Aries Tarot Horoscope


Using astrology in tarot readings isn’t as weird as it may seem. The two go easily hand in hand; after all, astrology works with the four elements and there are four suits of tarot cards and making the connections across the stars to the cards can help you get a deeper understanding of your life purpose. Using one tool with the context of the other can only serve to help broaden your understanding of where you have been, where you are and where the universe wants you to go.

Aries Tarot Horoscope

Aries is a fire sign and that would imply that they are most closely associated with the tarot card suit of wands but it’s just not quite that simple. Aries horoscope tarot is a bit more involved than just looking at all the cards with fire on them!

The Major Arcana associated with Aries is The Emperor. The Emperor symbolizes the loyalty of Aries; everyone knows that they can rely on you to be with them through thick and thin and that you’ll use your influence and authority to help them accomplish their dreams. But the Emperor isn’t the only card associated with Aries.

Aries Tarot – Minor Arcana

The King of Pentacles: For the male Aries the King of Pentacles is his card in relationships. The King of Pentacles is a generous provider that is looking for a serious relationship in which he can provide emotional and financial stability for his partner. Aries shares this card with the male Taurus as both want to give those they love the best of everything.

The Queen of Wands: A female Aries should look to the Queen of Wands to understand how she is in a relationship. This card helps the female Aries understand that she is an open and confident lover that brings a sense of joy and cheerfulness to the relationship but also struggles with a need to feel independent.

1st Decan
Two of Wands: During the first decan of Aries it is best to look to the Two of Wands for guidance. It will remind you to plan before you act but avoid over-analyzing. It’s okay to take risks and leave your comfort zone but you still want to make sure you at least have a safety net in place before you walk off the ledge.

2nd Decan
Three of Wands: If you followed the guidance of the Two of Wands during your first decan then you are in a good place to follow the guidance of the Three of Wands in the second. This card encourages you to take advantage of your momentum and keep growing forward. Don’t hesitate and allow obstacles and frustrations to slow you down. You must keep your eyes focused forward and keep looking ahead towards your goal!

3rd Decan
Four of Wands: In the last decan of Aries look to the Four of Wands to guide you. You have made it to the finish line and now it’s time to celebrate. Come back to stability and comfort, share your learnings with those you love and care for and take the time to rest and rejuvenate before the next journey begins.


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