Spiritual Meditation


Spiritual meditation is not the same as regular meditation. Where regular meditation is used to help cleanse your energy and bring your body back to a sense of oneness with itself, spiritual meditation is focused on helping you connect your mind and spirit with the universe. It is a practice of connecting to the energies vaster and deeper than we are ourselves. All religions in the world practice some form of spiritual meditation and being successful at it requires honesty and integrity. You must be willing and able to look at yourself and accept your faults so that you can begin to develop positive traits in their place.

Using Spiritual Meditation for Awareness

Spiritual meditation is used to help improve spiritual awareness and it takes time to develop. All forms of meditation take practice and spiritual meditation is no different. Being able to not just make the connections that help to improve yourself but also to bring healing to the world takes time and understanding – in fact, it could be said that the first lesson of spiritual awareness brought about by spiritual meditation is that of grace. You must be gentle with yourself as you start on this journey if you hope to come to a place where you can be gentle with others.

Do not use for Telepathy

Be warned, however, spiritual meditation is not for developing your psychic gifts. You won’t want to use a form of spiritual meditation if you are looking for telepathy or visions. Instead, this is a form of meditation and connection that will help you be a better human, someone more closely connected with the world around them and able to enjoy and appreciate all that the universe has given us. If you want to be someone able to see each day, with all its ups and downs, as a blessing then this is the form of meditation for you. This is the ideal form of meditation for those who want to release grudges they have been holding against those who have hurt them or those they care about, for those who want to develop their own sense of spirituality so that they can bring light to others, if you are searching for a new level of depth to your faith, if you want to open your mind to the many possibilities in the universe, and if you want to learn how to be truly authentic with those in your life instead of hiding who you really are.


Being authentic is a key part of spiritual meditation. If you cannot look at yourself honestly, if you cannot learn to accept who you are, both your positive and negative qualities, then you cannot hope to bring peace and light to others. Be honest, be transparent and have integrity – what you may not like about yourself others may find to be an admirable quality. Always be willing to grow and change. Spiritual meditation can help you develop the patience and love necessary to begin accepting these parts of yourself so that you can grow spiritually.


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