to handle their weak moments and built a strong marriage.

Hunter (Son): Aquarius Hunter likely has a strong relationship with his father as Scorpio-Sagittarius get along great with Aquarius. We’ve seen this strength in Joe’s constant support and encouragement of a son that has had struggles in the past with addiction; again, the Scorpio-Sagittarius won’t abandon those that don’t betray them.

Natalie (Granddaughter): Leo Granddaughter Natalie is perhaps the best known of Joe Biden’s grandchildren and for good reason. Leo is another zodiac sign that meshes perfectly with the dual astrological signs that rule her grandpa Joe.

Joe Biden at Work: Despite a career in politics there is little about Joe Biden that would make him a good liar which means what you are hearing when he speaks is most likely exactly what he believes, even if (like most politicians) he only believes it while he’s saying it. Emotional connections and idealism can help to rattle the harsh black and white world view that he likely has which can also lead to changeability in ideas and policies. The Sagittarius side thrives on the sell – they are great sales people, charismatic, charming and able to get you to join with them by tossing out a quick joke and a smile that will knock you flat. The Scorpio sees the goal that the Sagittarius side has set and gives him the stamina to engage in the chase and the determination to work hard and see their goals through.

Joe’s Chinese Zodiac: Despite a horse usually being paired with fire, Joe Biden is a water horse. The water horse is a giving horse, ready to help others and dangerously charming towards members of the other gender. A vote of confidence from the water horse seems more sincere, and their romantic partners are rarely left unhappy.


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