Clairaudience and Psychic Hearing


Clairaudience is the ability to hear sounds or words from the spirit world. Those who are clairaudient are able to hear voices, sounds and even music that others cannot pick up and are not a part of the physical world. This skill is often found in tandem with clairvoyance and many people with both talents don’t realize they have the skills at all. In fact the first step to developing your psychic skills is learning to recognize when you have a certain skill so that you are able to understand it. Meditation is a great way to begin working on your skills, as each of the psychic skills is connected to a chakra; clairaudience is connected to the throat chakra which is in charge of communication.

Could you be Clairaudient?

If you are clairaudient you may experience some or all of the following… You may have a tendency to talk to yourself when you think of how to reply to a scenario or if you’re talking yourself down from a stressful situation. Rational and calm solutions are most likely a spirit helping to guide you and you are vocally repeating these clairaudient conversations out loud to yourself. Do you have a tendency to provide profound advice and yet have no idea where it came from? Chances are they were spirit provided and you simply spoke what you were hearing from them. If you haven’t suffered from injury or illness that may cause ringing in the ears and yet you experience it often, this may be the spirit world trying to get your attention, kind of like the ringing of a phone. If you hear whispering, talking in the distance or noises with no reasonable earthly reason for them you are probably picking up on the spirit world.

How to develop your Clairaudience abilities

Developing your clairaudient abilities requires patience and practice just like any other psychic skill; you may have a natural affinity for it but you still will want to hone your skills. Begin by listening. Stop trying to tune everything out, and instead listen and pick out each and every sound you are hearing. Stretch your hearing, focus on left sounds and right sounds. Tune your hearing into the world around you. Get into a comfortable position and turn on some music. Classical or all instrumental music is best for this because it provides less for your mind to be distracted by. Begin to focus on a single instrument until you can hear that instrument and that one alone. If you struggle, focus your breathing and then try again. Once you are able to pick out and follow along instrument after instrument without being distracted by the others you will be ready to practice your clairaudience.

Begin by getting into a comfortable position and start meditating. Let your mind reach a place of rest where it is clear of all the clutter that builds up throughout the day. All this mental ‘noise’ will prevent you from being able to hear the ‘instrument’ of the spirits as they try to speak to you. Once you are comfortably meditating, ask a question and wait to hear the answer. It may come in sounds, in song, or in words. It may seem like your own thought but heard in a familiar voice.


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