Wheel of Fortune Tarot


The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is one of the Major Arcana and is the sign of change. Much as the year is compared to the ever turning wheel, so are our fortunes. This card rules over luck, destiny, karma, our soulmates, the cycles of our life, our fates, fortunes and chance. It serves as a reminder of the karmic cycle as well, reminding us to be kind to all those we meet as we will meet them again. On the card you will find a giant wheel covered in symbols and figures around the outer edges of the card. The figures on the edges are an angel, an eagle, a bull and a lion; each is related to an astrological sign: Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. These four creatures are holding a book which is meant to be the Torah or the book of the law and it represents wisdom and understanding in this card. At the top of the wheel is a sphinx and at the bottom Anubis. These two figures represent the wisdom of the living and that of the dead; their presence on the wheel signifies the never ending cycle of life.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot


When the Wheel of Fortune card is upright it is a reminder that everything is part of a cycle; bad times will come to an end and bring joy and likewise wonderful times will end and bring sorrow. Humans cannot change this any more than we can change the seasons or stop the sun from rising and setting. Upright this card is a sign of changes in your relationships; changes you may not even see coming. It may be a sign that it’s time to make a big change in your career and be more aware of any new opportunities. If you’ve been doing alright financially then it may be time to suddenly increase how much you’re putting into your savings; remember all good things must end. No matter what, remember that whether upright or reversed this card signifies change and change always requires adjustment.


Has the Wheel of Fortune tarot card been dealt to you in reverse? This is a sign to you to stop trying to control that which you cannot control. Let it go. Let the universe have it’s way and this season of your life will pass much more quickly and perhaps with less pain then you would feel trying to stop bad things from happening. If your relationships are falling apart, let them. Do your best to be a good partner and accept that sometimes we can be a good person, a good partner, and things simply reach their time to end. Don’t try to force a solution at work; just because something worked before it doesn’t mean it’s going to work in this situation. You may have to sit back and wait to see what other options present themselves.

No matter what remember that the Wheel of Fortune tarot card is a sign that change is coming. Change is neither bad nor good, it simply is. It’s a chance for us to learn and grow and adapt.


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