Kabbalah Numbers


Nearly, after a span of week i am writing a post on numbers again. This time i would like to refrain from usual analysis of celebrities and their numbers, but rather give you a brief introduction to Kabbalah Numbers. Kabbalah Numbers is a system which has many striking qualities as that of Chaldean System. Its not a wonder, as both the system share same roots. Kabbalah traced to present day Israel, Ethiopia, Palestine and Chaldean roots are that of Iraq, Kuwait, and Alexandria.

Kabbalah Numbers

Both systems of numerology share more or less a common numerical classification and interpretation. Although Chaldean numbers of esoteric science is the origin of modern day numerology systems, It will be interesting to know the aspects of numbers with respect to the Kabbalah. Both systems are also relatively complex. Although many people might believe certain numbers to provide them with luck when playing games of  foxy bingo or taking part in a lottery draw, the meanings behind the Kabbalah numbers tend to be much more in-depth. The association of the planets with these numbers also has a very significant role in understanding what they represent.

Now let us see the meaning of Kabbalah numbers from 1 to 9. We can relate that the meanings are that of synonymous to Chaldean Numbers which we explain on this section.

Kabbalah Numbers

  1. Denotes individuality and possible egotism, self-reliance, affirmation, distinction.
  2. Relationship, psychic attraction, emotion, sympathy or antipathy, doubt, vacillation.
  3. Expansion, increase, intellectual capacity, riches and success.
  4. Realization, property, possession, credit and position, materiality.
  5. Reason, logic, ethics, traveling, commerce, utility.
  6. Co-operation, marriage, reciprocity, sympathy, play, art, music, dancing.
  7. Equilibrium, contracts, agreements, treaties, bargains, harmony or discord.
  8. Reconstruction, death, negation, decay, loss, extinction, going out.
  9. Penetration, strife, energy, enterprise, dividing, anger, keenness.

The Planets associated with the numbers ( Similar to Chaldean) are

  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Jupiter
  4. The Earth ( Uranus or North Node in Chaldean Numerology)
  5. Mercury
  6. Venus
  7. The Moon (Neptune or South node in Chaldean Numerology)
  8. Saturn
  9. Mars

There are seven planes in Kabbalah belief and they are

Their equivalent in esoteric meanings of east are

  • The Conqueror  –  Atma
  • Intuitively Wise  – Buddhi
  • The Higher Mind – Buddhi-Manas
  • The Cross  – Antaskarana
  • The Lower Mind – Kama-Manas
  • Desire – Kama
  • Serpent Coil – Lingam
  • Sensuality – Sthula

The Hebrews Kabbalah numbers are based on the union of masculine and feminine energies (Which actually is law of numerology). The union of masculine and feminine forces are the one that result in cosmic oneness. Like the Yin and yang, Shiva and Sakthi, the kabbalah numbers are based on unification of masculine and feminine creatives powers. In the below picture you can see the meaning of Elohim (meaning God in Hebrew) and their numbers which signifies the sum of active and passive energies of cosmos.

hebrew numbers

From the above picture, we can see the root meaning of alphabets a,l,m,i and h. The sum comes to 14 (5). This number 14 corresponds to the male and female energies  of seven prajapatis (Lord of creations).

Many people have asked me the greatness of number 5, the reasons for its overall greatness and its talisman nature can be attributed to this. 5 is the convolution of energies. Number 5 denotes mercury, but the in the secret doctrines Mercury and Uranus are the substitutes of sun. Mercury the lord of number 5 has the power to provide the combined effects of Sun and Uranus.

In astrology, mercury is a neutral planet which is not considered benefic or malefic, the nature of mercury is that which ever planet it aspects based on that it gives results. The hallmark of this planet is its ability to completely influence the planet that aspects or when comes in contact with it.

This is also one of the  reason of number 5  acting as a talisman for number 8 Saturn. Many people perceive that 5 entirely signifies planet Mercury. But in reality, mercury when aspects Saturn ( number 8 ) it gives the power of planet Sun and Uranus. Uranus is denoted as number 4 in Chaldean numerology and number 1 signifies Sun. Number 5 (Mercury) is the sum of Sun and Uranus energies (1+4) = 5.

One can ask why number 5 is talisman to Saturn and not for any other numbers? In reality, people born on number 8 and number reap the maximum benefits of number 5. As people born on 4,13,22,31 comes under Uranus, the presence of Uranian energy in number 5  brings fortune to them.

Uranus is close to planet Saturn, and both Uranus and Saturn rules Aquarius house in the zodiac. Hence, Uranus is considered as the best friend of Saturn, and that’s the reason number 4 and number 8 borns get along well. As the most benefactor (for Saturn) Uranian energy is present in 5,  It forms a formidable number by changing the dark,slow paced nature of Saturn into a luminous one.

The positive energy of sun is given by number 1 and its negative  energy is given by its substitute (Uranus) number 4 , hence the sum of positive and negative ( Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine) energies gives rise to the Karmic number 5.

As Saturn is polar opposite to planet sun ( Saturn is the estranged son of Surya) in terms of nature, characteristics, and qualities, the presence of 5 gives the dominant power of sun and materialistic idealism of Uranus to Saturn.


    • In Kabbalah, number 8 signifies death, reconstruction, decay, extinction, going out, Now all these meanings should not be interpreted as literary meanings, the meanings are deeply occult in nature. Death here means not a mortal death, but death of ego, death of karma, death of desire that brings karma. Reconstruction of oneself to realise ones soul, decay of ones impure body, mind and purity of soul, Extinction from illusionary world (earthly life) and transcend to higher realms.

  1. Found your views of no 8 very facinating.It is my personal belief that there exist only 3 complete nos 108 ie 1,0,8 would like to know more from you

  2. Hello, I have just read this article and I have to say in Im quit surprised, has this looks written specially for me! I am a birth date number 5, name number 9 and moon sign aquarius, does my combinason match with what you have said about
    the interaction between uranus saturn and mercury ?
    Also I read the page about the compatibility between 5 and 9 but some people say the complete opposite ?
    Thank you for your enlightment,

  3. I thought that 8 denotes chaos? Anyway it is good to see it portrayed negatively here, as was my strong experience with that number. Very insightful. I guess my favorites would be 1 and 7 than. (more useful looking here then at lucky corsair rolls from FF games lol)

  4. I’ve been encountering the number 44 alot for a couple of months. It is occurring too regularly to rule it as coincidence. I would like your take on the possible meaning of the number 44.

  5. In numerology the date of birth give you the reincarnation that you are living like the 1 the first live, and so on. The numbers there are not seperate one of another its just a secuence of things to happend, like the secuence of emotions.

  6. Dear Astronlogia. Thank you for this topic . Much appreciate if I can get this e book “Science of breath”which you mentioned before.

  7. someone tried to kill me, and robbed me. (i am not joking)
    now that person sends the number 88 to me. what does this mean? i heard this person is very much into Kabbalah. i want to find out his intentions.

  8. Hi,

    does anybody know a good house number door to live in? We found a 79 (which is a 7). This is supposedly Neptune, any good?



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