Despicable Me Numerology Analysis on your Favorite Minions


Ever wondered about Despicable Me numerology on your favorite characters?

Despicable Me Numerology Analysis on your Favorite Minions

Felonius Gru
Name Number: 3
Characteristics: Expressionistic, Verbal, Enjoys life
One of the most notable aspects of the three is their desire to have an organized, predictable order to their life and to be recognized as the person that has a plan and the ability to make that plan happen. Gru is definitely this kind of guy. All he wants in life is to be recognized as the best super criminal in the world and to have the genius of his heists and schemes recognized by others. Despite his criminal behaviors, people enjoy spending time with him and really, he enjoys spending time with others. That’s how he ended up with his rather sudden and impromptu gang of minions and even his little family.

Dr. Nefario
Name Number: 8
Characteristics: Practical, Strives to be the Best, Has High Goals
Doctor Nefario set himself up with Gru because he felt Gru would be the best; the best criminal, the best person for Nefario to work for, the best person to share his inventions with… And for a long time he was right. No one could have expected that Gru would begin to turn from his life of crime, but when it happened, Nefario did as only could be expected and moved on (initially) to greener pastures. However, the eight hides a desires to help others and this brought him back to Gru in the end.

Name Number: 1
Characteristics: Pioneering, Independent, Individual
Agnes is the youngest of Gru’s three girls that he adopted from the orphanage and occasionally it does show. But she’s definitely strong willed, determined and loving. Her personality is very resilient and she wants to be a person that others can rely on, though as a one this is often at odds with her fear of being left behind by others. She is very giving, and could be easily taken advantage of by others.

Name Number: 9
Characteristics: Creative, Giving, Selfless, Responsible
Margo is the oldest of the three girls and has served not only as big sister, but also mother and protector of them for years. Of the three of them she has the hardest time opening up and being willing to trust Gru which makes his betrayal of that trust even harder for her to recover from. Nines have a desire to be the peacemakers and mediators of their families and a preference for mental gymnastics over the physical.

Name Number: 1
Characteristics: Pioneering, Independent and Individual
Edith is the middle child, but this doesn’t stop her from being her own person in the slightest. She tends to be something of a tomboy and like the two other girls has had to look out for herself somewhat. Like Agnes, she is afraid of being left behind and all three girls are terrified of being separated from one another. Edith wants to have a life of freedom, adventure and excitement. The one has a tendency to want to be completely free and without responsibility.

Lucy Wilde
Name Number: 6
Characteristics: Responsible, Nurturing, Balancing
Lucy came into the lives of Gru and the girls and changed everything for the better. She turned Gru away from his life of crime and gave the girls a mother. Sixes have a tendency to go a little over the edge in their exuberance for things, but they are incredibly artistic and very loving. They approach everyone with honest and openness and Lucy was no different.


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