Medical astrology is a system of medicine that dates back to ancient times. It is also known as iatromathematics and is a system similar to that of the chakras, assigning the different parts of the bodies, different diseases, and different drugs as under the influence of the astrological signs and the celestial bodies of the sun, moon and planets. Using this system, a medical astrology will look at the natal chart of a client and help them understand what areas of their body they may struggle with and how best to treat and avoid issues. Both the astrological planets and the astrological signs have sets of body parts that are attributed to them. Read more about astrology planets and signs here.

Medical Astrology Signs

Aries: Head, face, brain and the eyes
Taurus: Throat, neck, voice and thyroid
Gemini: Nervous system, brain, shoulders through the hands, and the lungs
Cancer: Chest and breasts as related to the stomach and the digestive tract
Leo: Chest as related to the heart, the spine and spinal column and the upper back
Virgo: Lower digestive system including the intestines and spleen and nervous system
Libra: Kidneys, lumbar, buttocks, and the skin
Scorpio: Reproductive system and related organs, the bowels
Sagittarius: Hips, thighs and sciatic nerves as well as the liver
Capricorn: Skeletal system, the knees and other joins in particular
Aquarius: Circulatory system and the ankles
Pisces: Lymphatic system, fat, feet and toes


Sun: Circulatory system including the heart, vitality, the upper back and the eyes
Moon: Lymphatic system including glandular tissues, and digestive system including the stomach, the female reproductive organs including the breasts
Mercury: Nervous system including the brain, the lungs, bowels, hands and arms, tongue
Venus: Lips, chin, cheeks and palate, the Eustachian tubes, the neck and the kidneys
Mars: Muscles and sinews, the nose, the male reproductive organs
Jupiter: Thighs to the feet, the sciatic nerves, liver, adrenals, fat
Saturn: Joints and bones, the teeth, the knees, the spleen, skin and hair
Uranus: Parathyroid gland, the aura and neural activity
Neptune: Pineal gland, affects the ability to receive psychic healing
Pluto: Pancreas and metabolism, excretory system

Natal Reading by Astrologer

As with all forms of astrology, approaching medical astrology with just your star sign means that you miss at least half of the story. Having a proper natal chart done, based on the time and location of your birth, is the best way to get the full picture of what is facing you health wise. For example, someone born under Leo who doesn’t have a natal chart reading done may think that they just have to spend time making sure that they take care of their cardiovascular system. After all, Leo handles the heart. However, a closer look at their date and time may show heavy influence from the Sun and Mercury which means that they may also have issues with their vision and eye health, as well as their nervous system including problems with the brain, they may suffer from bowel disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, and may struggle throughout their life with lung diseases like asthma! Having a full natal reading by a medical astrologer is important to make sure that you’re tackling all the possible potential pitfalls.